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You went to Amsterdam with the boys for a stag weekend and when you said you were thinking of not going because of me, I really encouraged you to go, finally persuading you and telling you to enjoy yourself. On the Saturday night you phoned me to say all the boys had gone out and you were really missing me, saying that you wished you were back home with me cuddling up to me in our bed. I told you not to be so stupid, but if you were missing me that I could try to help you out by talking dirty over the phone whilst you wanked. Shall I tell you a really dirty story Charles, one that would really turn you on, where I acted like a real slut!

Oh yes Jo, please do, tell me a story about you being a slut, make it really dirty and truly outrageous. I want to hear you tell me what a fucking slut and whore you have been, tell me every filthy fucking detail.

Well Charles I am laying down on our bed dressed in my sexy white g-string, matching lacy bra and I am slowly caressing my pussy, feeling myself getting wetter. Hearing you moan I ask you to think of me spread out on the bed like that, my hand thrust between my legs masturbating my clit through the thin material of my g-string.

You look so good like that, I am getting so hard, my cock is so big now.

Yes I do look good, don’t I Charles, I know you like watching me masturbate whilst you wank. The shocking part is darling that unknown to you I am not on my own as you presumed I would be tonight!

Bloody hell Jo I really did presume you were alone this evening, who else is there then, is it Emma or a friend from work?

That’s the truly shocking part Charles, it isn’t a girl at all! I have another man back at our house and to make matters worse I really am on the bed in just my underwear and he is also in our bedroom! Just imagine me laying down like that but now I have another man laying next to me, he is caressing and touching my body as I talk to you.

Who is it Jo, please tell me, I really want to know which man is taking advantage of my fiancée! It is making me so hot to think of you and another man in our bedroom.

I have always known that it is one of your fantasies to let another man fuck me, but I have been so bad this evening Charles because it is Scott, my ex-boyfriend, who is on our bed with me. I invited him over this evening because I was feeling so horny and I needed to be fucked, Scott was my first thought darling.

Stunned and gasping for breath, nearly dropping the phone I managed to say – fucking hell Jo, how could you invite your ex-boyfriend over, you are such a whore! Why pick Scott, you could have had your choice of any other man, but Scott!? Is he really there with you tonight?

Yes Charles he is, his hands are all over my body as we speak right now, I know he is finding it so erotic touching me up whilst I am on the phone to you. I chose Scott because I knew he could really satisfy me, when I was seeing him before he always made me cum and that’s what I desperately need tonight. Do you forgive me Charles, I never want to hurt you darling, I just got the urge to be totally fucked and you are so far away.

I do forgive you baby and I know how high your sex drive is and when you get the urge you have to satisfy your lust, I don’t want you to be a frustrated, lonely housewife. Tell me what is happening now, do you feel ok to carry on?

You are so thoughtful Charles, I love you so much for understanding my sexual needs. Yes I really want to carry on baby, I am going to describe what Scott does to me and I want you to wank as I do. Whilst we have been speaking he has been massaging my tits through my bra making my nipples erect and so hard, they are sticking out like bullets through the lacy material. Now he is squeezing them between his fingers, “Oh yes Scott suck them like that baby!” he is sucking them Charles, sucking my erect nipples through my bra. It feels so good to have another man suck them whilst you listen, does it turn you on darling?

I can hear him sucking them Jo, I can hear the slurping noises as he takes them into his mouth. I hate to admit this but my cock is getting harder as I think about him sucking your nipples through your bra, I know how horny they look when they stick out like that and I am stroking my shaft quicker and quicker. Carry on telling me what is going on.

He is pulling the cups of my bra down exposing my breasts, God Charles my nipples are so hard now, I am getting really horny now. Scott is sucking them now, taking each one into his mouth and really sucking on them hard making my tit rise up each time he sucks one.

One of his hands has moved down my body to my pubic mound and he is caressing it through my lacy g-string, I have opened my legs slightly to allow him better access to my private area. “Yes that feels good, keep doing that Scott.” He has moved his fingers down and is now stroking the area over my sensitive clit, oh baby he is asking me to open my legs further for him, shall I do it? You tell me what to do Charles.

