Wife Excited About Date With Two Guys Part 2

“Ok, boys, what do you think?” called Janet, opening the sliding screen door and pushing my wife out onto the patio.

My mouth dropped open as I gazed at my wife’s tiny black dress. It was cut low to expose her generous cleavage and was so short that there were a few inches of thigh visible above the tops of her stockings. I noticed Ed staring with shock at my wife’s slutty outfit and he adjusted his crotch unconsciously as he ogled her body. Anne tugged bashfully at the hem of her dress and wiggled her hips. She was blushing furiously.

“You look like a goddamn prostitute,” I blurted angrily. “You can’t go out with two strange men like that.”

“Sam, how could you,” gasped my wife. “I’m nervous enough as it is without you giving me a hard time. Can’t you say something nice and flattering? I’m already feeling insecure about this.”

“Tsk, tsk, Sam, shame on you, playing the jealous husband,” scolded Janet.

“Well, it is a very, ah, revealing, dress,” put in Ed, keeping one hand over his crotch.

Janet squinted at him angrily and he held up his other hand as though to ward off a blow. “I mean, you do look marvelous, I mean, you are a knockout in that dress, Anne,” he said.

“But it sure doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” I said. I felt my heart thumping in my chest as I looked at my wife. The impression that she was a stranger to me got much stronger. She never dressed this way.

“A woman always likes to dress nicely when she goes out on a date,” said Janet, looking down her nose at me.

“These two guys are much younger,” explained my wife. “I’m afraid that they won’t pay attention to an older lady like me unless I show them a little skin to pique their interest.”

“Well, that dress is sure to pique something,” laughed Ed, but he subsided guiltily when I shot him a look of betrayal.

“A wife shouldn’t be going on a date in the first place, let alone with the intent of sexually stimulating two younger men!” I said, patting the tabletop for emphasis.

“Look at you acting like a jealous husband after all these years,” said my wife coming over and squeezing my cheeks affectionately. “That is so cute, honey,” she said, planting a quick kiss on my lips. Then her phone buzzed and she pulled it out excitedly. “Oh my gosh,” she gasped her eyes widening as she gazed at her phone. Janet peeked over her shoulder and burst out laughing as my wife tucked her phone away, giving me an awkward glance.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Oh, uh, Jerry just texted me, I have to go,” said my wife.

“Anne sent him some pictures while we were getting her dressed,” said Janet with a smirk. “And he sent one back of his own.”

“Wait, what kind of pictures did you send him?” I asked, feeling my face grow hotter.

“Janet, be a dear and stay and fix Sam some dinner while I’m gone, will you dear?” interrupted my wife hurriedly.

“Absolutely, I want to be here when you get back to hear all the juicy details in person,” said Janet.

“Actually, if things go well, I might try to bring the boys back here later to, you know, get to know each other a little better,” said my wife, poking her tongue out between her teeth playfully.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” I said.

“Darling, don’t be such a grump, can’t you wish me luck?” asked my wife with exasperation.

“I’m not sure I want you to get lucky tonight,” I scoffed.

“Bah, such a poor sport,” replied my little wife, bending down to give me a peck on the cheek. “Bye, bye, everyone, see you later!” Then she teetered away in her heels.

“Good luck, darling, knock em dead,” called Janet. Then she sat down at the table with Ed and I and helped herself to one of his beers. “Shame on you, Sam, acting like a big baby about this,” she said.

“Come on, Janet, what do you want from me? Wives aren’t supposed to go on dates! And when my wife says she’s going on a date with two guys dressed like a whore it makes it seem like a threesome is in the works,” I said, surprising myself at how bluntly I put it.

“You don’t really think that,” said Ed aghast. “I mean, you and Anne have been married for twenty years!”

“Look, Sam, Anne just needs some attention from other men for a change,” explained Janet patiently. “A woman gets into her forties and finds that society doesn’t value her as much as younger women. Men pay less attention to her, and her self-esteem starts to suffer. Now out of the blue, two younger guys show some interest in her and suddenly she feels like a woman again instead of just an aging wife. Now she feels like a MILF, now she’s a cougar! Of course she’s excited. Didn’t you see how she was glowing? How can you deny her this bit of fun? Don’t be so selfish. For shame, Sam, for shame.”

“Oh, shit, Janet,” I said, looking down at my beer. “You are making me feel guilty.”

“Don’t feel bad, honey, I know this all must be very confusing for you. Now you fire up the grill and I will pull out some steaks and make a nice salad to go with them. Are you joining us, Ed?”

“I would like that. Caty is off with her sister and the nieces today,” said Ed, looking at me questioningly.

“Of course you should stay, Ed, I need to talk this over and I want another husband’s perspective,” I said.

Janet grilled up some steaks for us and we all enjoyed them with the green salad she prepared as we polished off another six pack between us. We made small talk throughout the meal but as Ed helped me clear the plates away and the sun was setting, I returned to the topic that had been dominating my thoughts all afternoon.

“Ed, how would you feel if Caty was getting all excited and dressing up in a sexy outfit to go out on a date with two strange guys?” I asked.

Ed pursed his lips and thought it over for a moment before answering, then he broke out into a broad grin and loaded his plates into the dishwasher before answering. “Honestly, Sam, I would just break out laughing. It’s too bizarre to imagine Caty with another man after all these years.”

“How do you feel right now, Ed?” asked Janet, she was a bit drunk and she rubbed my arm in a more friendly way than she normally would. “Are you jealous?”

“When I think about it, I guess I’m not that jealous,” I said, surprised to find that out about myself. “I have this weird sensation that my wife has suddenly become a stranger to me. When I think about her dating other guys, I am forced to think of her as a free agent or something. Like a separate person instead of, uh, my wife.”

“I know what you mean,” agreed Ed eagerly. “Caty is like a part of me. I can’t imagine what she must seem like in another man’s eyes.”

“Well I guess a couple does lose independence after so many years,” said Janet thoughtfully. “But it seems a bit unhealthy if you are startled to think of your wife as her own person.”

“It hurts me,” I admitted. “I feel that she is breaking the rules by going out with these guys, well not so much by just going out, but more by being so excited about them. Don’t I give her enough attention? Don’t I compliment her enough.”

“It’s not like that, Sam,” said Janet, patting my thigh in consolation. “You can’t ever give her that kind of excitement any more. You are a known quantity. They are strange and new and exciting. But at the same time, they can never give her what she shares with you. Twenty years of history, sticking together through thick and thin, knowing each other’s every quirk and foible. There is no competition there.”

“Ok, ok, I see what you mean. Maybe I should calm down and let her have a bit of fun,” I said, not really feeling comfortable with the idea.

“Sure, a little bit of casual sex is just what she needs to feel like a woman again,” said Janet, avoiding my gaze as she quickly took a slug of beer.

“Casual sex?” I croaked, nearly choking on my beer.

…continued in Part Three.



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