The Birthday Brat

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Brat and Mistress Missy walked through the revolving door of the restaurant.
Brat had bin forced to wear a sexy school girl outfit, it was her birthday and The Mistress told her she wouldn’t take her without dressing up. As they waited to be seated Mistress whispered commands to her.
“Unbutton the top 3 buttons on your blouse.”
Brat slowly clicked off one after another. A man sitting down started to stare.
“Suck on this loli-pop and stare at the man.”
Brat unwrapped the paper and took the red loli-pop in her mouth. She looked at the man and sucked in all in, opening her mouth wide and taking it out.
As all the other men waiting (and a few women too) were looking at Brat the waitress sat Mistress and her.
The Mistress took out an egg shaped vibrator with a wire connected controller that went from 0-100%. Brat was told to take off her satin panties and slip the vibrator into her cunt. Missy was planning on testing it when the waiter came.
The waiter did come, and as Missy ordered she casually flipped the egg on to 50%. Brat had bin waiting for this all night, forced to have an orgasm or have the promise of no sex for a month.
The waiter stuttered as Brat groaned slightly with the force of the vibration. Missy turned it up to 65% as she ordered for Brat. The waiter left and Missy cranked it to 80%. Brat moaned loudly in the middle of the restaurant as everyone stared at her. Brat had never bin so humiliated in her life but inside she knew she loved it.
As the waiter brought their drinks back Brat half-yelled wordlessly and came all over the chair and floor.
“Lick it up, whore.” Missy whispered loudly as Brat got on her knees and licked it off the seat.
She could barley stay on her knees without shaking. The waiter left with a HUGE erection.
“Now, i’m putting it on 100% and you are to ask me for permission to cum now.”
Brat shook slightly, wondering if she could take such waves of humiliation and pleasure any longer.
Mistress ate her food calmly, knowing full well she was wet.
“Brat, take those sati panties and suck on them.
The waiter came back with the check and Mistress asked Brat to tell the waiter what they practiced.
“I want your cock down my throat.” Brat proclaimed as her vagina was pounded from the inside with waves of pure forced sex. It was after the waiter left that Brat was forced to stand up on her quivering legs and cum in front of the entire restaurant. Missy had ordered soup so the cum would stay in the bowl.
“Thats my girl. Your the best slut I’ve ever had.”

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