Wanted*Part 1

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As I search the web for free porn sites I came across one. CYT * Which stood for Cum-Young-Teen. I was
so attracted to the girls . Each free video I watchd made me horny-er ! my pussy was so wet I couldn’t watch anymore.
I took the rest of my cloths off and laid on my bed. A box filled with amazing sex stuff laid next to me. I stroke my pussy getting it more wet. The first toy I took out was my favorite. Each hit to the pussy made a vibration. Not only that it stuck a little piece in my tight ass hole. The box was filled with different lubricants I took a strawberry flavored one and spread it all over my body. The aroma of my cum and strawberries turned me on more. I stuck the vibrator back in my pussy .
I came .
I fell asleep with the vibrator inside me. When I woke up my body was sticky from the lubricant and my pussy was swollen and sticky from the cum . My sheets were a mess so I cleaned up.
When I was done I went back to my computer checking my emails. An email from CYTfantasy@.cum in my inbox. I was afraid maybe it wasn’t free and I did have to pay.


when I read the wanted I freaked . I opened the email.
it stated:

AUGUST 22,2009


my mind started to race . what kind of modeling did they need. hey I just turned 18, this could be my big break. I confirmed that I will be attending. Shortly after I mapquested and got the directions to jersey [I’m a yankee girl] . Tommorrow was the big day . I went out shopping to get the nicest thiings I could find and hottest shoes. I’ve watchd a lot of shows they alweys make them show them their bodies in swimwear so I got a swimsuit aswell.

I went to bed early that night. before I went to bed I called a friend over. I told him the big news and he was xcited to. But not excited for me. excited in his pants. I let him fuck me. I needed a real fat cock in my pussy anyways . I bent over on fours and let him fuck me doggy style. I loved it this way because the dick goes deeper in my pussy. he pounded me so good maken me yell so that nosey old bitch next door can hear me. He grabbed my hips and smacked my ass. I fucken loved it. I came .
He came .
he re-entered. this time in my ass. he stuck his finger in my pussy at the same time. I thought*this fucker is talented* my face was now in the pillow and no one can hear my hollers.
“fuckkk meeeee harder and make me cumm” I yelled in the pillow hopen maybe a small part of it the neighbors heard.
I came .
I turned over and sucked his dick good. tea baggin me like I was his naughty little bitch . for the moment yes. he came in my mouth .
I fell asleep and awoke at 8 am the next morning to my alarm! I showered and got pretty . I threw my bags in the back of my pretty brick red rover and continued my journey to “dirty jersey” . thoughts ran through my head as I sat in traffic to go through the lincoln tunnel. I was wet . my pussy throb so I took a water bottle and shoved it in my pussy . I was horny come on . like you wouldn’t do it at a time like this .
Finally I was out of the tunnel. Into jersey and on the garden state parkway . the drive took about an hour or more due to me stopping for food! When I reached the place I parked and grabed my bags. Walking into the hotel I felt very intimidated with all these beautiful blonde bombshells. Too bad I was only 5’7 dark brown hair and looked exotic as ever .
It was already noon and the sign in proces was kind of boring the usual ,
Name : Isabella Kastigo
Also known as: Izzy
Age : 18
Hometown : NY,NY
Nationality: Brazilian
Hieght: 5’7
Weight: 130
Sexual Orientation:
“what the fuck? why the hell do they care”, I blurred out loud. I noticed I said that out loud by the looks everyone gave me. I answered : bi-sexual. when I was done I gave it to the men at the long tables. They gave me a number: 58 . I guess it was gona be a long day.
Time went by and I started over hearing girls.
“I’ve been to these so many times. They make you stand there naked take a few pix & pay for $250 for the pixxx.” one pretties blonde mohawk girl I ever seen. I’d fuck her .
“Really? well atleast they cough some money at us for showing up” a puerto rican girl from the bronx said.
“yeah if your luckey and they like you, you get more and get on the site. I know they’ll like me. ill make them like me.” mohawk girl laugh.
What the fuck kind of casting call was this? I’m such an idiot. CYT=cum young teen emailed me ! this is a casting call for porno bitchz . I laughed but it got me excited.
“Numbers 50 to 60” a tall white bald guy shouted.
I stood up and walked in . There was little sections so the girl next to us wouldn’t see each other.
“Pick a cube and get undressed” bald guy demanded.
I did what he said . it was turning me on. Next thing I know some pretty short oriental girl comes up to me.
“Hello I’m Kim. I’m gona take a few shots of you and then you’ll wait for further instructions”
I agreed and posed for her . She smiled and I coulld tell she loved me. And I think I loved her . I laughed at that thought.
“If your # isn’t called please get dressed and imediatly leave the room and building” kim tried to shout.
“50, 54, 56, & 58” bald guy stated .
I was excited and thrilled and sat there in control and confident.
“We called an even #. Partner up and do as you please. then wait for your number” kim said.

Now what the fuck is going on . The young bronx puerto rican girl ran to me.
“Listen, your fuckable. and I love to fuck people. so me and you are gona work together. if you make me cum we will be real good friends” Sania, the puerto rican girl damanded with a wink .
“So how you wanna fuck me then” I askd her.
“well mami, bend over and ill show you”
I did what she said . my ass was in the air and she ate my pussy . It felt so good . She stuck three fingers in my hole and pumped it. I can feel her long nails on my walls. It hurted but the pain made me wetter. I felt I was gona cum. She didn’t let me . She placed my body on the floor and spread my legs . Our pussys touched . We rubbed on each other letting friction take over. My juices with hers. brazilian & puerto rican pussy. a dream come true, my dream come true. suddenly we both came. Me first , shortly after my back arched she came.
“woah. now that was sex” kim commented.
I forgot we were being watched.
“When we call your numbers stay. if your number isn’t called, Good-bye!”
I was nervous but I knew even if I didn’t get picked me and Sanya would be great friends. two wild exotic city girls. FUCK ME now!
“Numbers 54 & 58”
That’s us! we did it . we fucked the best !

to be continued . . .

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