Work Trip Part Two

The next day Kyle was at the conference when he exchanged messages with Christine once again. It began with a message from her stating ‘thanks a lot jerk, my ass is a little sore.’ He texted back ‘sorry, I thought I went soft.’ She said ‘you were nice but I haven’t done that in years.’ Kyle wrote ‘again, I am sorry. I got caught up in moment and when you told me not to go inside you and I didn’t want to cum on you and make you sticky I just did what I did without thinking.’ Her response was ‘ya, I still don’t take pills and appreciate you not making me sticky cause I don’t like that and it was cool and different.’ Kyle said ‘well as long as you aren’t too sore…’ She responded ‘it will be fine. I can’t believe we did stuff or that I even let you see me naked!’ Kyle texted ‘I was shocked too by it all but it was hot and fun.’

The conversation continued – Her: course you liked it.

Him: lol. Be honest you did too I heard you moaning.

Her: yes it was good, but we aren’t doing anything again.

Him: I understand.

Her: my ass can’t take it lol. Plus risk anyone seeing me with you and getting back, you know.

Him: lol ya I know.

Her: plus my sister, Jeanette is actually coming up here today, so really don’t want her being suspicious.

Him: I get it. Tell her hi for me. Her: will do maybe we will see you in bar later.  That was last message and his day continued.

What Kyle did not know was that later that afternoon Christine when drinking with Jeanette told her that she saw Kyle’s dick by playing truth and dare with other parents and said it was big and nice. Jeanette was a little intrigued but didn’t ask questions. Later that evening Kyle ran into both ladies in the bar and Jeanette mentioned, “So I heard you guys played truth or dare last night and things were shown.”

Kyle looked at Christine and she shot him a look that said go with it. He responded to Jeanette with, “Yes, I was dared and I did the dare.” They all laughed. When Jeanette got up from table Kyle looked at Christine and said, “What did you say? So much for being quiet.”

She responded, “I just sort of slipped and told her we played the game with other parents last night and saw your cock. That’s all.”

He responded, “Ok. What color are your panties tonight?” She laughed and whispered, “Black,” as her sister came back to table.

The three talked and finished their drinks before heading to the elevator. Christine stopped at her floor to check on her daughter leaving Kyle and Jeanette in the elevator. Jeanette turned to him and said, “I dare you to show me your cock.”

Kyle looked at her as the elevator was about to open for his floor and responded, “Then follow me cause I am not whipping it out on the elevator camera.” He walked out of the elevator and she followed him to his room and through the door.

She said, “Ok, now no cameras so show me real quick. If you do I will flash you my tits.” Kyle wanted to see her boobs cause he had been told that her boobs were bigger than Christine’s. He undid his pants and they dropped to the floor and he pulled down his boxers exposing his cock to her eyes. She smiled and said, “Nice.” Then she pulled up her shirt and bra, flashing her boobs at him. They were definitely bigger than her sisters.

Kyle said, “Those are very nice,” as he pulled up his boxers and pants.

She pulled her shirt back down and said, “I better go before Christine beats me to the room and gets suspicious.”

Then out the door she went and Kyle went and brushed his teeth and changed into his sleepwear shorts. He was getting ready to turn off the light when his phone sounded a text message. It was from Christine: ‘Jeanette is asleep and my daughter is sleeping in that other room again. I am getting ready to take a shower. Would you like to come join me?’ Kyle: ‘sure.’ Her: ‘my room number is 510, I will leave the door cracked a bit so just come in quietly and I will be in the shower.’ Kyle: ‘ok be there in a few.’

He put on a tee shirt and some shorts and his sandals and went up to her room. He arrived at her room and found the door cracked as she had said it would be. He slowly walked in and he could see the bathroom light on and hear water running. Kyle went into the bathroom and got undressed and entered the shower. Christine turned to look at him as he entered and he saw her looking at his cock. He said, “I thought we weren’t seeing each other again.”

She smiled and answered, “Shut up. Like you are going  to complain.”

Kyle smiled and looked at her breasts as the water beaded down her body. He got onto his knees and began licking her pussy. She began to moan softly and braced herself by leaning her back on the shower wall. He could taste her juices on his tongue and his cock began to harden. Christine whispered, “Did you hear the door?” He shook his head no.

Then they looked through the glass and saw a body walking and Christine stood in front of Kyle as to block his body from view. Then we heard Jeanette say, “Taking a shower, Christine?”

Christine responded, “Yes, almost done.” Kyle’s dick poked her in the butt and she turned and smiled.

Jeanette said, “Ok, going back to bed,” and out the door she went.

Christine turned back to Kyle and whispered, “That was close.”

Kyle said, “Yeah, I was sure she would see my clothes, but I must have had them hidden good.”

Actually, Jeanette HAD seen his shorts under the counter, so instead of going back to bed she sat on the couch and waited to see what happened.

Christine said, “We better not risk it and get out,” and she shut the water off. She put a towel around her and handed one to him to dry off. He dried off and was getting ready to put shorts on when she whispered, “Leave the towel on and we can sit on the couch for a few.”

They walked out of bathroom and were walking to the couch when Jeanette turned on a light. “Ha! I thought I saw a guy’s clothes in there.”

Kyle and Christine jumped and Christine stammered, “We didn’t do anything, we just looked at each other. Please, don’t tell Mike (Jeanette’s husband)! ”

Jeanette smiled and said, “I am not telling anyone; it’s your dirty secret to keep.”

Christine responded with a muttered thank you. Jeanette  stood up from the couch and Kyle noticed she was wearing small shorts and a tee shirt which hung tight to her boobs and her nipples were pressing against the cotton. She said, “So will he drop that towel and show me what you told me about?”

Kyle was wondering why would she ask when he had showed her earlier. Christine looked at him and said, “He will if it keeps this a secret between all of us.”

Jeanette answered, “Already told you I would, I promise. Like I want it getting out I asked to see his cock either.”

Christine said, “Please show her.”

Kyle pulled his towel off and tossed it aside. Jeanette said, “You’re right, Christine, it is nice. It’s bigger than Mike’s, but you don’t repeat that or I will bury you too.”

Christine responded, “I won’t, I promise.”

Kyle said, “Is the show over? I feel left out here, as I am naked all alone.”

They laughed and Jeanette spoke up, “He does have a point,” and she took off her shirt and pulled Christine’s towel off her. Kyle’s glanced back and forth between both girl’s chests.

Christine said, “What the hell? I am naked already. You at least have shorts on.”

Jeanette snickered then pulled off her shorts and said, “You happy?”

Kyle looked at both of their clean shaven pussies. Jeanette walked over to Kyle and said, “I don’t know if you did Christine, but I want to touch it.” She reached down and stroked his cock and cupped his balls. He slowly began to harden and he softly ran his hand across Jeanette’s tits.

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