While I Was Sleeping…

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It was my cousin Beth birthday. She asked me if i can help her prepare and cook dinner for her friends since she is living alone. I went to her house and help her prepare her menu for her party.
I’m not a party person. So I told her that I wont mingle with her guests during the party but i will surely help with serving them and preparing the food.
Soon, the doorbell rang. My cousin was in her room changing into her party clothes. It was still early. I havent even changed clothes myself. I was still in maong shorts and a sleeveless shirt with the apron on. i had no choice but to go and see who was at the door.
When I opened the door, I saw this handsome guy holding a bottle of wine. He smiled and I smiled back. “Hi, Im Tesh…Beth’s officemate. I guess I’m early huh.” he said and caught him looking at my legs.
“Hi, I’m Sofia…Beth’s cousin.” I answered. He handed me the bottle of wine and felt his fingers gently touched mine.
I turned back and led him to the sofa. “I’m sure Beth will be down in a minute. Just wait for her.”
I hurriedly walked to the kitchen coz I’m sure my cheeks are flushed. He was so cute and knowing that he’s showin interest on me is making me blush.
Soon the guests started to arrive. I just stayed in the kitchen, coming out from time to time to check and refill the food. Everytime I went out, I secretly looks at him and finds him looking at me too…hmmmm….When I thought that everything is ok, i went upstairs, took a shower and i felt refreshed. I was watching the television and I fell asleep.
I didnt know how long i fell asleep but when I woke up, it was quiet. I guess the party was over and everyone went home already. I thought, i’ll just help Beth clean up in the morning. So I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep again.
After a few minutes, I felt someone opening the door. I didn’t move thinking it was Beth checking up on me. But i saw a big built of a man. A ray of light touched his face and saw that it was Tesh. I wondered what he was doing. I still tried not to move. I was holding my breath. Waiting for what was about to happen. I closed my eyes and pretended sleeping.
I felt him kneel beside the bed. I can smell his cologne and it was nice to my nose. I can hear him breathing a little hard. I felt his hands brushing away the strands of hair in my face. Oh boy! what was he up to i thought.
He then kissed my cheeks checking if i will wake up. I didnt move. He then kissed my lips. Oh boy! his lips was so soft and warm.
He gently cupped my left breast and started to caress it. I was trying to suppress my moan so he wont stop. He fondled with my nipples making it so hard. I moved a bit so that i will be lying on my back but pretended to be sleeping. He stopped for awhile checking if i woke up.

I pretended to be sleeping. As I moved, my dress moved upwards showing my long legs. I’m sure I heard him breath hard. I then felt him touch my legs. Softly and gently so that I won’t wake up. I felt his hands move upward. I feel tingles coming up my spine.

Then he moved my dress upwards showin my undies. He gently touched my pussy. I heard him breath hard again. I’m sure he felt my undies is wet. I slowly opened my eyes and saw him smiling.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” I asked as if I’m shocked. “Shhhh…” he put a finger on my lips. “I’ve been wanting to touch u and kiss u since the start of the party…u are so hot…u just don’t know how hard i was during the part” Tesh said while tracing the line of my pussy with my undies still on. “ooohhhhh” I moaned.

“I’ll make u happy tonight.” he whispered in my ears. I can feel his hardness on my thigh. He licked my ears while one hand is caressing my breast. My nipples instantly got hard.

“ohhhh” a soft moan came out my mouth.

Tesh slowly slid downwards. Licking my neck…then my chest…he took off my dress…

“Wow! lovely…i craved for this…”

He then cupped one breast while he licked and sucked on the other nipple. I held on his head and moaned. I was enjoying everything he was doing.

Then he left my breast. He slid downwards…licking every part of my skin. He looked at me intently and held my panty and took it off. He stood up, pulled me gently on the edge of the bed and he knelt on the floor. He spread my legs wider. I was just waiting..excited of what will happen next…

Then he licked my pussy line…up and down…

“ohhhh teshh” i moaned and grabbed the sheets of the bed…

He parted the lips of my pussy and started to lick my wet hot pussy. I can’t explain the pleasure i was feeling. All i can do was hold tightly on the sheets, close my eyes and enjoy what he was doing to me.

I can feel my pussy getting very very wet. I know if i don’t stop him, I will cum. But I didnt want to cum yet. So i stopped him. Stood up and knelt in front of him. I helped him take of his jeans and his briefs. I was shocked with what i saw.

“Oh my! You are really rock hard!” i exclaimed.

“Yes baby! I’m hard for u!” Tesh smiled.

So I grabbed his dick and started to lick it and suck it.

“Ohh yeesssss” i heard him moan. I look up at him while sucking his cock. i can see he was enjoying it so i did all my best to give him pleasure. Licking it, caressing it and sucking it….while caressing his balls on my palms…

“ooohhhhh” he moaned.


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  1. Jsack

    You have to finish the story dont leave us hanging

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    plzzz finish the stories

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