What Happened Last Night Chapter 1

I was having the most fantastic dream. It was dark, and hot. I was holding on to something- bars, maybe? My long red hair was in my face. I could feel it sticking to my gently parted lips. I was pushing my little hips backward, impaling my pussy on a huge warm cock. It seemed like loud pulsing music was all around me, but I couldn’t distinguish it from my heartbeat. I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t care, I just kept thrusting back on that thick cock. Who it belonged to, I couldn’t say. Suddenly it slipped out, and in an instant slapped down hard between my spread asscheeks with the head landing right on my puckered asshole. I gasped…
…and in that instant, I wake up. My hair is in my face all right. The pounding… is in my head. I remember now. We were drinking until very late. What happened? When did I go to bed? What time is it? Is that a hard cockhead against my asshole?
I am wearing only the shirt I wore last night, and one sock. The shirt is a threadbare cotton retro jersey. My bra is long gone. Thinking back to all that beer… and then bourbon… who knows when I got rid of it. I don’t need it anyway; my B-cups always stay perky on their own. Where are my jeans? I close my eyes again, thinking who cares! My pussy is wet as hell from that dream, having soaked the sheets beneath me.
“Mmm” I relax and just shuffle my hips a little against my boyfriend’s cockhead, which is rock hard and almost pushing its way into my little asshole. Maybe a little morning fuck for me? I push my hips back and I am astonished at how my tiny asshole starts to spread so wide from just that small push when I freeze with shock. My eyes shoot open wide. That’s not my boyfriend Jason.
Jason’s dick is not nearly that big. And besides didn’t he… yes, he left very late to drive Sam and Clyde home. They were angry about something. But what? And who… oh god no.
A bunch of people slept over here last night. Too drunk to get home, stayed up too late. Both couches were taken. I think Mike is sleeping on the recliner and that leaves Andy. Andy that skinny little jerk… well, maybe not so little. Jason’s friend. He was cracking jokes all night. That kid was way too full of himself. I remember now, he was in here already passed out when I went to bed. I must have just dropped my jeans on the floor and crashed right next to him, asleep before my head hit the pillow.
I don’t move a muscle. Am I sure? Yes, that’s a big hard cock, pressed so tight into my asshole that the willing little thing is dilated by almost an inch. Really? Ever so slowly, I turn my head to glance behind me though a thin orange veil of hair.
It’s him alright. I can see his short, spiky black hair. There’s his annoying face, mouth open, just snoozing away. The covers are up over both of us. Did we… had we? No. No way. I can tell- my pussy hasn’t been fucked. Certainly not by that thing. I would know. Sure it’s wet and throbbing, and aching, but…
I still can’t believe that’s his cock. He’s only a little taller than me- maybe 5’7”, and skinny as a rail. He wears those skinny hipster jeans and a bike messenger bag, even though he doesn’t ride a bike. He laughs like a rat and is way too forward. How can he have a cock like that? It feels hot, like a fever, and hard and smooth. It’s pushing the tight band of my asshole apart and it feels like an apple between my cheeks. No way. Not on such a skinny kid.
Ever so slowly, so as not to wake him, I inch away from him. All at once his cockhead is free and it springs back. Has it left a wet trail across the small of my back? Gross. I look back. He is sound asleep, facing me. A little drool wets the pillow under his open mouth. He drank so much last night he’ll be asleep until Christmas. He won’t notice if I check…
Gingerly I lift the blanket. My eyes dart from his sleeping face to the darkness below and back. I wonder what I’ll do if he wakes up. Just get up out of bed? No way, I’m not wearing any pants or underwear. I can’t let him wake to this scene. I know he’ll crack some joke. He’ll wake everyone up and tell them. He’ll make something up. He’ll take pictures with his phone. What an asshole. Jason could come home any minute, who knows? It’s daylight, so I guess he stayed over at Sam and Clyde’s.
Finally I lift the blanket enough to peer beneath, but it’s too dark. I can’t see a thing. Shit. What now? The blanket is draped over his bony shoulders. No fat, no muscle. That’s just gotta be his knee or something, right? I have to know.
I am completely silent as I pull back the cover. Inch by inch I move it back, eyes fixed on his face. Suddenly I spot it. It’s at the bottom of my peripheral vision. I look down and my mouth drops open.
