A Night Of Exploration

It was a warm Friday night, in the middle of summer, and Amber was home alone. Her mom was working an overnight shift, and she had the house to herself. She had plans for later on in the evening, for a few of her friends to come over to hang out. Until then she was bored and just casually surfing the net. She came across a web site of sexually explicit adult stories, and was very intrigued. Amber began reading and soon found herself getting very hot and bothered. The graphic words on the screen made her clit pulsate between her pussy lips. She couldn’t take it anymore. Amber reached her hand into her panties and gently began massaging her clit between her finger. She instantly became even more aroused. She kept reading about Rob’s throbbing cock pounding into Rachel’s hot wet pussy. It was like Amber’s hand had found a mind of it’s own. With every word she read, her fingers seemed to move a little faster or go a little deeper. Before she knew it, Amber had stopped reading, thrown her head back, was arching her back, and her toes were curling. Her fingers furiously rubbing her clit, she flew into a completely erotic orgasm. After calming down, all she could do was sit there, in her cum covered chair and wait for her muscles to stop twitching. Amber couldn’t believe she had just made herself orgasm and cum like that. While she was reliving the experience in her head, she received an instant message. It was from a guy that she had never met or talked to before. They began chatting and it turned out that they had gone to the same high school. Let’s say his name is Paul. So Amber and Paul chatted for a while and then she invited him over to hang out with her and her other friends who were on the way. Paul agreed, and they both signed off to get ready. After the erotic masturbation that had occurred, Amber needed another shower. So she jumped in the shower to freshen up, got dressed and was ready just in time. Her friend Leigh arrived with her boyfriend Adonis. Then came their other friend Mimi. They were all sitting outside on the front porch smoking, drinking and just hanging out… When Amber saw someone walking down her street. She thought it was Paul but wasn’t sure. He told her he only lived a mile away so he’d be walking there, but she couldn’t see his face because it was dark out. As she watched the man walk, the more she hoped it was Paul. He had a sexy swagger, and was dressed very nicely. Then he proceeded to walk up to her yard, and come in the fence. As he stepped on the porch, Amber almost had a coronary. He looked like a mix of Usher and Juvenile ( a little pretty boy and a little thug). When Amber stood up to greet him, for a moment, she forgot how to speak. Before looking like an idiot, she said Hello and introduced herself and her friends. She took her seat again and Paul came and sat right next to her. Amber kept trying to get involved in the conversation that Mimi and Leigh were having, but she couldn’t stop thinking about how good Paul smelled. His cologne filtered through her nose. Just as Amber was thinking about how she could get this fine specimen into bed, she felt Paul’s hand on her leg. She looked down at his manly hand as it caressed her knee and slowly moved up her thigh. She felt herself blushing , and Paul saw it too. He smiled coyly, and slipped his hand between her thighs. He gently stroked his fingers along the inseam of her jeans, right against her pussy. Amber became very turned on at this. Then she noticed Leigh and Adonis were involved in each other and had lost sight of the fact that they were not alone. Their public display of affection was even more of a turn on. Before Amber had a chance to see what Mimi was doing, she felt Paul’s fingers wiggling towards her pussy, as if he was trying to push them right through her jeans. Paul stood up and stood right in front of Amber. She felt one hand on the back of her head, his fingers roaming around in her hair. His other hand was gently caressing her cheek and neck, as he leaned in to kiss her. Paul’s lips were soft and sensual, and his tongue was perfect. In the heat of the kiss Amber could feel Paul’s hand move to her legs. With a little force he pried her legs apart and inched his body closer to hers. Amber could feel his cock through her jeans and through his. He was very hard and felt pretty big. Both still locked into the kiss, Paul moved his hands to Amber’s back and then lower to her ass. He grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled Amber’s body forward towards his. His cock felt so big pressed up against her cunt. Amber wanted Paul inside of her. She wanted to do things to him that she had never done before. They emerged from their moment of passion and lust to see Mimi staring at them. Apparently, Leigh and Adonis had gone in the back yard (where it was secluded) to continue their session. Mimi had been feeling left out so she had called a fuck buddy to come over and give her some. That was all Amber needed to hear. She stood up and said to Paul “Come inside with me. There’s something I need you to take care of”. With that Paul followed Amber into the house and back to