My adventure with Pixiee

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As I sit at the party there is only one thing going through my mind, I want to fuck Pixiee. I mean, she’s the most gorgeous woman that I have ever seen with her short brown hair and her beutiful body. God her beutiful body! It’s not the stereotypical kind of body mind you, but a slim body with gorgeous, perky breasts. Not too large though (I’m no expert, but I’d say a small B) and the way that her pants kling to her ass makes me think of silk running ever so slowly across bare flesh. As I sit at this party, all that I can think about is removing her clothes as inhaling the scent of her, drinking her beauty with my eyes, but it would never happen to me. She’s too perfect. And the next thing I think is that all of these drinks seem to have made my bladder shrink and off to the bathroom I go. Since it’s been such a long night I forget common curtosy and I just go right in without knocking and right away my face turns bright red. Pixiee is standing with her back to the door in her sheer black bra and panties adjusting herself in the mirror. Seeing my reflection she spinns around with a start and in doing so causes her breasts to share in the most arousing way possible and all I can do is stand motionless in the door staring at her gorgeous body. “Jesus! Close the door if you coming in!” she says. Still in shock and not sure what to do I step into the bathroom and close the door behind me and as I look back to her almost naked body I realize me penis has grown to it’s bulky eight inches. It appears Pixiee has noticed as well because she is staring right at it and I could swear I see her lick her lips. “Well, since I’m almost naked you might as well be too,” she say as she steps twards me and unbuckles my pants. As they fall to the floor she drops to her knees and pulls my boxers down with her. My dick pops out and hits her in the cheek. “S-sorry,” I stammer as she giggles and licks the tip with her cute little tongue. She looks up at me with her almost black browm eyes and slowly sucks the end of my cock into her mouth and a moan escapes my lips. Next she runs her tongue up and down the my shaft and cups my balls in her dainty little fingers. She then slowly sucks the entire thing into her mouth all the way to the end and her face contorts and she coughs it back up. “That’s pretty damn big, that’s never happened before,” she says and all I do is moan in reply. She trys again and I feel the tip of my cock hit the back of her throaght and her entire neck tries to push me back out but her hand fight viligantly against it but she merely coughs me back up again. “Damn,” she mutters, “Lets try something else.” And she pulls off her bra and panties to reveal the most beutiful woman I have ever seen. She has cute, hard little nipples that are standing out as if begging to be touched and her pussy has been shaved and looks just as smooth as her legs. She kneels back down again and spits on my cock and presses her breasts together and slides them over my lubed dick. She slides them up and down and kisses the tip of my cock whenever it get within range of her lips. After a few minutes of my moans she says “Alright, lay on your back.” Curious about what will happen next I do as I’m told. When I’m on the ground with my dick standing strsight up in the air and places her legs on eith side of me and slowely lowers herself just above me. “You want to try something new?” she says, but it’s not really a request and she knows it. She could do whatever she wanted with me and I wouldn’t object so I just grunt as a reply. She spits on my cock again and uses her fingers to ply open her asshole and slpdes it down with gritted teeth. When she reaches the bottom she stops for a second and then rests her hands on either side of my head and slides her ass up and down my shaft. Now it’s her turn to moan and before long she is bucking and twisting and I can’t hold it and longer. “I’m coming!” I say. She screams in response and pumps me even faster. In moments her whole body shakes and her asshole tightens even tighter causing me to shoot what feels like gallons into her ass. When she’s done shaking she slides off of me panting and what seems like a river flows out of her gaping hole. “Wow.” I stammer. She just lies there with a pool of cum floating around her ass and without looking at me she says “I think we’ve misses most of the party.” Since then we’ve met up many times and it would be fare to say that she can take my whole cock now without a problem.

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