What to wear

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What shall I wear? He is so hard to please and if I don’t please him he doesn’t please me as I want.

My wardrobe is extensive and I don’t remember what is was that I wore last time we were together. OK, the clothes are cheap but I have buy where I can afford the prices; in the main at shops with sales on.

My indecision makes me even more nervous and befuddles my brain so that I have to grab blindly at items and take them to the bed.

Hmm, a ball gown, have I worn this recently? He will be mad with me if I have. There is no point in changing it, he will be here soon so I change into it.

The mirror tells me a lie and at a glance I appear to look glamorous; hair pinned up, long gloves, high heels. Under the dress I wear his favourite; scoop bra, french knickers, suspenders, a garter and old fashioned stockings with a seam. All this is topped up with just a soup├žon of his favourite french perfume; not too much but just enough for him to look at me, raise an eyebrow in question and for me to nod in affirmation.

Now I have to stand around till he gets here because the dress is so tight that if I sat down my boobs, already overflowing the low neckline, would simply pop out.

Five minutes seem like five hours but finally I hear steps in the corridor outside my apartment and I jump at the loud knocking at the door.

My heart leaps when, as soon as he sees me in the open doorway his face beams as his gorgeous blue eyes rake my body from head to toe and back. He says nothing but pulls me to his big body almost squeezing the breath out of me, his lips mash against mine and his tongue invades my mouth. I don’t smoke so the taste of cigarette smoke almost makes me cough, but I fight it for he will be angry if I do.

In the tight dress I struggle to match his stride as he walks me backwards into my room. His face is pressed hard into the bare flesh of my boobs and I feel his drool seep between them. Strong hands grip my ass to the point of pain. Although I struggle for breath as his kiss never ends, I must not try to break away or I fear he may get angry and leave; that has happened before and I need him so! A trip on the hem of the dress causes me to stumble breaking the kiss and I wait for his anger but he is amused and laughs, picking me up as if I weighed nothing. I am thrown on the bed which protests with a groan; I must try to afford another.

Predictably he raises my legs and peers under the dress which, despite the tightness slips up my legs and affords a brief view of stockings. Grabbing a foot he takes the toe of a shoe in his mouth and sucks hard; I giggle then moan in simulated ecstasy. The shoe is removed and now there is no simulation as I adore it when my toes are sucked, and I moan. The piercing blue eyes stare into mine then, to my relief they crinkle up into a smile.

I am instructed by hand movements to get off the bed and stand before him. He walks around me patting and prodding and thankfully grunting with approval. From behind his rough hands grab at my boobs, squeezing hard, too hard and I bite my lip so as not to show pain. His breath is hot in my ear and the smell of tobacco again invades my senses.

A lump pressed against my ass indicates that I have been successful in keeping him happy; I pray that it lasts. The lump begins to pump hard against my ass and I am thankful, or so I hope, that it wont be too long before he wants to fuck me.

Without warning the top to my dress is ripped downwards taking with it the bra and almost tearing off my boob. Again I have to fight against making a sound as the pain becomes intense. I hear the dress tear and my heart sinks as I think of how much it will cost to replace it. The force is such that the clasp to the bra is broken and I feel it scratch my back. Now the seam at the zipper to the dress rips and the dress, now loose falls to the floor. He swings me around, mashes his mouth to mine in another hard kiss. Fingers fumble under the waistband of the panties and I tense as the inevitable happens; he rips with irresistible force the fabric from my hips. I am now naked but for the remains of the suspender belt and the stockings.

In anticipation of what I know is in his mind I throw myself to the bed and his big bulk knocks the breath out of me as it lands between my legs. Fumbling, he pulls free his cock. There is no finesse, no foreplay, brutally his slams his cock at my pussy, thankfully it misses it target and I grab it, hold it until I am able to prepare my pussy for the assault.

I clasp my arms around him, pull his ass with my feet to lessen the length of stroke that his cock has inside me. He is grunting, his face buried in the pillow beside my head, his ass trying to pound that cock into my pussy. I continue to grip him tightly with arms and legs.

Soon his grunts become louder, more guttural and I know from experience that he is about to cum. I say the only words that I am allowed… yes yes yesss honey, you are the best, so fucking good.

Standing by the night-stand he zips up, looks at me and winks, then he is gone with a slam of the door.

Hurriedly I look on the night-stand… wow! I must have done good! He has left twice the amount of money as usual.


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