Wife With A Past

Hopefully you’ve  been following and enjoying our past stories “Sharing My Wife Lani For the First Time” and “Diary of a Shared Wife,” provided by my beautiful island princess. I would like to introduce you to an incredible woman as you can possibly imagine. She is the embodiment of my wildest adolescent wet dreams. Remember the town portrayed in the”Back to the future” films? Town square on main street type of place. I grew up in a place exactly like that. Not a jock or popular with girls, just some kid among the crowd. I immersed myself in adventure books about far away places and beautiful brown maidens. In my wildest dreams, I never thought it could possibly happen. I won’t go into the details of how I found myself living in Hawaii and newly single. I had  zero experience on the dating scene except for one girl I’d met in a dance class with whom I practiced and took out a few times. Other than that, nothing.

Then one weekend I met Lani! Imagine yourself in my country bumpkin shoes for a few minutes. On this fateful day I went to a local public beach to catch a tan and happened to spread my towel near this group of people under a nearby palm tree. Paying them no attention, I oiled up and laid down to catch a few rays. As time passed the group dwindled to one.

I heard a voice, “Excuse me, do you have the time?”

I looked up and there sat a smoking hot brown buxom bombshell in a skimpy bikini and big straw hat. All I could see was a pair of dainty feet with red painted nails attached to long gorgeous legs flowing upward into an awesome behind,  slender waist before exploding into an unbelievable set of tits, barely contained by her tiny bikini top. On top of that incredible body was the head of a regal princess. I’m talking long cascading black hair, beautiful big brown eyes set at an exotic angle and a pair of full lips. I was stunned into silence! You would have been too, I don’t care who you are.

I managed to croak out something stupid about not having my watch and muttering, “Sorry.” I laid back on my towel feeling like a complete fool. A few minutes later I heard that same sweet voice speaking to me again. By this time I’d managed to recover enough of my wits to stumble through a brief conversation. She turned out to be a very sweet local lady who liked to dance and hang out with friends.  Finding she needed a ride to her car parked in a nearby mall I offered her a lift. During the brief ride I worked up the courage to ask her to dinner. To my utter amazement she accepted, for that very night no less. OMG now what? I thought.

When  I returned to pick her up for our date, out stepped this drop dead gorgeous woman in a body hugging dress, a slit up one side exposing one beautiful brown thigh.  I was again struck dumb. I’m sure she was used to that kind of reaction.  She gave a little giggle and asked where we were going. I had no clue, so she suggested a night club she knew with a good local band. When we arrived the crowd just seemed to part. I knew it wasn’t because of me, that’s for sure.  Every eye was upon us. Everywhere I turned there was one gorgeous babe after another. Mostly exotic local beauties with a few white women thrown in plus plenty of guys hanging around, too.

I found myself the center of attention as this “new Hauoli guy” with Lani. I tried my best to not come across as a complete fool as I danced with Lani, showing her some of the steps I’d recently learned. She acted impressed which made me feel more at ease. During the evening I was always respectful, pulling her chair out,  opening doors, etc, never daring to touch her. She said she had fun and hoped we could do it again. I was elated, barely able to believe my luck and praying I wouldn’t blow it.

Our next date was during her lunch hour. At the time she was working in an office building in down town Honolulu. After a brief lunch, walking back to the office, we passed a dress shop. On a spur of the moment I asked if she wanted to go inside. Accepting, we went in and found a dress she liked.

“What do you think?” she said, holding it up against her body.

“Why don’t you try it on?” I replied.

I don’t remember the dress but she could make a paper bag smoking hot until it caught on fire.

“I’ll buy it if you’ll wear it back to the office?” I offered.

Her girl friends were amazed when she returned in a different dress than the one she’d left in.

We went to dinner and dancing a few more times, during which I was always a perfect gentleman.  To this day I don’t know what came over me, but one afternoon in my dining room when she bent over reaching for her purse, preparing to leave, something came over me. I saw myself push her forward onto the dining room table, lift up her short denim skirt, pull her panties to one side and stick my tongue in her beautiful pussy.

After about two licks I realized what I’d done and began to apologize profusely saying, “I don’t know what came over me. I just had to taste you.”

Now it was her turn to be at a loss for words.  I watched her silently retrieve her purse and walk out the door, sure I’d really blown it. True Story!

I called her that night to apologize again and beg for her forgiveness. She agreed to meet me for lunch the next day. Unknown to me, she’d been keeping her girlfriends at work up to date concerning this shy and bashful new beau of hers.  When she told them that morning what I’d done the previous afternoon they were shocked. I wondered why they seemed to look at me a little differently when I arrived for our lunch date.  I could go on about the first kiss, blah blah blah, but I’ll cut to the chase.

We fooled around quite a bit before finally going all the way. Gentleman, man to man, she fucking blew my mind! I’ve seen my share of porn flicks but I was not prepared for this. Lani is a very sweet, almost regal lady but when her bloods up she becomes a whole other person. To say she’s multi-orgasmic is an understatement. Then she came, no pun intended, nearly non stop until she passes out. She’s a screamer of epic proportions who loves to talk dirty and openly fantasize while screwing in any and every position or location you can dream up. So limber, her knees fit easily behind her ears for extended periods of time.  My ex wouldn’t go down on me. Lani does with abandon, enjoying every minute. A woman like that can make a man feel like the super stud of all time. I was so proud,  having such an amazing and gorgeous woman I could nearly burst.  We married a little over a year after we first met and our honeymoon seemed never to end (Still going I might add).  I’m not relating all this simply to brag. My hope is it will help you to enjoy our other stories by getting to know her a little better.

After three years, I finally felt safe enough to reveal my deepest fantasy of sharing her with another man.  You may think I was out of my mind risking such a beautiful creature as her. I may well have been. Fortunately, it turned into a win win situation. This story is a prequel to “Sharing My Wife Lani For the First Time” and “Diary of a Shared Wife” by Lani herself. I only wish I could publish pictures so you could see for yourself. In future stories I’ll recount some of the erotic episodes from her “party girl” past which have heated up many a cold winter night.


(Image Source: DDF Productions)

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