Whine Country 1

“I don’t wnat to go to any stupid vineyard,” Lori protested, not, she was sure, that anyone was listening to her.

Her parents wanted to send her away for the summer. They wanted her to spend time with her Uncle Jack. “I haven’t seen him in years,” the girl tried to counter. “Why can’t I spend the time with my friends?”

“You’re going,” her mother told her, “and that’s it.”

She didn’t fool Lori. Lori knew why her parents were sending her away. They wanted time to themselves. They wanted to get rid of her. It just wasn’t fair.

Fair or not, one way or another, Lori found herself being dropped off at her Uncle Jack’s vineyard in the Napa valley.

“So this is little Lori,” Uncle Jack said as her parents finally dropped her off.

“Don’t let her looks fool you,” her mother said. “She can be quite a handful.”

Uncle Jack chuckled. “Oh, don’t you worry about that one, sis. I may not have had a kid myself, and I reckon there’ll be a bit of a settin’ in period, but I bet you we’ll get along just fine.”

“I don’t want to stay here,” Lori piped up. “Please, mom, don’t make me stay.”

Her mom wagged a finger at her daughter. “You’re staying, got it. And I don’t wnat to hear about none of your shenanigans either. You listen to your Uncle Jack and do what he says.”

“Listen, if the girl doesn’t want to stay here–“

“You said you’d take her,” the girl’s mother said. “You can’t back out now.”

“I want to go,” Lori whined again.

“Come on, Jack,” the man’s sister said. “For once, I need you to do what you said you’d do.”

The man looked at the girl and then at her mother and then he slowly grinned. “You run along now, Jen,” he said. “Me and Lori will be just fine.”

The next day, Jack was showing the girl around the property. “It’s summer now,” he told her, “so the grapes, they pretty much take care of themselves. I generally just keep a skeleton crew on board for day-to-day maintenance. Picking time is when I really need the bodies.”

“I don’t care,” said Lori sullenly.

Uncle Jack grinned. “You got a bit of a mouth on you, don’t you. Listen, you’re going to be here for the summer. The least we can do is try and make the best of it.”

“I don’t care,” Lori said again.

The man sighed. “Try, will you?”

Lori seemed to think that one over. “It’s too hot here,” she complained.

“It has to be hot for the grapes to grow.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about that.”

“Can I go back to the house now,” Lori asked. At least the house was air conditioned.

The man sighed. “Sure, do whatever you want.” The man sighed again as he watched the girl walk off. It was going to be a long, hot summer.

The house, Lori soon discovered, was boring. Her uncle didn’t have cable or satellite, so she couldn’t even watch her favorite shows. Any call she would make to her friends was going to be long distance and she knew she would get in trouble for that, and as far as making new friends, well shit, she figured, she was out in the middle of the boonies with only grape vines as far as the eye could see. She figured there had to be other kids around somewhere but she had no way of knowing where and no way of getting to them even if she did.

In spite of herself, Lori found herself being pulled out of the house. As hot as it was outside, it was still better than being cooped up inside.

She pulled one of the grapes off of a vine and gingerly tasted it. Just as quickly, she spit it out. Belatedly, she remembered that Uncle jack said the grapes were still ripening and that they wouldn’t gain their sweetness until later.

Lori wandered some more. This was boring, she told herself, but not as boring as being cooped up in that house. That was really boring.

She came across some cars parked in the vineyard, an old Chevelle, an Impala, and a couple of pick-up trucks. The sun glinted off their windshields as she walked towards them and as she got closer, she saw there were people standing around. One of them went and got a drink from a cooler hanging off the tailgate of one of the pickups. He said something to the other men that Lori didn’t understand.

Mexicans. That’s what they were, she realized. One of them noticed her and he said something to his buddies before switching to English for her benefit. “You’ve decided to come out after all,” he said.

The man’s name was Hector, Lori remembered. Her Uncle Jack had introduced her to him that first day. “You need anything,” he had told her, “and I’m not around, see if you can find Hector.”

“You come out to see what we are doing, is that it. Senorita?”

She really hadn’t come out for that reason but now that she was there, she couldn’t help being curious. It looked like the men were digging a big hole in her uncle’s vineyard. “What are you doing,” she asked.

The man said something to his buddies in Spanish and they all laughed and then he switched back to English. “The irrigation system. It is broke. The lines, they are clogged so we unclog them.

“Oh. It seems hard.”

“Si, Senorita, it is, but we are on break now.”

“Oh. Well, that’s good.”

“And now that you are here, you can be on break, too.”

“Huh,” the girl replied. She might not have understood what he meant at first but when the foreman started to pull her blouse out of her little, white shorts, Lori quickly got the message.

“Hey, stop that,” she protested but already the man had her shirt pulled out of her shorts, and already, his hands were starting to work their way over the buttons of her blouse.

Lori was dimly aware that the other members of the crew (there were six of them in all) were all sitting there and watching as the foreman opened more and more of her buttons. Two more and then just one and then the man had her shirt open and his hands wrapped themselves around her perky and still-developing, bra-encased tits.

Lori knew it was wrong but that still did not keep her from moaning as the man squeezed her tits. It was the first time she had ever let someone do something like that.

Hector said something in Spanish to his comrades and again, they all laughed, but this time Lori realized even as Hector continued to paw her tits, this time the men were moving towards her. The men were hot and dirty from their hours of toil and as they gathered around her, Lori could smell their sweat and it was oddly intoxicating.

