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She was just coming out of a long, awful marriage.  He had been out for some time, but it was no less awful.  Somehow, through the mysteries and vagaries of online dating, they found each other.


They met on a Sunday, which was supposed to be a Wednesday, but he couldn’t wait.  For some reason they really hit it off, and that scared him.  He waited for the other shoe to drop.


In that first week, they must have set some sort of record by seeing each other four times.  They regarded each other with a kind of cautious glee, both amazed to have met someone that could really amount to something.  That is, as long as that other shoe stays right where it is.


She had this hang up about sex.  He would only be her third, and she warned him there might be tears.  Different as he was from every other man on the planet, this information didn’t cause him to bolt.  It didn’t cause him to be sympathetic.  It caused him to make a joke.  This was his way.


When it was time, she surprised herself by feeling nothing but right.  There were no tears.  All she wanted was to be with him.  She wanted to make him feel good, to feel his hands all over her body, to enjoy what she’d been deprived of for so long.  When he entered her it was like an out of body experience, as if she was watching herself make love again at last.  And best of all, he fit perfectly inside her.


Things progressed to a level of exquisite comfort, one where his orgasm inside her was a certainty as it hadn’t been before.  It was just after they reached this level of comfort that he departed for nine long days.  Part business, part pleasure, all crappy timing.  Worse yet, his birthday was among those nine days, so they had to celebrate some before, and some after.


While he was gone she was at loose ends.  As luck would have it, she had somehow injured her shoulder, and as a result was sidelined from exercise.  So her life lacked that structure she so badly needed.  Within the confines of her disability, she forced herself to cook and freeze meals in preparation for her upcoming surgery, an event which would sideline her not only from working out, but from their amazing lovemaking.  A cruel twist of fateful timing.


Their only opportunity to be together was between the time he returned from his trip late one evening and their early morning arrival the following day at the surgery center.  Not exactly ideal circumstances, but she was determined to make the most of it.


In anticipation of his return, she undertook the typical beauty routines – hair removal, exfoliation, moisturizing.  While he was away she teased him about the smooth skin of her inside thighs, and she made sure that it would be impossibly soft when he regarded it again.


The evening arrived and she could hardly contain her excitement.  While she wished she was the one retrieving him from the airport, she realized the presence of his elder son would surely prove awkward when she attacked him.  Better to be alone.  As their plane made its way eastward across the country, she followed on line, hardly able to stand its gradually increasing proximity.  As Tom Petty so wisely pointed out, the waiting is, indeed, the hardest part.


At last the plane landed, and shortly thereafter he texted, saying he would be there in 30 minutes.  She teased him by responding, “See you in 45!  LOL”.


In 32 minutes she let him into the building, and in 34 she was in his arms.  When they kissed, it was with an unprecedented urgency, as if he’d just returned from war.  Silly, they both knew, but it was what it was.


“Baby, I missed you so much,” he said, relieved to be back with his love.


“Don’t go away again,” she replied.


They melted into each other as they found their way to the bedroom.  While it would seem certain that clothes would be flying off at top speed, this was not what actually happened.  Instead, he gazed into her eyes as he gently removed her shirt, careful to avoid causing more pain in her shoulder.  Next came the bra.  As he freed her from it, he used his tongue all over her right nipple, lightly at first, then sucking it as she moaned.  He cupped her breast with his right hand as he did this, and she thought of how much better that felt than it ever had with anyone else.


After repeating this treatment on her left side, he turned his attentions to her midsection.  He kissed the tender skin there several times before pausing to remove her shorts.  The underwear came with them – he’s so efficient! – and he resumed what he was doing.  She moaned and writhed a little under him, and this pleased him.  “I can’t wait to eat your pussy,” he breathed, and she shuddered at the sound of those words.  She was really enjoying him snacking on her belly but, of course, would welcome his progression southward whenever he saw fit.  He lingered where he was a bit longer, and then began the slow, delicious journey down to her pleasure center.


Her back arched as his tongue entered her, fucking her like a miniature cock.  “Oh God,” she said, reveling in the naughty sensations she’d missed so much.  “That feels so good, baby.”


Encouraged, he continued the tongue fuck until he tired of it, at which time he began to flick her clit back and forth.  She wished she could reach his cock, which she imagined would be semi-hard by this time, but the inability to do so forced her to focus on her own pleasure.  She knew this would please him.


His nimble tongue traced the outlines of her body’s contours as never before.  She focused intently on the feelings this caused, and the incredible rush of having

a man between her legs.  Not just any man, but a patient, giving and, not insignificantly, talented man that professed his devotion whenever given the chance.  She felt incredibly lucky.


As his tongue continued its happy journey, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, she thought about how she planned to pleasure him when she got her chance.  If he knew he would scold her for that.  Now was about her, he’d say, and she smiled at the thought of his bossiness.  She forced her focus back to her clit, tingling and engorged from his attentions.  And within an instant, she felt her orgasm building.  “I’m gonna come,” she said, and then she exploded in a white-hot haze of pleasure, jolts of electricity radiating outwards from the center of her body.  Lying spent on the mattress, she relished the feel of his hands stroking her hair, but only until she was ready to turn the tables.