Just emerging from the frontier of the blanket I hold in my hand, suspended over my wet spot in the bed and casting a shadow, is the biggest purplest cock head I’ve ever seen. It’s so hard the light reflects off the taut surface and I can almost see my reflection in it. A big bead of pre-cum glistens on the tip like a fat drop of morning dew. I don’t know how long I stare, but I stop suddenly when a little raindrop of spittle falls from my bottom lip and patters off the broadside of that thick head. His cock makes one reflexive twitch upward at this, tossing a rope of pre-cum over the sheets. I gasp and look at him, but he hasn’t moved. Still sleeping away. Cautiously, I look back down. The cock has returned to its position, another bead of pre- cum already forming on the glans.
At this point I realize that I am breathing very deeply and my heart is pounding in my chest. I can feel wetness soaking the bed sheets beneath me. My mind starts to race because I can feel my swollen clit peeking out from under its hood. With each deeply drawn breath, it moves back and forth a little, peeking out an in again, and the subtle sensation is making my condition worse and worse. With a breathy gulp, I pull the sheets back all the way and lay them gently on his side.
There it is, arching up at me. It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It’s got a dramatic upward curve and an angry looking thick vein that streaks up the side like lightning. It’s a deep shade of purple and I can see it swaying ever so gently with his breath. I can see his body too- skinny and hairless. Is he totally naked? How in the hell did that little jerk grow that fucking cock?
I start to hear my own breath as I realize that I am rocking, gently rocking my hips into the bed. The friction on my clit is light, but it’s plenty to stoke the fire. I almost moan out loud as I stare down at that beautiful cock and hump the bed deeply. Beautiful? No, fuck that guy, I never liked him. This bed belongs to me and my boyfriend and this whole situation is just some unfortunate fallout from a big party last night. Any minute my boyfriend will be home and all these people will be out of here to let me shower and recuperate in peace. What was that?
Was it the front door? I can hear someone moving around out there. Oh no! Instinctively I dart back under the sheets and pull them up over me. Andy stirs. I bite my lip with anxiety. I can tell now, someone is shuffling over the carpet- maybe heading to the bathroom. I can’t think about that now because the sleeping idiot Andy has thrown an arm around me and pulled his skinny frame into a tight spoon. My eyes are wide as that huge cock slides between us, slipping on its own pre-cum between my round asscheecks and coming to rest with the head at the small of my back.
I don’t move a muscle. Someone is using the bathroom right next to the bedroom. Andy is practically snoring right in my ear, his meaty cock is sawing gently between my buttocks, and my pussy is leaking all over it. How did I get in this position? And how do I get out?
Someone is clumsily moving around the bathroom, I can hear them plain as day through the wall. I don’t dare move now. With a start I realize that my nipples are pointing out, diamond hard, pressing through the thin fabric of my shirt. I realize this because Andy’s limp hand is draped over my shoulder and his fingertips are lightly brushing against them. At this my head swims. I have to get out of this somehow!
Andy’s massive rod is still hard like hot metal. I can feel his heartbeat in the thing, for Christ’s sake! I wish I could just find it as disgusting as I find him, but I woke up in this state, and everything that’s happened since has just gotten me hotter, despite myself. I try not to move, but my chest is heaving, with each deep breath my left nipple makes another pass over Andy’s fingertips. Involuntarily, my back is arching, hips tilting back just a little, more and more, to bring my moist lips in contact with that sizzling cock. From here it feels like I could fry an egg on it.
No! That’s it. I’m getting up. Carefully, I start to hoist myself up on one elbow, at the same time moving his dead-weight arm down off me. I’m still pressed against him in the spooning position, though. His cock slides slowly between my butt cheeks as I rise, slick with his pre cum, and maybe a bit of mine. God, I am soaking down there! I rise and rise, but his cock seems to go on forever. I finally slide his arm off to the side. Just as I am almost out of his dumb, sleeping grasp I hear the toilet flush in the next room and freeze.
Andy grumbles something in his sleep and stirs a little. At this I can feel that bulbous head, definitely streaking a thick trail of slimy pre cum down the small of my back. The pale little hairs there are standing on end as I feel the hot ridges of that head slide once again into my buttcrack. I’m free, now’s my chance- but I can’t move. I feel the very tip of his big glans touch my anus and rest there, instantly soaking it in a pool of pre cum. My eyes roll back in my head and despite myself I let out a moan.
Andy rolls forward, closer to me and my eyes widen as for a moment, his cockhead presses hard against it. I jerk away and the whole cock slides suddenly right between my legs. Andy throws his arm around me again and pulls me down into a spoon. As he murmurs in his sleep I realize my moment is gone.