Someone was pulling her blouse off her shoulders and then someone was unfastening her bra. She could feel someone pressing his hot, sweaty body against her back even as Hector pushed his hands up under the cups of her bra and it felt good, and when Hector pulled the bra away, when her half-naked, bare white body was standing in a sea of brown, it felt even better.

“What are you doing to me,” the girl whimpered plaintively.

“Oh, I’m sure you know what we’re going to do with you,” the man said even as he gave the girl’s firm, young tits another squeeze. “Gather round, boys,” the foreman said and Lori realized that he was speaking English to them so she’d know exactly what he was saying. “Gather round. There’s plenty of this little, white girl to go around.”

Lori could feel the men pressing up against her and the weird thing was the more she felt their sweaty bodies, the hotter she got. She felt some man dress up against her from behind and she felt his long, hard cock, and in that instant, Lori wished she weren’t wearing anything at all.

Her wish was about to come true.

She could feel some guy reaching around her even as the foreman’s hands squeezed her tits yet again. The hands worked the buttons on her shorts and then she felt the hands tugging at her shorts and pulling them down over her legs.
< br />The hands came back and they cupped her bottom. Fingers hooked their way inside of the waistband of her panties and then moments later, those hands were pulling her panties down, too.

Without ev
en realizing she was doing it, Lori stepped out of her shorts and panties. Now wearing only her socks and cross trainers, the girl could feel just how exposed she was and in spite of the heat, she shivered in anticipation.

She knew the men all around her were lowering their zippers and loosening their belts. Those that hadn’t done so already were taking off their shirts, and then she felt it, the first unencumbered cock as it pressed up against her body, and then there were more, and Lori loved it as the farmworkers kept pressing their grimy, sweaty bodies against hers.

Usually puffy and large, her nipples were now hard and firm. The girl moaned as the foreman used and then abused her tits. She moaned again as the man pulled on her nipples, squeezed them again, then held them and tweaked them and pulled them hard.

Someone was bending her over and then she felt it, the feel of a big, hard cock between her legs. This wasn’t the first one she had had. There had been that boy in school and Mr. Walker, her friend Magda’s dad, but neither of them had been as big as this one. She wondered just which one of them was fucking her first but then she figured it probably didn’t matter all that much. She figured by the time they were done with her, every one of them would have his way with her.

The girl moaned again as the man pushed himself even deeper inside her tight, little hole. As wet as she was, she might have figured that she was well lubricated and ready to receive that cock, but the truth was that cock was just so big. She moaned again as her pussy took even more of that cock. She loved it.

The man had his hands on her ass and he was saying something in Spanish but Lori had no idea what it was. I hope he’s telling his buddies just how much he likes fucking this little, white cunt, the girl thought even as she moaned again. Heaven knows, she thought, I love taking his cock.

Hector was stroking the girl’s face even as he pulled her lower. Suddenly, the girl realized that her face was only inches away from his big, smelly cock. “You know what to do, Senorita,” the man told her. “Now, do it.”

Lori was still trying to decide what to do when the man behind her stuck her again with his cock and as the girl moaned yet again, the foreman made up her mind for her by pushing her mouth down on his cock.

Lori couldn’t believe she was sucking a cock and Lori couldn’t believe just how much she liked it. But the truth was she was sucking a cock and she did like it.

The man behind her was fucking her harder and harder. Lori could feel the man’s hands squeeze her hips as he tried to get even more of himself inside her and then would pull back only to plunge himself inside her yet again.

The girl felt the man bury himself inside her and then moments later, she heard him grunt. Vaguely, she knew what was happening to her but even as she felt the first squirt of cum inside her cunt, she could feel her pussy crushing down on that embedded cock and then she was moaning right along with him, cumming just as hard as him even as he filled her cunt with his cream.

The men just kept cumming at her, each of the wanting to take his turn in the white girl’s cunt and Lori desperately wanting them to do it.

Someone had the bright idea to lower the tail gate on of the pick-ups and to bend the girl over it. The truck’s metal skin was almost hot as it came into contact with the girl’s bare skin. Already, the girl’s body was covered with a light patina of perspiration as she roasted in the midday sun, and as she came into contact with the truck’s body, sweat and dust seemed to come together on her bare skin and still, the girl didn’t care.

Someone stuck a cock in her mouth even as another cock took its place between her legs. What was that taste, Lori wondered, even as she sucked on that cock, and then she got it. This is what sperm tastes like, she told herself and that just made her suck that cock all that much harder.

Hector was the last of the men to take her. He’d already cum inside her and Lori was sure he was going to do it again. His cock was long and Lori noted with approval, he knew how to use it.

She moaned every time the man stuck her. Her hands fondled her tits and she could feel the sweat and the grime as the man worked his cock deep inside her cunt and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Come on, fuck me.”

The man groaned as he stuck the girl yet again and Lori knew what that meant. This man was going to cum inside her. She knew it and she wanted it. She wanted him to cum inside her.

Lori was hot and tired when she finally returned to her uncle’s house with her cunt still full of cum. Her fair skin was pink and was turning red where it had succumbed to the hot sun. The girl dragged her weary body to the shower. She could still feel the sperm in her pussy and man, it felt good.

Her uncle took one look at her when she came down for dinner and he knew something was up. “Hector and the boys had their way with you, didn’t they,” he said in a tense tone.

The girl nodded glumly.

“Dammit,” the man said.

Suddenly, Lori knew what she had to do. “Please, Uncle Jack, please. It was all my fault. Don’t take it out on them.”

Her uncle barked out a laugh. “Punish them? Hell, I’m thinking of giving them a raise. I only wish they’d waited for me.”

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