Wandering Wife – The Afternoon

We made it back from the video store; he told me to pick out what I liked. Oh Hell, I really didn’t care, but I browsed through quickly and settled on an amateur movie. It had 5 scenes. I didn’t want to scare this guy away, but two of the scenes were a turn on just seeing the picture of the actors and what they were doing. I would let him tell me which he liked the best. I will tell my favorites in another story.
We were back home and I was fumbling with the DVD player getting our movie in and hoping he was ready to go.
“I hate this thing, I never know what channel to put it on,” I said.
He giggled and said, “Probably 3 or 4.”
I grabbed the remote and hit 3. The movie menu appeared. Short clips playing as the preview.
“Are you done yet? Just hit play and come over here, I’m ready for you,” he said.
I hit play and waited for it to start. I stood and turned and he was already naked and hard, sitting on the couch. I smiled and blushed I’m sure. I walked towards him taking off my blouse and then my pants. I stood there in a bra and panties. I straddled him sitting on the couch and then began kissing him. He was the best kisser ever. I was soaked after a couple minutes of kissing. He rolled me to his side and then knelt on the floor. I adjusted myself on the couch as he worked my panties off. I watched his eyes as he looked me over.
“Take your bra off and relax, its my turn.”
I undid my bra and tossed it over the couch back and settled in as he began kissing my thighs and gently touching me all over down there with his fingers. He was spreading my pussy and rubbing up and down. “I love a hairy woman, I’m glad you keep it natural. Please never shave.”
I was unable to speak as he began licking me before I could respond. His tongue was like magic. I could feel myself getting wetter, and then he started to slide his finger in. I started to have a small orgasm as he explored inside me. He was now tongue deep in me, his hands were reaching around my thighs rubbing my breasts and he was very gently pulling on my nipples. I came again and he didn’t even stop then. I was in dream land like never before. He stopped then came up for a kiss. We locked into a long kiss. We explored each other’s mouth. I could taste my own cum in his mouth.
He stopped and pulled on my thighs, pulling me towards him. I was right at the edge of the cushion now. He leaned forward again and began kissing me. His erection was now at my pussy. I could feel his head touching my lips. I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me. I was in Heaven! His erection felt so good. I pulled on his hips wanting him to just fuck me faster. He didn’t need much coaxing as he pounded me. I was cumming over and over. I was wetter than I think I have ever been before. We were both sweating and making loud noises.
“How do you like my cock? Does it feel good in your pussy?”
I nodded, I couldn’t even talk. I moaned loudly and felt a huge orgasm building. “Please don’t stop!” I yelled out. He pounded me harder and faster until I started twitching and shaking. “I’m cumming!” I yelled out.
“Me too!” was his reply as we both came and then we just stopped. We were both panting and covered in sweat.
We stayed on the couch in that position for 5 minutes or more before he got up. He held his hand out for mine. He helped me up and we made our way down the hall. He led me to the bed and I laid down to catch my breath. He walked around the other side and crawled on the bed and then spooned me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck and shoulders. “Will you invite me back again sometime?”
I gasped for a breath and replied, “I don’t want you to leave!”
We laid in bed for an hour or so talking and cuddling. I didn’t see any of the movie; I will watch it another day.
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    Absolutely love it

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