Wrong time , Right person

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He groaned deep in his throat. How could this woman get to him so easily? She made him want to pull her to him, to kiss her, to bury his mans flesh deep within her. He closed his eyes trying to clear his thoughts, took in a deep breath and spoke. “What are you wearing?” She looked herself over touching the plaid shirt, and then the short tight black breaches. She smiled lightly, obviously not knowing what she was doing to him. “Where I come from there called P.J’s or Pajamas. A plaid flannel shirt and shorts.” He took in another deep breath. “But your legs are showing…” She laughed almost mockingly, sitting on a chair, actually straddling it. The back of the chair to her elbows on the top of it. “Its also seemly to show your legs, throat, stomach and back.” She smiled and laughed again. “Some people even show more…But then people love attention.” He wanted to say that she had all his attention now. That he wanted to see more of her. He advanced closer, his voice husky. “And do you like attention?” She nodded slowly. “Yes I guess I do…” He smiled leaning closer, his hands clasping the back of the chair. “You have all my attention.” She looked a bit surprised as he lowered his lips to hers softly, how he had wanted to feel her soft satiny lips on his.

She gasped as his hand went to the small of her back and pulled her towards him. Her hands went up his arms, wrapping around his neck as his tongue started caressing her lips , wanting them to open. She moaned softly her mouth opening and felt his tongue slip inside her mouth, caressing her tongue with his. He lifted her off the chair, settling himself on it, never breaking the kiss, sliding her over him so she straddled his hips like she had done the chair. He groaned as she wiggled against him, getting comfy. She felt his hardness against her feminine parts, felt him get even bigger. He arched his hips lightly, starting a slow grinding motion against her, his hands caressing her back, his tongue entwined with hers. She felt dizzy as she buried her fingers into his thick brown hair. He was starting an ache low within her. The only thing she could do to ease it was grind her hips against him as well. She wanted to crawl into his skin, become one. His lips left hers to trail a path down her cheek, her throat, stopping at the edge of her flannel shirt, his tongue caressing and teasing. His thumb and forefinger quickly unbuttoned the first two buttons and then he was licking and kissing the hollow between her breasts. She wanted more. She gasped as he took her nipple into his mouth. Someone gave a soft knock at the door. “Your highness, your brother has arrived.” He groaned, his face between her breasts. Lifting his head he answered “I will be there as soon as I can.” The servant seemed to have accepted the answer for her didn’t speak again. He looked deeply into her eyes. “I do not want to leave you…I’m sorry it was foolish of me.” She smiled “It’s alright” But god she hurt. She was still on fire and she knew he was too, she could feel him. She wiggled against him once more and clearly heard him groan. She couldn’t help but smile. He gasped his arms tightening around her. “Woman you will be the death of me yet.” He smiled lifting her in his arms and laying her onto the bed, pulling off her shirt and shorts, leaving her naked in the process. “There is no reason for both of us to suffer this night.” His hand went to her calf, going higher, tracing her skin with the tip of his finger, caressing. She shivered lightly. “And what do you intend to do?” He smiled his finger brushing the triangle of hair between her thighs. “I intend on pleasuring you.” He said matter of factly. He leaned in, brushing his lips against hers, his fingers dipping inside her, feeling her dampness. He smiled again, against her lips murmuring. “Your all swollen and wet.” His finger circled her entrance making her squirm. “Tell me…Do you ache like I do? Do you throb?” Oh yes she was throbbing. She had never felt like this before, she groaned arching against his hand. He grinned his hand holding her in place. “Do you want the ache to go away?” She nodded and moaned. “Oh yes, please!” He kissed her again, his tongue entwining with her as his finger slipped into her hot wetness, sending a shock threw her whole body. She moaned her hands exploring him wildly, moving under his shirt, wanting to feel his hard chest. She wanted to feel skin on skin and she knew he felt the same way. She tugged at his shirt, urging him to raise his arms. He took away his pleasure giving hands for a moment but came back leaning to press kisses to her breasts, his fingers caressing her once more. She squirmed against him, her internal muscles tightening against his fingers. He groaned against her nipple, that little action nearly driving him over the edge. Her hands where everywhere, tangled in his hair, on his back, caressing his buttocks inside his breaches. Her hands slid to the front , sliding over his hardness. She felt him shudder and smiled, cupping him. His mouth drew on her breast more forcefully, his fingers deepening the strokes, feeling her hot wetness against his hand. She cried out, her hand grasping him. “My god she is going to unman me” He though, taking in another gulp of air. Her hand caressed him; her thumb sliding over the head of him, She squeezed him lightly. He shuddered once more, his finger increasing their speed. She arched against him, squeezing and rubbing him faster and faster. He felt her release coming. His lips left her breasts, his stomach clenching. If she didn’t stop touching him he was going to spill his seed into her hand. He removed his fingers from her, lowering his mouth to her, wanting to taste her when she came.
