Who’s Your Daddy? Part 1


…Heaven and earth had joined. All of creation stood in silent awe as male and female became one. Their love would soon become incarnate across space and time…

 …Through the mist, in a green meadow at dawn, as the summer sun was about to break the seal of night, a young couple became engulfed in rapture, enveloped in themselves and in each other. Their embrace embodied a trinity of lust, love and life—of life itself. A strange murky twilight began to cover them as she fucked him on the blanket out in the middle of the field…

…Another shadow joined them suddenly, a male presence…

The young man tossed in bed…

…A swirl of light and dark, muffled whispers and breathing lurking in infinity… The shadow girl-become-woman rode both of the overwhelmed boys-become-men, grinding down on their thickly veined shafts as they lay on their backs. Her pouting bosom bounced in ecstasy, their hands reaching for her luscious fruits. The men could not quite make out her face, as her lovely, long red hair fell across her intense expressions of orgasm and hunger for even more. It represented truly an ancient liturgy of sexual union between young lovers that echoed across eternity, never losing its potency or vitality.  

…A trinity of lovers…a tangled mass of bodies and limbs and deep pleasure….

The young man rolled around again in his disturbed sleep…

…Is this nirvana, the men thought, is this heaven? With each thrust, as she slapped down on them, they found themselves inside her hungry, ravenous womb, awaiting entry into their shared personal tabernacle. All the mysteries that lie within the strange young woman…  

…She welcomed them both as they each took turns mounting her, plowing her slick pink folds… 

…The coitus accelerated. “Father yourself…” she gasped into their ears each time, holding each man’s naked flesh tightly to hers…. A wave of pleasure enveloped them as it merged with the darkness that became light… 

The young man stared into her eyes and wanted to fuck the earth, plowing it deep with his seed…losing himself in the rapture….

…At that moment, the young man woke from a hot sweat. His sheets were rumpled and wet from intense sleep, his body twisted as if thrown down from heaven itself. The vivid dream snapped him from slumber…

It was just a dream. But one hell of a vivid encounter, fucking that mystery redhead with the creamy skin and perky nipples. The hairy bush, the rolling sweat between her soft breasts and famished thighs and the sweet crack of her smooth ass.

Yes, just the most vivid dream of a typical college kid from the Midwest, who spent summers at home with his widowed mother of thirty-eight years. This dream probably was the most excitement he has experienced all summer to date.

The young man was a precocious only child whose father died before he was born. Since high school, he had worked long hours at the local grocery store during his breaks, earning a few extra dollars for school and an old, banged up Buick Sedan to get him around town and perhaps an occasional jaunt to the nearby big town. When not doing that, he simply helped around the house. Beginning as a small kid, he also always enjoyed tilling and planting his mother’s garden late each spring. He was majoring in biology, though he still thought about doubling up with physics. He always loved watching the seeds take root, grow, bear fruit, then decline and pass away, only to be born anew each year. The cycles of life and death.

But this summer proved different, quite different. Eric Jay was his name, he reminded himself, as he awoke on this strange morning during this summer vacation only to discover that he was not quite himself.   When he gazed into the bedroom mirror that particular July morning, his hazy recognition of his naked image told him that something was not quite right. He grew alarmed. Most alarming was why he did not know what alarmed him when he saw his face returning glances from the dark mirror. He knew who he was, yet he was not feeling, perhaps not looking, quite the same. While heading downstairs, he looked more closely than usual at the family photos of himself hanging on the wall, especially the high school graduation picture. He stared a moment at the portrait of his mother and him taken around the same time. Yes, that was he in those photos, but what was it that was different this time?

This listlessness festered in him as he prepared for breakfast. His mother was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, as chipper as ever. His thoughts kept turning him back to the previous night. Of the dark woman fucking him, consuming him, and he obliging so lovingly. This erotic sensation blurred with that dream, that dream of witnessing a strange light in the backyard from his bedroom window.

Yes, the lights. Not enough sleep perhaps last night?

His mind turned to what he had heard in recent weeks in the local media reports and gossip circles about odd and unusual atmospheric phenomena taking place in the wider area, so-called glowing balls and even “walls” of light across the spectrum. Many locals and more superstitious types thought that these were demons, ghosts or UFOs, the ushering in of end of days perhaps, while more skeptical folks figured that the lights were sort of some elaborate high-tech prank by local college student wise guys from the physical science departments.

As the light phenomena continued and more reports flooded in, a few respected scientists at the nearby research university assumed that these in fact were natural occurrences, though rare and still mysterious, perhaps simply weather-related. But science would uncover and dispel the mystery somehow. Sooner or later.

Setting up observation sites, several physicists and atmospheric experts tried frantically to spot these eruptions whenever they happened—which according to eyewitnesses might only last one or two minutes at a time. Dozens of sightings had been reported in the newspapers and local TV so far. Officials started to issue warnings for the populace not to try to made direct contact with these lights if they should so happen to witness an alien occurrence.

One top scientist in California even went so far to claim that these light orbs or even sheets of light could be some form of electro-magnetic vortex, perhaps even mini-wormholes.

Meanwhile, imaginations ran wild during the high tide of summer in Eric Jay’s hometown.

On the kitchen television, another news report concerning the strange local lights was on. Eric Jay, dressed now in his pajamas, sat down at the table. He had thought he had put them on the night before, but awoke naked and had to dress before coming down.

His mother served up some cereal and toast.

“Hey, sleepy head,” she said. She turned an inquisitive sideways glance at him, questioning his listlessness.

