Melissa's Tales

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Melissa’s Tale

Melissa lived in a six bedroom house with her five roommates. The arrangements were simple and easy. Everyone was cool even if you couldn’t pay the rent for the month the other roommates would put in the rest of the missing rent. The house was beautiful and spacious. It also had an extra room Melissa had only been in there once. It was what was call a torture room; it was black with all sorts of whips and paddles. That’s usually where you went when you didn’t have the rent.
The roommate selection was evenly divided; three girls and three guys. Melissa has gone out to the movies since it was “fun night” for the roommates, and she didn’t participate. She was walking down the street like she usually do, she lived only eight blocks away. That’s not a long walk. She walked home most of the time without a problem. But tonight this felt different. She looked back and saw a tall man walking about a block behind her, he had been following her since she left the theater. She speed up because she knew when you get a block to her house there is no lights and no one around. She reached into her pocket and dial her roommates hoping they would answer the phone, but the phones kept going to voice mail. She was almost there an she knew no one was around but she could see her house. She start to run, the man was closer than she thought and she could here his foot steps. She was on her doorstep knocking looking for her keys when the man grabbed her. She began to yell.

“HELP, HEEEELLLP” she yelled loudly.

She knocked on the door again before he had her on the ground. The man put his hand under shirt and began to rub her large brown tits. She was still yelling for help. He ripped her shirt off.

“Oh yes I love a screamer” the man said in a deep voice.

The man held her down as he unzipped his pants. Melissa saw his penis as he took it out. He lower his mouth to her breast sucking her small gumdrop nipples. Melissa was getting turned on but she continued to struggle her body was betraying her, she had very sensitive nipple. The man pushed his hand into melissa pants and slowly began to massage her dripping wet cunt. The the light outside the house came on and Nicholoas open the door naked.

“Get off my roommate now” Nicholos commanded.

The man wasn’t bad looking he was tall in his mid forties in good shape. He took his hands out of Mel’s pants and stepped back. As he stepped backed he looked at Mel and licked his finger’s like they were the best snack in the world.

Please write me and tell me stories

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