The Tattooed Man 2

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…And so I set about finding the secrets to my scope. I am very good at this sort of thing and besides I certainly wasn’t going to give in. After a short time I discovered a zoom lense hidden in the tripod. I also learned that the tripod
it self was also the case for the scope as well. It was truely ingenious.
Chase looked surprised. “Well done…I’m surprised! Most people wouldn’t be able to figure it out”.
“Really…Hmmm! Well I’m not like most people”.
He didn’t respond but had an amused look on his face.
I then asked him…”So how long have you been an exhibitionist?”
He laughed and said “Always.
And a voyeur since last night”
” It’s not common that an “exhibi” is also a voyeur”.
“Really…well I have to say that it would all depend on what or more to the point…who is being looked at”.
He smiled and said “I couldn’t agree more”.
I jumped up and said…”Shall we” pointing at the scope. He gave me a look that was both surprised yet not really…like a knowing… an understanding.
He watched as I scanned the windows…I stepped aside for his turn. As he looked he asked if I had seen anything of interest. And when I said no not then…but I am now. He pushed the scope aside and came to me…took my hand and lead me back into the room. He never took his eyes off mine as he gently stroked my hair…my cheek…my lips. He took my hand and placed it on the middle of his chest…and placed his on the middle of mine. Then in a voice that was barely above a whisper he said “Tell me what you feel”. I closed my eyes and said…
“I am entranced…from the moment you touched my hand on the balcony it has been a sensual experience but somehow not sexual. I feel a force…power pass between us…it is mine and it isn’t. I feel the beating of your heart and it beats in tandem with my own”.
I shivered…not from being cold…but from the intensity of the moment…and from my reaction to it. I have never felt anything like it. It is very hard to put into words.
Chase asked me if I would consider taking a bath. I said sure why not. He needed to get a few things from his room…but would return shortly. Asked me to wait on the bath til he returned.
Once he was gone I sat down thinking about what had happened. Chase was definately unique. I told myself that I needed to proceed with caution. I know that I could easily fall for him. I wasn’t looking for a relationship especially not with a man like him.
There was a knock at the door.
He was back.

To be continued…

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