Now I am straddling the great thing like a witch on a broomstick. It arches out before me, between my legs, as if it were my own. My wet fucking lips are pressed right against the over carriage of the cock, spread ever so slightly and coating the whole thing in my copious juices. Pussy juice just pools on the wide breadth of his cock and runs down the sides, down all the way to the very tip so far away, and off the side of the bed. My head is swimming and I can’t keep my eyes focused. My mouth is limply open, tongue hanging out as I rock my hips back- just a short distance- to press my hungry clit against the top of it.
Instantly- ecstasy. I’m glad that the unknown drunkard has left the bathroom and returned to their place, probably on the living room floor. I’m glad that dick head Andy is so sound asleep, and I’m glad my boyfriend was responsible enough to drive his drunk friends home last night because now my slick clit is just sliding up and down the burning top of this cock. I’m biting my lip and moaning softly with each thrust. My pussy juices are just flowing down his big cock in a torrent. The bed sheets are drenched and I’m pinching my nipples without a care in the world.
My clit can feel it plain as day- his cock is hot. Really hot! It’s burning up, and it’s sending shivers up and down my body. All my tiny little hairs are standing on end. The motion is creating a white froth where my parted lips are scrubbing that cock’s topside. I’m just staring at the head as it bobs up and down in the morning light, still with a generous dew drop of pre cum on the tip.
I can’t help myself as I reach a finger down to it. I have to extend my arm all the way just to reach it. I press my fingertip against it, gently covering the slit there. The gooey stuff pools and I delicately smear it all around the very tip of that great cock, riding myself off even harder. How can he still be asleep? Thank goodness he is… It feels so hot to the touch. I raise the finger to my lips and suck the stuff into my mouth. It tastes like heaven. I have to cum now. No turning back.
I place one finger on the underside of his cockhead, just to brace it against my own thrusting hips. With this I grind down hard. The sound of slicking fluids is audible, as is my moan. I’m getting close now. I place two finger tips there, then three. My eyelids flutter. Finally I just take the whole cockhead in the palm of my hand and slide my pussy in one great arc the length of the thing, until the pronounced ridges cross delightfully over my labia. I am just pressing the head against my slit and grinding there when I come with a shudder and a gush of more juices spilling out over his cock.
I realize breathlessly that his cock is bent, hard, and the wide head is pushing my pussy lips apart. It’s almost inside. Then I feel it. He’s pushing in, ever so slightly. In an instant I swing my head around and come face to face with that stupid grin. “Let me fuck you, Allie.”
My breath catches in my throat. My little body is still trembling with the aftershocks of a tremendous orgasm, and I can’t move. He’s rocking his hips ever so slightly- persistently- naggingly- and the ridges of his head are spreading my lips open wider and wider. “No,” I breathe, “I can’t.”
With this I let go of his cock and move away a bit, the great wet member slides back between my legs and finds its home between my cheeks again, glans pressing right against my anus. I swoon and push back uncontrollably. Wet as the thick thing is, it parts my asshole easily and before I know it the great thing has slid in just a bit- not far in, but far enough that my little asshole is gaped wide, yielding to it like it is made of iron. My back arches involuntarily, pointing my round ass right at it. “I have a boyfriend.”
He doesn’t say anything at all- for once. He just puts his hand to the side of my hips and applies some pressure- not much at all, but that’s all it takes. The massive head slides inexorably into my eager asshole. One the tight band of my ass slips over the ridge around the head of his cock it contracts and stops. The head alone has spread my asshole to gaping and it’s filling me up. I cum again right there, explosively.
I moan and push back, pinching my own nipples hard, panting. His huge cock is spreading my asshole out, pushing deeper and deeper, and I can’t stop cumming. “Oh god,” I whisper, “are you going to fuck me like this?”
“Right here in Jason’s bed?” He starts to move in and out, my breath catches in my throat.
“Fuck… yeah.”
“You’re… you’re fucking my ass,”
“Yeah I’m fucking your tight little asshole.”
“Oh god I’m gonna cum again…”
“I’m fucking your little cheating asshole and you love it.”
“Fuck me- ruin me for my boyfriend. Ruin my little whore asshole,” I can’t believe the words that are coming out of my mouth. In one move he’s got me on all fours. My head is lying helplessly on the pillow in a haystack of straight red hair. He takes a handful of it and methodically begins to work his huge cock in and out of my ass.
