Wonderfully Juiced

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Well, I see most of you are not so straight lately. Myself, I’m all a woman’s man. I’m not handsome, not so skinny, muscular, or even close to the perfect man. I’ll say this though. I get my fair share. And what thrills me is they want seconds.
My story starts really simple. I was delivering papers on my route one morning. A fellow female carrier and I struct up a conversation. Small talk if you must say. She was having husband troubles as I was having wife troubles. Her husband never wanted sex anymore. Of course mine was opposite. That’s all my wife wanted. Only problem was she was fooling around and I wasn’t looking to catch a disease.
To make a longer story long. We decided on a date and time to meet.
No motel, no sneaking into our houses. We just used my car. Wow, it was hot. She was on me before I could unzip. KIssing, biting, stripping her clothes and mine off. She went straight to my dick. I lasted about 30 seconds. I filled her mouth full. Next thing I knew I had a pussy in my face with her telling to lick,bite, suck, just make her cum. Cum is what she did. Man she was a squirter. It ran all down my face, chest, and stomach.
Then I thought she was going to go crazy. She wanted me to fuck and fuck her now. Never had been ordered around. But who was to ruin her fun. So,I did. Stroke after stroke. Cum after cum for her. As she finally got close one last time I was ready to cum. Wow, I came, she came. Oh my lord I came in her and she wasn’t on the pill. Now what. Part 2 later.

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  1. MasterHank

    Decent story but if you can’t get her on the pill, stuff it up her ass. No unwanted kids and every one I’ve tried has been tighter than a pussy.

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