The Irish Beauty Meets the Latin Lover

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The Irish Beauty Meets the Latin Lover
This story is totally fiction

My wife and I have been married know for twenty years. Deb had only been with one other man before she met me. Her past lover was not much to talk about so her experience with sex was very limited. I felt sorry for her at first, as through the years I probably have slept with a least twenty different women. I think everybody should have a wide range of sexual experiences and various lovers just to have tried the spice of life. But again here I was getting to teach Deb and I was the one getting her for the first time in many various ways. We were married after a year and instead of like most relationships or sex life expanded through the years. Our Love for each other and trust allowed us to expand and experiment with various sexual fantasies.

My wife Deb is the most sexist woman I have ever made love to, she is full blooded Irish with long auburn red hair, green eyes, 36-C breast, Long shapely legs with that European creamy white skin. I am a 6′ average male, nicely built with a 6-1/2″ cock with average thickness. To Deb my cock was great but again I was only the second Guy she had sex with.

The first time I made love to Deb she was like a schoolgirl in a candy store especially when I started to orally please her. She had never had a man lick and suck her pussy. For the first five months of our relationship I introduced various sexual practices to her. She was very reluctant to take my cock in her mouth, as she had never sucked cock before. She slowly graduated to become very good providing me oral pleasure but as most women she never allowed me to cum in her mouth. I slowly introduced her to rimming and light anal play, although she was afraid to take me in her ass she would allow me to use a slim anal toy, which she did enjoy.

After a few years we started to watch X-rated movies, which slowly Deb enjoyed because she got to see other couples fuck in various ways and she always saw something she wanted to try. Deb always seem to comment on the size of some of the cocks she saw and I noticed there where times she got real excited seeing hung men in these movies. One night I brought home a DVD called “Men with Big Cocks”; most of these guys were either black or Latino men. Deb mentioned after the movie that it was strange that the real hung men weren’t white. After watching these movies several times and seeing Deb get excited I introduced a large dildo to our lovemaking. My wife could not wait for me to fuck her with these 8″ toy, she would cream all over it as her sexual heat intensified. There where times she would buck out of control as I would fuck here hard and deep with her new toy but again they where toys.

I was transferred to a new division in Colorado where I was teamed up with another security engineer. Miguel was a young single engineer that was the talk of the office by all the ladies. Miguel was 26 years old Latino, 6′ tall, dark hair brown eyes, and had a body every guy wished he had. He rode his bike every day and kept himself in good shape. He was teamed up with me so he could gain experience. It was not long that we became real good friends and I would invite him over for dinner. The first time Deb meet Miguel he had dropped by to pick up some papers for work after a bike ride. We were in the kitchen talking when she came home from the store. Miguel was standing there in tight bike shorts with a half cut shirt that showed his six pack abs. My wife could not take here eyes off him and I could tell she was very attracted to him. The one thing she did notice was the large bulge he had in those tight shorts. After he left I gave here a hard time and teased her how she was staring at the poor guy. She admitted she had found him very attractive and his half covered body had caught her off guard. Miguel also thought Deb was a very attractive lady and had told me on several occasions that I was one lucky man. One night after Deb and I had watched her favorite DVD and had hot sex the subject of Miguel was brought up. Deb was lying there and all of a sudden asks, do you think he is hung like those guys in the move. I said I had no idea and teased her about having the hot’s for him.

The following week Miguel invited me to join him and a few other guys at work for a game of basketball at the YMCA. I readily accepted and joined them after work for basketball. After a few hours of sweating it out on the court we headed for the shower. As I was standing at my locker getting dressed Miguel came out of the shower room drying his hair with a towel. I happened to look down and was completely envies of what I saw.
His cock was in a soft state and it was every bit 6″ and the thickness of it was as one of those Hillshire’s sausages you buy at the store. I knew if I told Deb this she would be amazed

After dinner that night we were sitting out on the back deck enjoying some wine when I told her about seeing Miguel in the shower at the gym and how big he was. She got all excited and keep asking me questions and to describe it to her. I have always fantasized about watching my wife with another man but never said anything to her as I figured her response would be no. But at that instant I new she wanted to fuck Miguel. I looked into her eyes and told her I loved her and I knew she loved me. And since I loved her so much I would let her fuck Miguel. At first Deb was shocked and said I was sick, I responded and you can’t tell me that you have not thought about it. She sat there quietly and then admitted that there were a few times while we made love and used her toy she fantasized it was Miguel fucking her hot wet pussy. But again she refused the thought, as she loved me too much. I reached over and kissed her passionately and told her I loved her too much to deprive her of here fantasy and that I also found it very erotic thinking about her fucking him.

We did not talk about anymore and the subject was dropped until several weeks later when Miguel dropped by the house in his tight bike shorts and sweaty shirt.
This time I noticed Deb was checking out his crotch and I knew right then my wife wanted to fuck Miguel. After he left I went up to my wife kissed her deeply and slid my hands down her shorts, her pussy was soaking dripping wet. She looked into my eyes and softly said please let me fuck him. I kissed her deeply and told her as long as I can watch she can fuck him all she wanted. After that night I started to lay the track work out trying to set up this hot fantasy that both my wife and shared.