I can hear the sounds, slicker than if we had used lube. A smack. The jerk is smacking my ass as he reams it. My head is swimming as he pops his cock out for a moment. I can feel my anus gaping wide at him. He grins and spits needlessly into the wide dark hole there. What a fucking dick. Fucking cock. Cock fucking my asshole hard… I can’t believe how far it goes in. Each thrust in feels like an eternity, and it’s the same when he pulls out. My asshole is stretched so tight, I can feel every detail of that rugged cock as it slides in and out of me. I cum again and again, face down, ass up in the air, before that jerk Andy cums what feels like a gallon deep inside me.
He’s holding my hips tight, pressed with his entire length deep in. My breath is caught in my throat, making fists with the sheets on either side of me.
Finally he breathes a sigh and flops down on the bed beside me, great cock still standing tall into the morning sunlight like a skyscraper. I collapse breathlessly beside him, heaving; I brush the hair from my face. He’s just looking at me with a stupid grin. Then he looks back to his throbbing cock, then back to me.
“You can’t tell Jason about this,” I’m still panting.
“Oh yeah? Well, he is a friend of mine, don’t you think he should know his girlfriend is a slut?”
“I’m not a slut you fucker,” I can’t muster the energy to raise my voice or smack him, although I would love to.
“Ok, well I’ll tell you what. I won’t tell him about this, as long as you clean off my wang. With that hot fucking mouth of yours.”
I glared. “After you fucked my ass with it? No way.”
“Look at it!” He said proudly, making it twitch. Clear fluids from both of us were still running down the sides in a cascade. In the plain light of morning it still looked at hard and purple as ever. “It’s clean enough.”
I realized that I was looking at it- staring, really. My mouth was hanging open again and my tongue, gently stretching out as if to taste it. Softly I gathered the strength to lean over and touch the very tip with my tongue. It tasted of sex alright- like tire tracks on the road. Heat, friction. My tongue glides over the little slit at the end, feeling the great thing twitch beneath it. I reached out to grab it at its base and realized that my hand would not fit all the way around it. I close my lips around the tip- it will be hard to get the whole head in my mouth- and look up at him.
He is the same brazen showoff he was last night. He’s put his hands behind his head and he’s watching me go to work with a sleazy, disbelieving grin. What a fucking jerk he is. He never shows anyone any respect. He’s always interrupting people and making terrible jokes that only he laughs at. He’s rude and crass and I disliked him since the moment I met him. He doesn’t deserve a bit of this. Just looking at that snarky grin makes me want to hit him, and yet instead I spread my lips wide and struggle to push the whole head into my mouth.
I’m looking up at him, just thinking about how much I despise him as I wrap my lips around the head and jam my tongue into the slit, sliding it back and forth. He’s thrusting with his hips- tentatively, almost like an involuntary tick, trying to shove the thing further into my mouth. I pop it out of my mouth and say, “hey, don’t do that.”
He just smirks and looks at me. I realize that I am kneeling between his legs, my bare ass up in the air. He’s leering like a true creep. “Clean it, I said.” He puts a hand on my cheek.
I turn and start licking up and down the considerable shaft. It’s too much surface to cover with just my tongue. I open my mouth and place the whole thing against it, running my mouth up and down the height. It’s quite a workout, it’s a long way to go, and the thing is still so hard and hot.
I don’t want him to notice as I reach back between my legs and place two fingertips on the hood of my clit. The sensation makes my eyes close. I forget to swallow and a deluge of saliva runs from my mouth down Andy’s shaft. Slowly, firmly, I begin to pump my hand up and down his cock to the same rhythm as I rub my slick clit. Andy’s not making a sound, but very soon the slicking sounds of my work, and my own moans, rise to fill the room.
I am frantically beating myself- and him, off to a new orgasm when he grabs me by the hair. I can’t even protest before he slaps his cock into my cheek hard. Still rubbing my clit, I look up at him. He takes hold of his meat and starts to rub it all across my face, back and forth. “I love your freckles, Allie,” he says. “Let’s see how far you can get this down your throat.”
With that he lifts my head over his glans and just pushes it down. I don’t have time to prepare, but I quickly relax my throat. I’ve always been good at suppressing my gag reflex, but never had I ever had something so big pushed in so fast. I’m lucky that it’s been so generously covered with lubrication- lots of spit and pussy juice- as it slides ever further down my throat. My lips tremble- he’s still pushing my head down and I feel like the big thing is going all the way down my neck. I realize as my nose touches his flat belly that it probably has.
I struggle feebly, but that fink is holding my head down. Down below my fingers are working frantically over my clit as the tempo crescendos and I cum, my moans stifled by the huge cock down my throat. My hips are pumping up and down, ass in the air and my fingers are swirling furiously as my orgasm pulses through me- even stronger than before.
