Wandering Wife

I was now in a marriage of 17 years and it was dull and boring. I loved my husband, but I needed passion, love, and so much more. Our love life had dwindled to nothing. He had admitted that he has no sexual drive and is ok with everything how it is. I had explained I wasn’t and his answer was always the same, “You’re not 18 anymore, sex isn’t everything”. I wasn’t 18, but I wasn’t old at 48 either, I had needs and wants. I loved him and had no plans on leaving. I did however decide to look out for my needs if he wasn’t interested.
I was thinking of placing an ad on a local hookup site, but I first looked to see who was looking themselves. I was glad I did. I met a man who was 45 in the same boat as me. He wanted what I did. We both were looking for a long term relationship full of romance, passion and we agreed we weren’t looking to leave our spouses. We met for lunch three times before I invited him to my place, as I was a stay at home wife, I always spent the entire day alone. Rob was his name, a tall slender good looking man with gorgeous blue eyes. He was a gentleman in every way. I wondered why his wife wouldn’t want him all the time, but then I thought of my husband. I guess some spouses just aren’t interested.
Rob was 6′ 200lbs brown hair blue eyes some tattoos on his arms, very sweet, but shy and down to earth. I was a complete opposite, I was 5’4″ 255lbs, very outgoing, dirty blonde hair green eyes and lots of extra weight in my hips, arms and chest.
Rob told me he liked his women larger and that I was beautiful. Beautiful I thought, I hadn’t heard that in years. I really was not sure if he was just trying to win me over or being honest, but for the short amount of time we had known each other, I didn’t care. I liked who he was and I was hoping he was my guy.
Rob showed up at my house 30 minutes after the husband left for work. My husband and I always called before we headed home or were going somewhere, just so we never worried and now this was going to work in my favor. If he did call I would have 35 minutes to get Rob out and myself ready. I stood at the front window looking out for him to arrive. He pulled up in his truck and parked on the street. He was looking around as he got out of it and made his way to the door. I met him at the door in just my robe. I had just gotten up and out of the shower, I wanted to be squeaky clean in case things went as I wanted them too.
“Hello and welcome to my home, make yourself comfortable,” I invited.  He didn’t say a word, he hugged me and we embraced in a long sensual kiss. It was one I had never ever had before. It took my breath away. “Wow, I want to kiss you everyday.”
“I wish I could stop over everyday, but I will come as much as possible. I just hope you will invite me back again.”
“I’m here all alone everyday, just call and let me know, that’s your invite. I’m going to finish getting ready, get comfy in the living room.”
I headed off down the hall as I pointed towards the living room. I was in a panic, I was excited and nervous. I headed to the bedroom and then into the master bath. I ripped off my robe and started doing my hair and makeup, I wanted to look good or at least better than I did when he just came in. I grabbed a thigh length satin nighty out of the closet that hadn’t been worn in years. I wanted to show off my only good asset, my legs, at least that’s how I felt. I walked back down the hall tip toeing so I could peak around the corner. I peeked and seen him sitting on the couch his back towards me, watching the TV. “I see you found the remote, I will be right there.”
“Yep I found it, just waiting on the beautiful woman of the house to come over here with me.”
I was melting hearing him speak. I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a glass and filled it with water. I hurried back towards the living room. I walked around the couch to find him sitting there in only a t-shirt, his manhood sticking straight up. “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, you look like you’re ready for some loving.”
“I’m ready whenever you are. I’m always ready and hard.”
I hadn’t seen a hard one like that in years, literally! I walked up in front of him and then knelt before his erection. I reached out grabbed it and did my best to take it slow. I  explored him before taking him into my mouth. I spend as much time as I could bobbing on him. I stopped to tell him I wasn’t used to this much anymore and I knew my jaw was going to start hurting soon. He just smiled and put his hands on my shoulders as I continued  pleasing him.
“I’m going to cum,” he said as he grabbed the back of my head gently. I didn’t stop and soon he was ejaculating into my mouth. I was so turned on that I didn’t even stop sucking until he told me too. I hadn’t swallowed a man’s cum since I was a newly wed. I didn’t mind though. I wanted more of him, I had to have more, he had me like putty in his hands now.
“How long do you need before you’re ready again?” I said quickly, hoping that he was already recovered and eager to go.
“Usually an hour or more unless I watch some porn that is really good, lol.”
I smiled back, “I don’t have any porn, but we can go get some.” I was doing whatever it took so I could feel him inside me. I liked porn myself I just never really had someone to watch it with.
We both hopped up and got dressed and headed to the local adult video store. I wasn’t sure who I was becoming now, but I liked it.
More to come.
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    Wow this was an amazing story

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