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I came home from work tired and warm, so I got a bottle of wine and a glass from the fridge. I went to my bedroom and took off my jeans and sat on my small veranda in my panties and t-shirt.There was a cool breeze and the wine was chilled just right,I also thought i could get a glimpse of my new neighbor. My veranda overlooked his bedroom, and in the dark a few times this week I sat here and watched him thru the open blinds on his patios doors. I had a clear full view of his bedroom.I also had a pretty good view of him stroking his cock, his eyes closed and his head thrown back.I watched until my panties were soaked and I rubbed myself until I came right along with him. I had never considered myself a voyer, but it was fun ,and no one got hurt. Just then I saw a car pull into the lot and a man and woman got out and walked toward the building, I wasn’t sure, him being fully dressed, but I thought it was bedroom boy. “Oh goody “,I thought I may get a good show tonite,he has “company”.I sat back and got really comfy on my lounger. His bedroom light went on and I was dismayed to see the blinds were closed!” Oh shit! no show for me”, I thought. I’ll just go solo tonite then. I closed my eyes and thought of him on his bed his big hand wrapped around his bigger cock, my hand went to my pussy and swept across the curls there, when the swooshing sound of a door being slid open made me look to the direction of the sound. It was him! He had opened his patio door AND the blinds were pulled aside. He was nude and went to the bed where I saw his friend lying there nude also. He lifted her off of the bed and pointed her to the floor, to her knees by the bed.Then he sat down on the bed and grabbed her hair with both hands and firmly moved her face toward his cock. I had a side view and she wasn’t struggling, her lips were parted and she licked them slowly. When he pulled her to him,I saw his entire cock disappear into her waiting throat.It made my pussy twitch. She moved her mouth slowly up and down the full length of him, every 2 or 3 slurps he would hold her head down so her lips were on his balls. This went on for quite a while until I saw him start to move her head more quickly, he had her head bobbing up and down on him ,like he was jacking-off with the help of her lips.I grew more and more excited with every movement.Soon her head came to a halt and I saw him lurch into her face, ooh,he was cumming!I wondered how he tasted, was he salty, or sweet? With the doors open and no street sounds I heard him moan. She sat back slowly and let his cock slide out of her mouth and she wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Her long dark hair was in a ponytail and he slipped his hand around her head and let her hair loose,it was to her waist and covered her face. I was glad he hadn’t done that earlier! She was petite with very full,large tits, he lifted her easily from the floor and onto the bed with him. He rolled over onto his back and had her straddle him.I watched him kiss and suck on her tits and put his finger in her pussy. I got a very good shot of that, her ass was toward me and I could see her wetness. She moaned and pushed her hips to his hand he slid his fingers up and down inside her.I never thought of making it with a woman but at this point I wanted to put one hand on his cock and one hand on her pussy, It looked delicious, dark pink surrounded by all that dark hair and her long dark tresses flowing over both of them.I rubbed my clitty harder and felt an orgasm beginning.She sat up straight then and his cock was rock hard again, she squatted over it brushing her pussy curls on the tip, teasing him a bit.Then she rose up and in one movement slid down over his cock.He lifted his hips to meet hers, I could hear them groaning as she rock’n rolled on his cock.She would go faster and then slow a bit, I tried to keep tempo with her,imagining he was fucking Me. He grabbed her hips and really started to pump up into her and she was beginning to cum she was getting louder and louder. “Oh Yeah Daddy cum with meeeeee”, I swear she was screaming! This set me off I pushed my finger in my pussy and began cumming along with her, I held my eyes open as I came, I didn’t want to miss a stroke! As I was winding down I heard him say guttral “Oh yeah here’s your load Baby” and he stiffened.She kept pumping and milking his cock till it was over.I lay back on my lounger exhausted and satisfied.I took a quick sip of my wine and drew a sigh,”well that was pretty close to a threesome.” I stifled a giggle.Then he rose from the bed and grabbed a glass from the night stand, she lay on the bed exhausted. He slipped on a robe and walked to his door. He looked directly at me, blew a kiss to me and raised his glass, I was shocked. He knew I was there all along. Well I thought,”Thanks for the show.” ,and I raised my glass in return. We both took a sip of our drinks. He turned and walked back into the room, closed the door and the blinds ,and turned out the light. I got up from my seat and as I closed my door I silently thought,” See you next time.”

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