After work I went out and had a few beers with Miguel and when I though he was relaxed enough I mentioned to him that Deb thought he was attractive. His response was he thought the same about her and wished he could find a woman like her. I told him that if he wanted I would let him have Deb for a night. He looked at me like I was crazy and laughed. I told him about her fantasy and that I was willing to let her experience it. I also explained to him that I am only the second guy she has ever had. And I felt she needed to experience someone different. I told him if welling I would set up a night where Deb and him could be alone not letting on I would be watching. Miguel sat there not knowing what to say and finally agreed as long as there was mutual agreement between all three of us. I told him keep Saturday night free, finished my beer and left to go tell Deb the news.

Saturday night came and my wife was a nervous wreck, as she could not wait for what was about to happen. She dressed up in a Jade blouse and short black skirt, which made her look like a knock out with her red hair and green eyes. Underneath she had on a black garter no panties with black nylons and heels. My cock was hard as a rock just seeing her dresses so sexy and knowing she would soon have another mans cock soon. We have a deck that wraps around the back and sides of the house. It was agreed that I would hide outside and watch from the windows not lett
ing Miguel know I was there. When the doorbell r
ang I kissed Deb deeply and reached between her legs. Her pussy was gushing already with anticipation; I smiled and told her to enjoy all she wanted.

Deb Let Miguel in and brought him to the kitchen and offered him a glass of wine. She went to the cabinet and stretched up for a glass, reveling her bare ass and black garter.
I could tell Miguel was totally turned on as when she turned he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply as his hands roamed to feel her sexy body. He was not even in the house 15 min and they both where in heat for each other. His hands where sliding down the back of her skirt as they creased her sexy ass. Deb started to rub her leg against his inner thigh as he kissed her soft neck and ears.

Deb didn’t waste time as her hand slid to the bulge in his pants. I could see her hand tracing out the size of his half erect cock she could not wait to get to it. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom; again they locked in a deep kiss as Miguel started to unbutton her blouse. Deb undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor as his hands fondled her breast. Miguel wasted no time as his hand slid down to her dripping pussy and started to finger fuck her. All this time Deb’s hand was stroking his cock through his pants.
Miguel pulled a way took off his pants and pulled off his boxer shorts. The look on Deb’s face was a mix of fear and excitement. When she saw his fully erected cock, I am not kidding you he was every bit 9 inches and as thick as a cucumber. The head of his cock bent slightly upward at and angle just like those G-spot vibrators you seen in the porno shops. Deb dropped to her knees and started to suck his cock in a heated sexual frenzy trying to take as much as she could. Miguel grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth pumping his cock as deep as she could take it. Deb was stroking his shaft as he pumped keeping a tight lock on his huge cock head. Deb was totally in grossed with the size of his cock that Miguel erupted shooting his cum in her mouth. Deb at first gagged pulling away as Miguel shoot all over her face, but soon commenced to lick and suck his cock dry. This was the first time my wife had allowed a man to cum in her mouth.
Miguel pulled her up and laid her on the bed sideways as he spread her sexy legs wide open and started to lick her already wet pussy. Deb spread herself wide open for him to do what he wanted as he started to suck her clit hard. I could here her moans slowly escape her lips as her hips gyrated to his sucking. Miguel climbed in bed and continued to finger fuck her as she started to stroke his cock again. Deb pushed him on his back as she to his cock in her mouth and spread her pussy over his hunger lips. The two commenced performing 69 on each other until Deb exploded in a screaming orgasm. Miguel rolled her over and pulled her legs over his shoulders as he rubbed his cock head up and down her wt slit. Deb was humping her hips toward him like a bitch in heat craving his huge cock. Miguel pushed the head into her tight pussy as she let out a loud moan holding her legs wide open. Miguel slowly pushed in giving Deb a little at a time and each time she screamed with pleasure. Soon he had about seven of his nine inches in her when Deb started to buck for him to fuck her. Miguel pulled out to the head and drove in deep, Deb screamed as his cock hit the bottom of her pussy. His muscular ass was grinding his cock into my wife’s pussy and every time he drove ion she screamed for more. Soon Deb was taking it fast and hard as Miguel was fucking her like one of those porn stars in her movie and soon she screamed in orgasm. Miguel pulled out and pulled Deb onto her knees and commenced to fuck her doggie style forcing her to arch her back low he grabbed her hips and forced his cock in. Deb at first tried to pull away but he grabbed her hips and pulled her back on. Miguel started to fuck my wife hard and deep as she screamed with every thrust, soon Deb was moaning out YES! YES! Fuck me with your big cock. Deb was meeting Miguel with every trust pushing her hips up against him soon she had every inch buried into her pussy. I lost count but she must have had three orgasms within 15min as she grabbed the headboard and rode his huge cock. Miguel was starting to fuck her harder and faster until he buried himself deep with one last plunge. Deb screamed as he grabbed her hips and pulled her in as his cock exploded filing her with cum.
They both collapsed onto the bed, while Deb crawled away rubbing her sore but wet pussy. I could not believe it she went straight for his cock and started to suck him again.
Within 10min Miguel was rock hard again, this time Deb climbed on top and fucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. She was raising her hips up and slamming back down taking every inch he offered. Soon they both exploded again in a massive orgasm leaving them spent for the night.
Miguel soon got up and dressed kissed Deb goodbye leaving her spent lying on the bed.
After he left I entered through the glass door into the bedroom striped and climb into be with my wife. As I slide my hand between her pussy, I felt it was all puffy and swollen as Miguel’s cum was pooling on the bed sheets. I took my fingers and started to rub his cum all over her soar pussy stroking her clit. Her eyes looked at me she pulled me to her and kissed me deeply as she pulled my cock into her now stretched pussy. Deb commenced to give me the best fuck of my life

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