Week-end at the Beach

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The beach was stretched out before her, an endless sparkling paradise all around. She walked through the sliding glass doors into the bedroom made with glass walls, giving her an uninterrupted view of the beauty surrounding this haven. Renting this house was just the thing she needed. Escaping from the ugliness of her life, married to a man who was controlling and cruel was not what she had pictured when she said ‘I do’, now 8 years later when she reviews the past 5 years she can only utter ‘I don’t’. But in this house, with this view she felt at peace for the first time in a long time. She watched the people strolling on the beach, couples holding hands, laughing and enjoying life. That was the way it was supposed to be. THAT’S IT she thought, for the next few days I am declaring myself single and happy. Nothing was going to take away from the week-end being perfect. First things first…. Her sex life had been nonexistent for too long and she needed to feel fresh and sexy to begin her ‘single’ week-end.

She slowly undressed, standing in the middle of the glass walled bedroom. She was feeling brazen, it was not yet dark, just dusk, and people were still walking on the sand, just feet away from where she stood. She saw that there was a group of young men sitting near the house and decided that she would strip and touch herself just for them, whether they knew it or not. She turned on the lights, in case someone was interested to see what was happening inside her room, and she turned on some sexy music. She closed her eyes and began dancing around the room. She slid the straps of her sundress off her shoulders and down her arms. As she lifted her arms and slightly arched her back, the silky dress slithered down her body, gliding over her full hips and dropped to the floor in a puddle of fabric resembling the ocean in color. She stepped out of the dress and continued dancing. As she spun slowly through the room, she let her hands glide over her body. She noticed that her nipples were stiffening and were clearly visible through the flimsy material of her lace trimmed bra. As her fingers grazed her large, ripe breasts through the silk she imagined that the guys from the beach were watching her. She didn’t dare open her eyes, because, if they were watching, she might feel embarrassed and the mood would be ruined. The thought of them looking at her and getting exciting by her was filling her with pleasure and making her hornier than she could remember being in years. As her hands continued to travel over her own body she realized that the silk and lace panties she was wearing where damp with her desire. Rather than removing them right away, she pushed to middle over and ran the tips of the fingers lightly over the sensitive skin beneath them. She was surprised by the moisture and heat coming from her honey pot. It had been too long since she felt so free and sexy. She slid the panties down, stepped out of them and brought them to her face. She breathed in the scent of her juices and enjoyed the sweetness she found there. She put the panties aside and moved closer to the bed. The room was set up with the bed standing freely in the middle. It was a four poster bed with a canopy. Soft luxurious material draped over the canopy and drifted to the floor. She decided to open the windows and let the warm ocean breeze in to join in her own caresses of her body. The material hanging from the canopy was light and started blowing and fluttering in the gentle breeze. She danced close to the bed and the material lifted and brushed her tingling skin. The sensation was like electricity and she felt a flood of juices dripping from her steamy box and soaking her shapely thighs. She moved to the large post at the corner of the bed. It was carved from highly polished, dark, gleaming wood and it begged to be rubbed. First she moved her hand over the hard, smooth surface and then she lifted one leg and put her foot on the mattress. She put her hands on the post above her head, arched her back and thrust her hips forward. Instantly her oozing lower lips made contact with the post and she began sliding herself over the length of it. Her clit was erect and the contact with the hardness of the post sent lightening bolts through her needy body. She lay herself down on the bed and slipped two fingers easily into her hot, wet, wanting pussy. The breeze was touching her body and her nipples were little rods needing attention. She tweaked her nipples in turn using her free hand. She took the fingers from her snatch and licked her delicious honey from them. She delighted in the scent and thickness of her own juices. She quickly returned her attention to the hot spot between her legs. She dipped her finger into the dripping hole to get it nice and wet and then she moved up to her clit. She slowly circled it until she could not take the waiting any longer. Then, using just the right amount of pressure, she began rubbing the hard nub which rewarded her with intense pleasure. She could feel her climax building and knew that it would not be long until the cum released and soaked the bed. It had been a long time since she was so aroused and she longed for the hard orgasm she could feel climbing through her. Just as she screamed out, with her body flailing on the bed and sweat making her skin glow, she opened her eyes and saw that one of the men from the beach had indeed been watching. In fact, he was on her porch with his massive cock in his hand. She looked at him and licked her lips just as ribbons of cum began shooting from his quivering rod and covering the window just 10 feet in front of her. She got up off the bed and opened the door, fully naked. She stepped onto the porch, reached her hand out and lifted a drop of cum from his withering cock, licked it and said ‘the door was unlocked, why did you waste this tasty treat on my window instead of giving me a nice drink?’ He looked at her in amazement and knew that it was going to be an interesting week-end indeed.

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