Wife runs into to and old fuck buddy

If you read my last story you know my wife was very open with me when we started dating about her past see even told me about her fuck buddy and that he had to move because he was in the army.You would also know she is a stripper and I don’t mind her playing as long as she lets me know everything that goes on. So here we go. She comes home from work one night and tells me that she ran into mark at work tonight. So I asked her “you mean the Mark” she said that she was on stage and he came up and tipped her. So when she got off stage she went to his table and they talked for a minute and he gave her his number and said call him. I asked her is that all he said she said no he told me he liked my new titts. So over the next few days we talked and she asked me if it was ok for her to hang out with him some. So i asked do you want to hang out with him or fuck him She said both. I told her to give him a call. She called him and told him she would come by that night. She got in the shower and shaved and washed up tring to make everthing perfect for him. If any of you have ever shared your wife or g/f you know all the extra work they put in so they look perfect everywhere.She came out of the shower with her just shaved pussy and got on the bed opened her legs up and asked me to check it to make sure she got every hair. I must admit it was very erotic to chek my wife pussy to make sur eit was perfect for some other man. She got dressed in some very short shorts and a small shrit and off she went with a kiss.4 hours later she came home looking like a kid that had been told she couldn’t go play. When i asked what happended she said nothing that when she got there he had a bunch of friends there drinking and she stayed for awhile but they didn’t leave so she came home. So I told her to go back the next night and try again. So the next night she went back and made sure that he was going to be home alone. She called me just as she pulled up to his house. I can’t tell you how it feels knowing what could be going on and not knowing it is the greates feeling and the worst rolled into one it is a rollercoster and i love the ride. When she called me again it was 6 hours later. I asked her if she got what she wanted and she said oh yhea and then some. She said she would tell me all about it when she got home. When she got there she walked to me and lead me to the bed room her bule jean shorts were dark at her pussy so i could tell how wet she was. When she took them off her pussy was red and swollen. I asked her how her pussy was feeling and she said great and hungy for more dick. So i got in bed with her and she told me all about it. She said when she got there they sat and talked and had a few beers after about 45 minutes she could not take it any more her pussy was soaking wet and she wanted him badly so she leaned over and started kissing him. She stopped and stood up and as she was taking her shrit off he asked what about your husband? As she took her shorts off (she was not wearing panties or a bra)and stood naked in front of him she said it’s a long story. She climb back on the cougch and undid his pants and pulled his dick out and started sucking it as he finger fucked her. This went on for 10 minutes or spo then he lead her to the bed. She lead down and opened her legs for him he put her legs on his sholders and went inside her pussy. I am alittle to long for her so i can’t fuck her hard long because it hurts her but she said his dick is the perfect size and he fucked her hard the whole time he fucked her like that untill he came and they changed condoms and she got on top for him and rode his dick she said she was cumming back to back that as soon as one orgasam stop another one was starting. She rode him till he come again and he was still hard so they canged condoms and she got on her knees with her face down and her fucked her from behind she said she was cumming so hard she thought she was going to pass out. she finnaly felll flat on the bed and he kept fucking her telling her how tight her pussy was and she begged him to fuck her harder and he did untill he cum again and they layed there with his dick isdie her till they got thier breath back he said danm girl you are good and she told him i think i am going to have to come by more often. She said when she got up his bed was soaked with her cum everywhere and her legs were shakeing she gave him her number and said call me when we can get togther again. After hearing that i was so turned on that i didn’t last very long with her. she kept seeing him untill the school year was up and he move out of town that was about 6 months and she would stop by at least 2 times a week for fun.

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Wife runs into to and old fuck buddy, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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