I bet your pussy is getting so moist as he strokes your clit Jo, I want you to spread open your legs as far as you can and let him feel your wetness through your g-string. Spread your legs for him now Jo!

My legs are wide open now Charles and it feels so decadent to be spread-eagled on our bed with my ex-boyfriend, he is running his finger up and down my sodden gusset now, I am so wet, I can feel my pussy leaking into it.

What is going through your mind now Jo, what do you want Scott to do next?

I want him to take advantage of my nearly naked body, his hands exploring all of me but I want something else as well Charles. I am not sure if it is too outrageous though, you might not like it.

What is it Jo, what else do you Scott to do?

Not Scott darling, it’s you I want to do something for me, well for us really because I think secretly you wank off thinking about this. I know how your mind works, how perverted you are and how you imagine me in really dirty situations! Well Charles I am going to make one of your most erotic fantasies come true, right now! I am going to put the phone onto speaker phone so that both Scott and I can hear you, then I want ‘you’ to tell Scott what to do to me. Hearing you telling him where to touch me and caress my body would really turn me on, will you do that for me Charles?

Yes Jo I will if you really want me to and it turns you on, then I will darling, but it is so decadent for me to tell another man to touch up my fiancée whilst I am not there. You are right it is one of my fantasies to watch or listen to you have sex with another man.

I have put the phone on speaker now and Scott has taken off his clothes apart from his ck’s, we are both laying down on our double bed, now tell Scott what you want him to do to me.

First of all Jo I want him to start kissing you whilst he continues to caress your tits.

No Charles, I want you to tell Scott directly, don’t speak to me, now tell him what to do!

OK then Scott start to kiss Jo and whilst you do that I want you to caress her tits and fondle her nipples again.

I heard Jo suck in air and gasp, then she moaned. “Oh, honey, Scott’s eating my pussy! He’s down between my legs and his tongue’s in my cunt! He’s licking your wife’s pussy darling, are you jealous or is it making you hot?”

“Hell, yes, I’m jealous.” I said, “I wish I was there. I’m so hot and hard. I want to hear you cum.” “I wish you were here too, Honey, so you both could fuck me! I’m ready for more than one man tonight! Baby, he’s licking my clit! I’m going to cum again!”

I listened and pumped myself as Jo had another overwhelming orgasm from Scott’s tongue. I knew that his face was covered with her pussy juice. As soon as she was finished cumming,

Jo continued to tell me what Scott was doing, how he was now sl
iding up her body and slowly positioned his enormous helmet at the entrance to her wet and yearning cunt. While she described wh
at was happening, I could hear her moan out loud as Scott’s cock parted her pussy lips and for the first time in our seven year marriage, another man’s erect cock penetrated my wife’s cunt.

“Scott’s getting on top of me, Charles!” Jo moaned, “I’m spreading my legs for him so that he can take me, your horny wife is about to get fucked, baby! Oh, damn, it’s huge! Oh! Oh! He’s splitting me in two! It’s so damn thick, it feels so good Charles! Ughhh, it’s inside me now, Honey! Oh, god, it’s so big! He’s fucking me so good now, honey. He’s pumping it in my cunt, your cunt, he’s using your wife’s cunt, honey. Your wife’s cumming with another man. I know that turns you on, Honey. Jerk off for me, cum with me now, I’m cumming now!”

Visualizing what was occurring a thousand miles away was too much for my self-control. I pumped my cock and spurted streams of spunk all over myself as I listened to my sexy wife cumming with Scott’s cock thrusting inside her cunt. We continued to talk to each other, Jo describing in detail, between moans, what was happening, as she rolled him over and rode his cock until they both exploded and he sprayed her pussy with hot, thick cum. Kevin even got into the game, relaying how she was licking and sucking his cock, making it hard again. Jo was just getting started, she wasn’t going to let him stay flaccid for long. She meant it when she had said that she needed fucked. Just as Kevin had begun to fuck her again, doggy style, I heard other male voices. “What the fuck!” Said one voice. “Hey, Kevin, you going to share that?” Asked another. “Yea, Kevin, she’s hot!” Cried the first guy.

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