His mother’s name was Twila Mae. She was dressed as usual this morning in one of her matching summer outfits, an orange tank top and shorts, lined with white around their edges. Their color only enhanced her bronze hair, the kind of redhead who turned men’s eyes. It also magnified her healthy, moderate tan resulting from her sunbathing, swimming, and working in the garden. Her freckles were not too numerous to distract from her beauty either. A music teacher who enjoyed her summers off, his mother was a perfect specimen of a lady of nearly four decades.

“What do you think of those lights?” she asked, shaking her head. “Can’t figure for the life of me.”

“Mom, did you see any lights out back last night? I thought I did.”

She paused. “No.”

“Maybe I was dreaming. Well, I’ll get the yard mowed today for you.”

“You are the man of the house!” she pecked him on the cheek, walking off.

For a slight moment, he stared at his mother’s tight, round ass in those shorts, as she walked off. The lean, tan legs. Then a sliver of dark memory came back to him, but not enough to break his moral consciousness.   It lurked in his gut, making his pulse race a little. His penis hardened in response, thinking of his purplish, mushroom-head shaft fucking the mysterious goddess of his dream in the open field. His cock soon relaxed after the surge subsided. He finished breakfast.

Later that morning, as he mowed the back yard, he noticed intense flashes of light, like the rainbow, down in the ravine behind their yard. Twila Mae was inside the house. He and his mother lived on the edge of town near a coulee, though a new housing development was appearing in their neighborhood.

Lightning and a sonic boom erupted… The next thing he knew, he was blinded, his hands shielding his face, and awoke as if he had just passed out. He was still standing. This time, there were no houses, but the same coulee was there. Even his house was not there. It was a farm meadow, green and soft, with a handful of scattered trees.

It was nearly late afternoon now. Where the hell did the day go? he thought. The mower was gone, too. He broke a cool sweat as he walked around without a sense of clear direction. He tried to re-orientate himself.

In the coulee, he saw a young woman, about his age, lying on a blanket, crying. A beautiful young thing dressed in a one-piece white summer dress, which contrasted with her bronze hair and slightly tanned smooth skin. She had a picnic basket and items spread on the grey blanket.

He approached her, afraid.   She heard his feet rustle in the grass behind her, and turned sharply around.

“Mom!” he whispered.

She glared at him, tears rolling down her freckled cheeks. Her hair was longer, and he recalled suddenly how she now resembled her high school and college pictures from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

She sat up, startled. She smoothed her dress and pulled her legs up. She was barefoot, her toenails painted a pretty red, like her fingernails.

“Who are you?” She wiped her tears away. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were here. I’ve made a mess of things.”

Same voice, perhaps a little higher in tone. Same face. Same hair.

“Sorry to scare you, I didn’t know either!” he confessed, still in shock.

“I was waiting for someone, but it’s not you,” she half-laughed, clearly disappointed. “Not a big deal. For a moment there, I thought you were him. He ditched me!”

“Sorry,” he said. “I will be leaving.”

He tried to absorb her youthful image for a few more precious moments, this young woman who resembled his mother so long ago.

Twila Mae studied his face. “Are you one of his relatives? You almost look like him.”


“John Tallin.”

John Tallin! He had heard that name before. His dad was named John Tallin!   But he had died shortly before he was born nineteen years earlier. Apparently, a driving accident on a country road, having lost control of the car.

He absorbed her beauty some more. To buy time, he lied, “I am his cousin. John is my cousin.”

Am I back in time? Eric Jay asked. Or another dimension? Where is John? Why am I here? In what will become our back yard one day?

“Oh,” she sighed. “Did he send you here?”

“I thought he was on his way to see you…”

“Twila…Twila Mae.”

“Twila Mae…” So it was true! he thought. He looked around, no one else in the field. “Well, he might be running late. He called me up for me to get hold of you. He might be running late.”

“It’s nearly dark,” she replied. “Damn…” she muttered to herself.  A pang deep inside her.  She started to pick up her things, apparently ready to leave.

“I can help you with that.”

“My car is down the way. Sure, if you don’t mind. What is your name?”

“Eric.  Or Eric John.  EJ.”

“Thanks, Eric. I’ll have to tell John how polite his cousin is!” She laughed.

As he bent over to help her, she caught sight of his eyes. Just enough evening light to do so. “You look almost like John. You know that?”  So familiar, even like her brother, Dale.

“Well, of course. He’s family.”

Then another burst of light struck the field, and a figure—a young male figure—approached above the plush coulee. Twila Mae and Eric Jay watched the stranger come closer in the twilight. It was Eric Jay approaching them, wearing his pajamas.

Both Twila Mae and the first Eric Jay stood frozen in shock as Eric Jay’s doppelganger met them. He looked to be in shock as well.

She noticed that he had a hard on under his pajamas. His hair was ruffled, as if awakened from his sleep. As sunset began, flash lightning played in the sky nearly continuously, allowing them to view each other as if it were almost daylight.

The electricity in the air burst forth, and it aroused her nipples and clitoris, doing the same to both Eric Jays’ penises.

Twila Mae paused, setting back down the blanket, spreading it and welcoming them to her as she sat down. She glanced at them both, her lips slightly parted in anticipation for the sexual storm to follow.

They were all in a euphoric haze as the light played with night and day and their bodies, minds and souls.

The doppelgangers stared at one another, at first mistrusting what they saw, eerie identical reflections of themselves, but when their eyes turned to her, they set aside their differences and followed what they had in common—the young redhead in the field.



(Image Source: Forbidden Fruits Films)

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