His tongue entered her, licking and teasing. His fingers entered her once more as his tongue continued to lick her satiny folds. He could feel her tightening, feel her rippling pleasure as she came. How good she tasted on his lips, the soft, sexy sound she made when she came. He could have held her there forever but she had something else in mind. She pulled him down to his back and straddled his hips, so that his hard shaft was at her opening, all he had to do was lift his hips and he would be inside her. She began to grind against him slowly, teasing him. “I want to taste you.” She moved down, her breath feathering his manhood. He began to object but was lost when he felt the tip of her tongue slide over the head of his shaft. She took him into her mouth, her tongue swirling around his shaft, sucking until all he could do was thrust his hips against her questing mouth. He moaned deep in his throat as he came, his fingers digging into the furs. She smiled lying down beside him, snuggling next to him her lips caressing his neck lightly. There was a loud knock at the door as they both looked at each other. A loud booming voice yelled. “Honestly, you won’t greet your own brother! I’m coming in.” She let out a startled yelp as the door swung open. He quickly pulled the furs up covering them both.. She flushed crimson as his brother came in. He laughed deeply. “Well well. I never thought I’d see the day…My brother actually interested in a woman.” He looked at her and grinned. “You must be a very special lady.” He winked and flashed her a white toothed grin. She groaned hiding her face against alex’s shoulder. He laughed. “Oh NOW she’s being shy.” Alex frowned giving his brother a warning look. He ignored it, like always. He was testing her, seeing if she was “worthy”. “Although I wonder what kind of woman would give herself away without promise of marriage. Have you promised her marriage have you Alex?” His voice was sly. Kelly
ed, raising her head, frowning. “Are you calling me a whore?” He looked at her fully. Alex just wanted to hide in a corner. He knew how Kelly could get if she was angered. “What else could you be if he hasn’t promised you marriage and still you throw yourself at him?” She scowled her voice low and menacing, rising to an angry screech. “I’ll show you throwing myself at you, you son of a BITCH!!!” She lunged at him, not caring that she was completely naked. She didn’t get very far for Alex grabbed her by the waist in the air and pinned her down. She fought him violently, screeching. “LET ME GO!! IM GOING TO KILL HIM!!” Alex growled at her loud screams which were attracting the whole castle. ”Kelly calm down! Brother! Get out of the room before she gets free and kills you. And believe me she will if she gets her hands on you.” He laughed turning around and leaving the room. Alex let her go and got dressed and the picked up Kelly’s clothing, handing it to her. She dressed, quietly fuming, She hadn’t thrown herself at him. They hadn’t even had sex! She put her jeans on as Alex gave her a disapproving gaze. She didn’t give a damn. If she was going to confront his brother, she was going to be in HER clothes. She got up frowning as she opened the door, finding herself face to face with Alex’s brother. He had his big grin on, the rest of the servants behind him. She didn’t care. She sent her fist flying straight to his nose, feeling the bone crack against her knuckle. Alex who was usually so serious, burst out laughing. His brother who was clutching his nose looked at Alex who was holding his sides, he was laughing so hard. He then looked at Kelly. She grinned at him using “his” grin, mocking him. He started laughing as well. Yes she was a special one. He’d never met a man, let alone a woman who would have dared hit him. Yet this girl not only hit him. She mocked him as well. She passed his test. She was worthy of marrying his brother, if he asked her. Hell he’d marry her. Who needs a frail well born lady when you can marry a woman who can exchange blows physically and verbally. “Alright she passes. Kelly looked at Alex blankly. “My brother tends to “test” women…see how they act.” Still clutching his nose he laughed again. “And my brother needs a woman like you. Who doesn’t stand for insults, even from nobles.” He laughed again. “You’d make a fine knight if you were a man.” She raised her chin lightly. “I could learn to wield a sword if Alex here would let me.” She looked at Alex from the corner of her eye, trying not to laugh when she saw his expression. He seemed to be trying to telepathically tell her to shut up. “If Alex won’t teach you, I’d be happy to oblige.” Kelly gave him her first smile. “I’d be honored.” She looked around quickly. Oh no! She had forgotten about the kittens. “The kittens! I totally forgot. If you’ll excuse me.” She ran down the stairs quickly disappearing. He looked at Alex blankly. “Kittens?” Alex nodded. “She found a litter of kittens abandoned, the mother had died. She is nursing the back to health.” He raised a brow. “Why doesn’t she kill them?” Alex grinned. “I suggest you don’t say something about killing animals around Kelly. She’ll kill YOU.” He laughed again and the winced, clutching his nose again. “Come brother, let us have your nose examined.”

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    I think the story was done very well do you plan on writing more?

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