You Want Extra Cheese With That?

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James and Angie’s marriage had hit a bump in the road, so to speak. Their sex life had become routine and mechanical, yeah she was using a mechanical vibrator and James was none too pleased, he felt like he was just a bump in the bed next to her.

They were a very good looking couple, he was tall, dark and handsome, he had a very chiseled masculine face and a long lean toned body. He was good-looking and knew it, after all women who can be quite picky about men’s looks, but most women gravitated toward him, they eyed him, they giggled at his lame jokes and they just got all flirty with him. Women of all ages, looks, races went wild for him and he loved the attention, but his heart belonged to Angie. Angie, a thin but curvy, very long haired brunette, who had an exotic unique beauty, she was Asian and Swedish , her eyes were delicately tilted upwards and she had the beautiful golden skin color of some Asians, but she had bright blue eyes and full lips, she was a real head-turner.

“Rrrrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrr rrrrrrr ahhhh ohhh rrrr rrrr mmmm yesss rrrr rrr.” James listened at the door getting more and more pissed as Angie pleasured herself with Vincent the Vibrator.

“Dammit!” James grumbled, “Again with that damn vibrator? Shit!” he listened to her shrieks of pleasure then heard Vincent shut off.

James had a plan, he walked in the bedroom and saw Angie splayed out nude, her beautiful face wearing the expression of satisfaction, her hard nipples sticking straight up on her small, but round perfect, oh so perky breasts, her left hip slightly turned out, her shapely toned legs opened revealing her full lipped pussy, wet and red, and opened, looking like it was gasping for air, all glisteningly shiny and devoid of any hair, just a little black peach fuzz that made it look almost virginal and contrasted sexily with her reddened with lust pussy.

“Tired honey?” James asked.

“Oh yes, really tired.” Angie said and she yawned showing her white, slightly crooked pretty teeth and her pink tongue. “Mmmmm I think I am going to just take a little nap.” and with that she rolled over exposing her perfectly tight very round bare ass to his eyes.

He smiled at the sight of her ass, an ass he adored for its too sexy feminine shape. “You sleep honey. I’m going out to pick up a few things I’ll be back soon.” and James left.

“Hey! What the hell?!” Angie yelled as she felt a blindfold being put over her eyes.
“Stop that!” she yelled as her wrists were tied together and then tied to the bed frame slat in front of her. A hard spank was applied to her ass, she settled down getting turned on by that spank. She felt a pair of hands holding her down by pressing and squeezing her ass cheeks while the other set of hands were, she guessed, tightening the material around her wrists.

“Who is that? James are you playing some sick joke? Who else is with you? I feel more than two hands..who is here?” Angie demanded to know.But no words were spoken.
She felt hands opening her thighs and rubbing her inner thighs, two roughish hands feeling that sensitive silky smooth skin of her inner thighs. THe hands moved higher and one hand maybe two or three fingers rubbed her pussy lips. She did not want to, but she was getting really wet. Suddenly a finger slipped inside her pussy and digitally fucked her, it was twisting around in her and wiggling driving her nuts. The finger would get in deep in her honey hole and the knuckles from that hand would press against her outer pussy lips rubbing them. Angie started moaning in pleasure. She opened her thighs as wide as she could, that finger really deep fucked her , the other hand just grazed lightly over her ass cheeks, the feeling was sexy and electric, the hand then rubbed firmer on her as. Then the hand started pressing on her cheeks and squeezing them and moving them up and down meanwhile that finger was dipping in and out of her hole she started pressing her clit on the sheets and grinding, but the hand on her ass and the finger of the other hand stopped her by lifting her slightly up and holding her there, ass and pussy in the air. The hands let go of her but he stayed in that position, mm it felt so naughty and juicy and sooo good. Then she felt a pillow being pushed under her pussy, it was a very big pillow because her ass and pussy were really arched up extremely high in the air, that sensation drove her wild. Then she felt a tongue, a long, wet, warm, fat tongue, it licked at her over-excited pussy, up and down it licked, she felt a nose too, a nose with a cold tip that would get near her ass then on her pussy, back and forth she felt the nose and tongue and she also felt hot, steamy, horny breath she felt that all over her inner thighs, her pussy, her ass. She was trembling and leaking out sex juices, then she felt a thick, horny, hard dick push into her snatch, the head was so big and bulbous yet warm, like all the blood was pooled in there, horny with lust for her. And she was fucked by that cock, her ass and pussy bent up and over for that dick, her hands tied, she blindfolded and not knowing who was fucking her, but knowing whomever it was he was one hot fucker as well as he sure liked her body. In and out that hard dick slid in her opening getting juicy from her sex moisture. The rhythm changed now whoever was fucking her was giving her a good old fashioned hard pussy fucking, she was moaning and murmurring as she felt that dick dominate her poor innocent, but very horny and getting sorer by the second, pussy. That dick did one long hard thrust and then like a volcano it releashed a huge gush of hot sticky jism in her pussy, she felt the guy’s body just lay tight and heavy on her body, his full weight was on top of her especially centered on her ass, he started rocking on her tight and hard giving her new sexy sensations. She laid there feeling that body, his masculinity, his cock still embedded in her sore tight wet pussy, his long unruly thick pubes tickling her thighs and ass, his hairy chest warming her back with his sexy furriness and his sweaty humidity. Finally she felt that body lift up, they were almost stuck together from their combined sweat and natural body lotions, then she felt the slow withdrawal of that totally cummed out satisfied cock, he left the head in, did a few short shallow thrusts, causing her to gasp,he slapped her ass a few times, then he pulled all the way out while her pussy muscles tried desperately to hold him tight in her hole.

She felt her hands being untied and then the blindfold removed, she was shocked to see Salvatore the pizza guy. She looked at him quizzically.

“Hey your husband told me you wanted a big sausage surprise so I gave it to you special order.”

Angie looked to see her husband in the corner of the room with a camcorder, smiling “Well Salvatore I think you got your tip, in my wife that is and you delivered in under 15 minutes just like the ad says.”

Then James got a hold of Vincent the Vibrator and while crushing it underneath his foot he said, “So Angie I guess you won’t be needing this anymore.” and he chuckled as Salvatore dressed and got into his pizza-mobile.

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