“I can feel your moaning, it’s vibrating on my cock. Ha! You really are a fucking slut Allison. Don’t you care if someone hears? Don’t you care if Jason comes in here?” His hands are folded on the back of my head.
In response I pulled my head from his massive cock. As it finally slides out of my throat and clears my lips, a web of viscous spit stretches between my parted lips and his glistening cock head. I spit right down on to it, then turn around, lift a leg over him, and place the tip firmly against my still quivering, dripping pink cunt.
“God, look at that. A minute ago you said you wouldn’t fuck me, and now you’re practically raping me right on your boyfriend’s bed. Look at this place, the sheets are covered with your cum.” I don’t want to look at him; I just want to feel that hot thing fucking my pussy. I press down with my full weight, but my small pussy is reluctant to let it in. With a prolonged moan I sink down onto it, and I can feel it filling me like I’ve never been filled before. When it stops at my cervix, stretching my entire vagina around it, it’s still only halfway inside.
I can hardly move at all, my arms and legs are like jello. Andy’s hips make little thrusts which buck my body up and down, just a bit. His head is touching my cervix, and each little bump sets off fireworks behind my eyes- intense little shocks of pleasure sent from my very tender pussy. He puts his bony fingers on my ass and spreads the cheeks apart, granting his little thrusts that much more motion.
“God, look at you, Allison. I always knew deep down you were just a hopeless slut. You saw my big cock and just lost your mind didn’t you? How are you ever going to be able to go back to fucking Jason after this?”
I try to shut him out but I can’t. My heart is pounding. My right knee feels like it’s in a swamp. He’s right- the bed is soaked in cum and spit. “I… I can’t.”
“Yeah, that’s right. Once you got a taste of Andy you’ll never be the same. You’ll always come back for more of this.” Jesus, I hope he isn’t right about that. For now all I can think of is more fucking. I lift myself up and set myself down again carefully as I can, my body reeling from being stuffed so full. I start to move faster, my pussy relaxing even though it is stretched so far.
“And you let me fuck your ass too? What a whore. If you don’t want Jason to find out about this, you’re going to need to let me cum in your mouth.” Ug, what a disgusting pig.
“Yeah, cum in my mouth when you’re ready.”
“When I’m ready?”
I swallow, and resume panting, “Yeah, cum right in my face when you want.”
Andy starts to pull my hips down and up again, making me fuck him faster. “I would love to cum all over your pretty face, Allie. I love those freckles and that red hair. Your pretty lips and your big green eyes. I just want to splash cum all over it. But you’re going to have to fuck me better than that to get it.”
I hate him more and more. “I can’t I’m too…”
“Shut up.” He interrupts. “I’ll just fucking jerk off using your cunt.”
At this he grips my ass tight and begins lifting it up and down his cock with long, fluid movements. I collapse forward onto the bed and just let him use my pussy. Stronger and faster he pumps my ass, which must look very small in comparison to his member, up and down. Faster and faster, with no regard to how deep he’s going. I feel another orgasm coming, stirring deep within my abused pussy. There’s no need to reach back to my clit- his cock is so big that it’s been rubbing against it with each inward thrust.
I’m close now, very close, moaning in rhythm with each thrust. Just as I am about to cum again, he pulls me off him with a loud pop, sits up, and spins me around to face him. The only things I can feel are my knees in the marsh we’ve made of the bedsheets, my hair in my face, his cum still oozing out of my ass, and my stretched pussy gradually closing. He takes hold of my hair and forces his purple cock head between my lips, pumping the huge shaft with his other hand.
I place my tongue against the slit and look up at him. He sneers, “tell me you want my cum, Allie. Say it dirty.”
I draw back to speak and just as I do, jets of white cum lance out at my eyes. I close them instinctively, a little too late, as some of the highways of cum that begin to lattice my face sting my eyes. “Open your mouth!” he practically shouts.
I oblige and soon a pool of the stuff has collected in my mouth. My tongue rises out of this white pool as he tilts my head backward and smacks the underside of his cock against my lips. Gasping, he’s squeezing the last few drops around my lips. His breathing gives way to laughter, and soon he’s smearing the mess around my face my face with his dick.
“Oh, Allie,” he chuckles. “This isn’t the last time we’ll do that.”
I glare at him with stinging eyes and try to retort, but cum just spills out of my mouth and joins the morass on the bed. As he rises to gather his clothes, I’m still enthralled and obsessed by my last unrequited orgasm.

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