Wanted*part 2

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“Thanks girls for responding to our emails. We are looking for different girls for our site. And I was rooting for your two. Both are beautiful latin exotic and mysterious. Not to mention sexy as hell” the bald guy told us.

“Well thank you, when can we start & start seeing our faces on the site” I rushly asked him

“I’m thrilled your excited to start so if you two want, today !”
I looked at Sanya and giving her the “better fucking say yes”. And she agreed. They took us to a room filled with pink stuff. It was fun . Lots of props and chocolate and woah baby my pussy was throbbing.

“sanya I wanna start now”
“the cameras aint here yet”
“I don’t fuckin` care my pussy needs licking”
I laid on the bed and spread my legs. My pussy was in deed leaking. She licked it slowly .. making me very inpatient. She bit it a little and stuck her tongue in my hole. it felt good.
I came .
We laid in bed asking each other questions trying to get to know each other better.
knock . knock . knock . the door opened .
We didn’t bother to get dresses. 2 Cameras came in. But 5 people walked with it. They told us to do as we please . The shows on us, were in control .
They gave us dildos and lube and vibrators and strapons. everything I had in my box on my bed. I straped the dildo on and bent this dirty girl over.
“Tell me how you want it”
“Como tu quiere”
wtf this bitch is speaking spanish to me. she said,”How ever you want” So I tossd it in her pussy from the back and thrashd it.
“Mas duro” “Mas duro”
she wanted me to hit it harder. so I did.
I made her bleed . she didt mind .
“ay ay ay I’m going to cum”she yelled in her new york spanish accent. it made me cum unexpectdidly.
The producers were silent. Everyone loved it. They paid us $250 for the pictures and $3,200 for the video. They told us they would send us $200 more after the video is posted. The following night the video posted
www.cyt.cum search : izzy and sanya visit brailly rico .
it was the hottest on the site . a week later I received $200 and an invite for more filming. I accepted. College? For me? No, fucking hot girls and get paid $3650 for one day is more then I need. I found a new living and my adventures began here, in jersey


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