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My husband and I have been married for 3 years. We got married while he was in graduate school. Today we are moving to his new job. We have been trying to get me pregnant for the last two years. We have talked about what we would do if I didn’t get pregnant and were down to just a few options. One night, he suggested that we use a donor if I weren’t expecting in another year. I ask him who would be the donor. He suggested my old boyfriend, Jerry, who lives in California.

I have thought about that every since he suggested it. I was in love with Jerry at one time and to have his baby seemed strange but exciting. Jerry was the first man I had sex with and he told me afterwards that being the first gave him the right to always have me. Maybe, that was true?

The moving man came this morning to look at what we were moving. His name was John and he had a Boston accent. Kinda cute. I showed him around our apartment and offered him a drink. I sat across from him and let my legs open a little so he could just see my panties. I thought it was funny that he could not stop sneaking looks. My husband came home and we talked for some time. Then John said that he had to find a motel for the night. I was surprised when my husband said he could stay in our extra bedroom. John accepted the offer and my mind went to work. I imagined all sorts of things.

We went out for the evening and about thirty minutes after we got back, John knocked on the door. I let him and we all had a few drinks. Just enough to take the edge off. At about 11:00 we decided it was bedtime so I showed John his room (next to ours) and we all got ready for bed. I put on a short, see through gown and lay down next to my husband. In a few minutes, he was asleep and I was still wide awake. I started think about what it would be like to get into bed with John. He did appeal to me sexually and he noticed me. It would be so strange. My husband had rolled over on his side and was sound asleep. Then, I wondered why my husband offered John the room. Maybe he wanted something to happen?

I had the urge to go into John’s room and see what would happen. I turned back the sheets and stood up. My husband was still asleep. I quietly opened the door and went down the hall to John’s room I let myself in. There was a night light on and I could see that he was still awake. I stood beside the bed and took my gown off my sholders. It dropped to the floor. Neither of us said anything. I turned back his sheets and lay down beside him. It seemed like a long time but I am sure it was only a minute. I reached over and took his hand and put it between my legs. I was so wet. Then, I reached over and held his cock. It was very large and hard. I started to stroke it but I was afraid he would cum.
I opened my legs and he rolled over on top of me. He started to push all of the way into me. It felt so good, I started to moan. Then, he was really pumping me and I started having one orgasm after another. I told him to fill me. He didn’t say anything but he started cumming inside of me. I wanted it so badly. I put my legs around him so he couldn’t get out. He lay on top of me until he got smaller. I got up and put my gown back on. We didn’t say anything. His cum filled me and was running down my legs. It was so great. I had never been fucked like that or wanted it more. I went back to our bedroom and lay down beside my husband. I could smell the cum so I was glad he was still asleep.
I really would like my husband to fill me too. It turned me on if he mixed his cum with John’s. Maybe when we get to our new house.

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