“Your turn,” she said as she got onto all fours and hovered over him.  She kissed him gently, tentatively, teasingly, a potent contrast to his impulse to ravage her.  But he decided he liked her taking charge, so he let her lead the way.  Besides – he planned on plenty of ravaging in their future.


As she kissed him she periodically let her tits brush his chest, and he took those opportunities to caress them.  Once when she pulled away he was able to direct one into his mouth, and she moaned in response.  But mostly this was her show, and he was happy to sit back and watch it happen.


He really enjoyed the realization that she left wet spots all over him as she traveled down his body.  While he knew some of that wetness was his saliva, he was certain he hadn’t been with such a responsive woman in a long time, and maybe not ever.  This thought caused his cock to stiffen slightly, a fact she noted with some delight.


He could hardly wait to feel her mouth on him, and struggled to maintain some form of composure as she leisurely licked and sucked him.  Surely she must know how badly he needed her between his legs.  What the hell was taking her so long?


As much as she wanted another chance to demonstrate her mad cocksucking skills, she was really enjoying torturing him.  She also knew from experience that an orgasm delayed is an orgasm improved, or something like that, but the point was, taking a little longer could only enhance the final result.  And she suspected the more she tortured him, the harder he would inevitably fuck her, which was the whole point.  [Duh.]


“What do you want?” she asked coyly, as if she didn’t know.


“I want you to suck my cock,” he replied, somewhat impatiently.


“Are you sure?” she asked?  This was really too much, but she was loving it.


“Yes!  Please suck my cock,” he begged.  She smiled.


She moved a little southward, and he felt encouraged by the proximity of her mouth to his dick.  But much to his frustration, she ignored it and licked the insides of his thighs instead.  He moaned, “Please!!”


She smiled again and silently took his cock in her hand.  She met his gaze and held it as she began licking him up and down, like an adult lollipop.  He went crazy.  She blew little bursts of cool air on the wetness her tongue left, and she felt him harden just a little more.  She went back to licking, and did that for a while, well aware of the torturous effect it had on him.  He was powerless to object, resigned to endure the exquisite pain until she decided to end his misery.


At last, and very unexpectedly, she took him into her mouth all at once, causing him to gasp in shock and delight at the feeling.  “Oh yeah, baby – that’s it.  You feel so good on my cock.”


She slid him in and out of her hot mouth, making the opening tight to imitate her tight little pussy.  She stroked with her lips while she licked with her tongue, something that always got his attention, especially when it made that delicious noise.  She took her mouth off him just long enough to call him a pushover, then resumed the treatment in earnest.  His cock, engorged and ever-hardening, was filling her mouth in a most delightful way.  She couldn’t get enough, which was fortunate, since he couldn’t either.


And as she started stroking his balls, she knew he was about to come.  She welcomed it, felt the power of causing it, needed it – and then it was happening.  He thrust again and again into her mouth, and she was barely able to contain his explosion.  When he finished he made some comment about having a stroke – very funny – and gathered her into a naked embrace.  They lay like that for a while, until she told him she needed to be fucked.  Badly.  Now.


Never one to back down from a challenge, he climbed on top of her and kissed her, his eager tongue exploring her warm mouth, his dick hardening in response.  Then he began rubbing it against her belly, which was all it took to ready him for his task.  He seized the condom, rolled it on and slid inside her in one hot, delicious stroke.  She gasped at the sensation of being filled completely, savoring it as she squeezed her pussy walls around him.  “Oh God, baby – do you know what that does to me?” he asked.


“I do,” she replied, and smiled.


He pulled almost all the way out, then slid slowly back in.  It was his turn to torture, and he was making the most of it.  She was amazed at the heat two bodies could generate, and closed her eyes to savor what was happening.  Somehow thinking of the long absence of sex from her life seemed to intensify the pleasure she was experiencing.  After a while he decided he wanted to do her doggy style, so they changed positions and he entered her from behind.  She moaned as he filled her from this new angle, the sensations subtly different from the others but equally tantalizing.  But she was frustrated by not being able to see his face, one of her favorite parts of sex.  So they switched back.


By this time, neither of them was particularly interested in torture, or slow stroking, as much as they were in a good, hard fuck.  And so it was.  He entered her swiftly, then began thrusting in and out at top speed and force.  The concern he would typically show for her physical being was replaced by the need to have her, to be one, to do all but combust from the sheer joy of it all.  She, meanwhile, was encouraging this sort of behavior by begging him to go deeper, harder, faster.  If ever two people were on the same page, in sync, it was these two.


This pace couldn’t last long, and indeed it didn’t.  She heard – and relished – his orgasm about to happen, storing pieces of the sweet sights and sounds in her memory for later retrieval.  At last he shot his load again, filling her with his hot cum until he collapsed on top of her, fully spent and satisfied.


“Welcome home, baby,” she said.

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