I Want A Black Goddess

I have dreamed of this black pregnant goddess. She has beautiful breasts that are 44dd with very dark nipples. So one day I pull into my driveway and see a car sitting there and I wonder who it is.

I walk up and greet this woman and she said, “I’m from your kid’s school.”

So I invite her in. We sit on the couch and start talking, but I can’t seem to get my eyes off her breasts as she’s talking. I just want to play and suck on them and see them bounce up and down as I fuck her.

Than I ask her, “Can I have sex with you? I’ve never been with a black woman.”

She looks at me and smiles and giggles. She grabs my hand and pulls me into her, kissing me and says, “I have been so horny with this pregnancy.”

We go to my room where she gets undress and crawls into the bed. I remove my clothes and lay down next to her. I can’t help but to go for those breasts, kissing and sucking them. I run my hand across her skin, feeling her body. She spreads her legs so I can touch her pussy. I feel that it’s dripping wet. I put my finger inside of her and my thumb on her clit, rubbing it. She starts to moan as she grabs my hard cock and strokes it.

With every stroke my cock gets harder. Then she says, “I want you to ram your cock hard into me.”

I get between her legs and she grabs my cock and helps it in as I push. She moans a little more and I sit there for a second to feel her wetness. I slowly start going in and out, getting faster her moaning gets louder; I’m getting into a rhythm.

She screams, “Oh my god!” and she pushes my cock out as she cums.

I push back inside to feel the warmth of her cum. I can’t hold it in another moment and I shoot my hot load inside of her.

As I start to lay next to her she says, “You’re not done yet; get down there and eat my pussy.”

I do as she says; I put her legs up and start to lick her pussy. I taste our cum together and it’s a little salty. I continue to do so and she has an orgasm on my face, getting it wet. I feel her hand on my head pushing it into her hard. She keeps pushing and screaming as the flood gates open. She lets up and I come up soaked with her cum. She pushes me back and gets on top of me. As her juices are dripping onto my cock, she slides down on my staff and starts fucking me.

My cock is so hard it hurts to keep going but we both are moaning and breathing heavily. She leans back so I can see her black breasts bouncing up and down.

I scream out, “I’m going to cum!” and I feel my cum shooting out, one stream after another.

At the same time a warm, wet feeling sprays out of her, running down my balls. She leans forward and kisses me as my cock is getting soft. She gets up and moves down and licks my cock clean.


(Image Source: Mike Adriano Media)

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