The Tattooed Man Final Story

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Chase stirred and I felt his cock twitch and begin to grow. He slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. A few moments later I heard the shower come on.
I couldn’t help but think about the intensity and depth that we felt in our encounter. I didn’t know what I was missing…until it was shown to me. I didn’t realize how unaware of my own senses I actually was until they were laid bare and exposed.
I opened my eyes and he was standing in front of me…naked. I was about to speak but when my eyes caught sight of his tattoo…I was captivated…drawn in by its surrealistic appearance. At the same time almost repelled by the very nature of the chosen subject. His tattoo was that of a snake…coiled around his body. His shaft was the head. And where the eyes were…red gemstones flashed their fiery light.
I have never seen anything like it. It almost seemed alive. I looked up at Chase and he was watching me with no expression on his face…”Do you like it?” he asked.
I got up and as I walked toward him I said “Hmmm…let me see.” Silently and slowly I looked very closely at every detail of his tattoo. I completely circled his body careful not to physically touch him. Although I was aware that as I exhaled my breath was indeed touching him. For when I came full circle he was completely hard. I could then see the true artistry and detail of this living canvas. “To answer your question…Do I like it?…Yes and I like the tattoo as well.” He laughed at my response. Then I said…
“I don’t know how enlightening it will be but I can promise it will be worth it. Will you trust…me…now Chase?”
Without hesitation he said “Yes.”
So I circled his body again only this time I touched him…slowly and deliberately. It was just for the feeling…just for that skin to skin awareness…as he had touched me the night before. I paused at the small of his back…where his braid ended. I bent down and softy kissed him there…his body shivered slightly. I traced the outline of his tattoo down the cheeks of his ass to the edge at the beginning of his thighs. I perceived a noticeable change in his breathing and body language. My tongue traced the bottom outline of the tattoo…the backside of his thighs…up to the cheeks. As I continued moving slowly upward and used my fingers to slide across his anus…he tensed but then pushed slightly toward my hand. I wanted to know how he would react. I then moved down and began to rim him…he was extremely aroused at this point. I still hadn’t touched his cock or the boys (balls) at all. I moved so that I was now standing in front of him…I saw the sparkle from a drop of pre-cum as it fell from his throbbing shaft. As I knelt down to take his enormous cock in my mouth…he whispered…”Are you sure?”
I responded by taking it in and going down as far as my throat would allow. I had mastered the gag reflex and had no problem there. Had to back out to breathe but I soon found my rhythm…and began that dance. I sucked and released and spiraled my way down his shaft…swallowing and holding him by suction. I rolled the boys gently up and down his shaft…but it was when I began to massage his “A spot” that he lost control and as his dick swelled to blow…I pushed in on that secret button…and started backing out…then quickly pulled off my mouth with a loud “pop”. I grabbed the base of his dick with both hands. This stopped him from spilling any cum…but he still had an intense orgasm. I brought him to the edge and held him back several more times. Then I mounted him and began to slowly stroke and take him in. I twisted and spun until I felt him enter all
the way. I started to milk him…contracting and releasing my internal muscles. Chase gasped and whispered…”Cum with me”. Poised on the edge…I gave in to him… All surroundings and self awareness…lost. We are sexual beasts burning with lust and desire…writhing and
intoxicated by wave after wave of pulsating euphoric sensations and when unleashed…primal. Then…slowly it fades and retreats just below the surface.

I wake up and see that Chase is gone. A note on the pillow…
“When I feel a Breeze touch my skin…I will always think of you” Chase.
I got up and looked through the scope at the window and saw a single red rose sitting on the balcony.
As I hit the freeway…I cranked up the tunes and settled in for the ride. I see a motorcycle coming up fast and when it catches me…slows. So I glance over and the dude is stroking his pecker…smiling! I give him the high sign and he goes on his way. I couldn’t help but laugh. Dang…now where did I put those Tootsie Pops?

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