Wanted*part3*Izzy in florida

Izzy got another proposal, but this ones in florida.
its for another website, XXX-oticas. She accepted and took the first plane to Palm Springs,FL. On the flight there she happened to be sitting next to an older gentlemen who was from canada. Izzy flirted and felt his dick. She had to his dick grew in his pants and the outline was showing. The plane was pretty much empty so she took it out his pants. She shoved the whole thing in her mouth and gagd a little. His dick and balls were now in her mouth. His hand was on her head guiding her up and down faster and faster. he was making loud grunts and sounds. soon enough he cumd a load in her mouth as if he hadn’t came in months. she swallowed it and took a shot of vodka after. He gave her $300.
“What the fuck is this for?” she curiously asked.
“I haven’t got head like that in my life”
She didn’t ask anymore questions.

When she arrived she was awaited by a strech limo. In it were the producers and other clients she will be working with.
“So Isabella Kastigo, what are your limits for filming?”
“Please call me Izzy, and I have no limits. I’m down for what eva” I tried to hide my accent but wasn’t happenin.

We arrived to a beautiful mansion . We walked in and stoped by a library. A man with a suit was sitting at the desk.
“This must be my new girl Izzy!” he was chief of the company.
“hello nice to meet you” izzy answered.
“Your room is upstairs to the left , room 6, next to Candies room”
She walked up the stairs and made a left.
“Room 2, 4, ah 6!”
Candy Dandy, it said on room 4’s room. She entered her room and her bags were being unpacked by a short little lady named Ester.
“oh, no its ok. ill do it” izzy felt bad for her.
“no no honey is my g-ob” she said with a spanish accent.

Izzy nodded her head and headed for the showers. It was an open space with shower heads along the walls. She spotted something on the floor within the steam.

A girl ! Fucking herself with the shower head. Izzy didn’t believe this. She droped her cloths and went in the shower.

“Ahh fuck. yeah yeah yeah . I’m cummmming” the strawberry blonde girl laying on the floor yelled.
Woah was it awkward for Izzy. She ignored it and went about her business scrubbing her vagina and body. The other shower was off and Izzy turned around. Shockingly the other girl was directly in back of Izzy.

“Hello, I’m Candy !” she was perky and smiley
Izzy liked her. Candy was 5’9 strawberry curly blonde hair with green eyes and fair skin. Freckles covered her rosey cheeks. She was barely 18. She stood there very cheesy and naked dripping wet from her hot steamy shower.

“Hi, I’m Isabella, but call me Izzy”
“well Izzy, were neighbors, so don’t be shy to visit because I sure won’t.”
The girls giggled and Candy left. Izzy relaxed and finished her shower . When she was down she left to her room to find a note on her bed.

Dear Izzy,

Welcome to the house. We hope you have everything you need, if not please inform Derald. Tonight at 1 am we will be recording so rest and enjoy the remainder of your afternoon.

Kevin Smith, Chief of XXX-oticas

Izzy took a nap until it was time to shoot. A knock at the door around 12 30 . It was Candy , what a surprise.
“Hey honey dew, time to wake up!”
“thanks, I needed a wake up call. So what should I wear”
“the less the better. look at me! I made it myself” candy smiled.
She had a bra filled with hot pink jewels and a g-string made of only jewels. Her hot pink pumps didn’t have jewels, no wonder why . Her hair was tamed down and straight. So I agreed to wear something simiar, with the exempt of the little diamond studs . I wore a purple and black thong with a purple and black lace bustier bra. fishnet panty hose and my new marc jacob heels. Candy watched me as I got dresses and it made me wet. I try to hide my turnon. We walked over to the pool area where we will film at.

“Girls, I’m glad you met. Today you will film together with Michael” Derald explained. “So have fun & do as you please, just don’t forget his rock hard dick needs loving too”
Everyone laughed and I sat on the beach chair with my legs open. Michael stood infront of me with his legs spread open. One Leg on each side of my body and his fuckn long hard cock in my face. Candy Dandy positioned on fours and put her face in my pussy. I was so hot by now.

“And action!”

I licked Mikes dick and toyed with his balls. He began to breath harder. I stopd the games and sucked his dick. What ever, I sucked it hard and dirty. I was in control and made myself gag. I put his 9 inch hard dick deep down my throat. I felt each bein throb and I licked and sucked it hard. As I sucked Candy licked. She was playing with my pussy and I enjoyed it. She was naughty and I knew I was gona have fun this week in florida. on cameras and off.

“Candy just fuck me! don’t stop ahh ahh fuckkk”
I couldn’t hold it in . she knew I liked it so she fucked me with her tongue.
I came fast .
she took a double dong dildo and we fucked each other while I sucked mike. Mike,Candy, and myself all came together . Our bodies were sweaty and nasty and dirty.
how fucking naughty .

I loved it .

getting fucked like a whore .
Mike fucked me while I ate Candies pussy. She smelled so good. The aroma she let out was strong and powerful. It described her, perky fun and good. I stuck my tongue out strong and she sat on it. She fucked my tongue like a dick. I was so wet by this I forgot I was getting fucked by Mike. I took his dick out my pussy and put it in my ass. He liked my tight hole because he came fast .
We all came about 3x each . candy laid next to me and mike next to her . Filming was done but we were all exhausted we stood there . eventually falling asleep . .

I woke up in my room. I have no idea how I got here but I was here . I felt horny still so I fingered myself. I tried sticking all 5 fingers in but the angle I was in was impossible. I guess Candy heard me fucking myself and walked in the room . Embarrassed by this surprise I stopd and sat up fast.

“Why stop? Finish!” Candy said in her most sexiest voice.

I continued to finger myself I was so hot and horny. Candy licked her lips and felt her breast. My pussy made a puddle on my bed. I fucked myself hard yelling and screaming to this great orgasm. I stopd and unsnapped my bra. My tits wobbled everywhere as I pumped my pussy with 4 fingers.

“ahh shit . fucking fuck mee ahhh ahh yess yess . “
Candy was fingering herself faster and faster to try and catch up with me.

I came .
minutes later she did 2.
Again we fell asleep. It was the next morning around 10 am when a knock came to the door.

“Morning girls, breakfast is gettin cold. go eat a little something” the short little lady who cleans my room told us.

So we did and breakfast was great . I met about 10 other girls and 5 other guys . Morning wood made me horny. What fuckn didn’t make me horny!?

I retrned to my room to find another note.

Dear Izzy,

Thank you for the great video shoot. You were great. I would like to steal you from your old website and join us here in the house. You will have the same room or join someone else, maybe Candy, if you like. Here’s your pay $4,000 for your video and plane ticket home . I hope you won’t be using the ticket.

Kevin S.

It was $4,000 . I had to count it twice. Yes it was cash. No check no money order. $4,000 in solid cash . I was fuckin “ballin`” . I looked in the envelope and it was a check for $400. I was confuzed but asked no questions.

“What else does florida have to offer” I asked Derald.
“Well you get $4,400 every time you shoot a video. Imagine shooting 4 videos a week” Derald explained as I listened
. “That’s $17,600 each week. Who doesn’t wanna make that just for a quick fuck”

I agreed and stayed. I moved in with Candy and she welcomed me with a good fuck in the ass and her strap on. Fu
ck Jersey, Florida is where its at . . .


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