her bedroom. Just as she turned around, Paul wrapped his arms around her and backed her up until she was laying on the bed. He shut the door and turned the light on. Amber was very nervous. she had always been a lights off kind of girl. Paul told her he wanted to see every inch of her body, and every facial expression she made. So Amber tried to let her guard down. Paul climbed on top of her and locked eyes with Amber. Suddenly Amber felt completely safe, comfortable and very, very horny. Paul leaned down to kiss her while unbuttoning her blouse. Amber was using her hands to explore his body. She removed his shirt and undershirt to reveal a cut, sexy, ripped, muscular body. His arms were strong and muscular, his body was lean but very defined. Amber ran her fingers down his rippled chest until she reached his jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped them and there it was. There was just a thin layer of boxers between her and Paul’s massive dick. He kicked his pants to the floor and finished undressing Amber. Then Paul asked something Amber had never been asked before. “So, how do you feel about being tied up?” Amber thought about it for a minute, and decided this would be a night of new experiences. She actually had a pair of play handcuffs from a previous Halloween. Paul got the handcuffs our of her closet and gently cuffed her hands together and used a scarf to tie the cuffs to her headboard. Paul stood up and looked at his naked beauty laying on the bed. He could think of many things he wanted to do to her. But first thing was first, he had to tease her and get her so horny she could climax at any minute. Paul started with her nipples, gently massaging them between his fingers, licking them and flicking them with the tip of his tongue. Once they were hard and erect he sucked on them as if he could get milk out, and used his teeth to slightly graze them across the nipple. Then he moved lower. He used his tongue, drawing a line from between her supple breasts, down her stomach and circled around her belly button. As a reaction to her horniness, Amber had kind of clenched her thighs together during this process. Paul forced her legs apart and started kissing or left leg. He started at the ankle, and continued kissing the inside of her leg, all the way up to her thigh. On her inner left thigh he began kissing and licking in little circles and then moved on to the right leg. With every inch closer he got to her hot twat , Amber wanted Paul more and more. Paul lowered his face to her wet pussy. He like that she was a little hairy and using his tongue, he massaged her pussy lips. Amber felt his warm mouth and tongue licking her clit. She rocked her hips slightly, really getting into it. Paul slid two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her, while licking her clit. He gradually slid his fingers deeper with each penetration. He went faster and faster, fucking her wet pussy with his masculine hand. Amber moaned and writhed around in pleasure. She f
t on the verge of climax and tried to hold back. But she couldn’t help it. He knew all the right moves. They hadn’t even fucked yet and he already had her climaxing. Amber didn’t care anymore, she let herself go with the flow. With a few more flicks of his tongue on her clit, Amber was sent into an intense orgasm. She started moaning louder and thrusting her hips into his face. Paul enjoyed her climaxing so much he wanted to keep it going, so instead of backing off and letting Amber regain her composure… Paul climbed on top of Amber in the 69 position and went to town on her clit with his tongue. He was eating her pussy like it was a feast. Sucking powerfully on her clit and furiously attacking it with his tongue. Amber was almost screaming at this point it was so intense. Her body started shaking all over, even with Paul on top of her. Deciding she had had almost enough, Paul gave one more good fingering to her pussy, her body clenched up and convulsed a little, but then began to relax as he climbed off of her. Amber could hardly breath, she was seeing bright spots of light, and her body was still shaking a little. Paul sat on the bed looking at her contently, like he had just won an award for the best non-sex orgasm. Paul unlocked Amber’s handcuffs and threw them to the floor. Before Amber had a chance to catch her breath, Paul was once again on top of her. Amber could smell the intoxicating aroma of Paul’s cologne, mixed with a manly musk scent that was driving her crazy. Paul leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready for me?” Just as the words finished leaving his mouth, Amber felt his hard cock rubbing against her leg. Unable to even think, she grabbed a hold of his boxers, pulled his body to hers, and let his waistband snap back against his toned physique. In answer to his question, she whispered in his ear, “Oh I’m ready, but the question is… Where do you wanna put it first?” And with a coy smile on her face, Amber grabbed a hold of his boxers once more. She gave a firm tug and pulled his legs out from under him, rolling him back onto the bed, and slid the boxers off completely. There, laying on the bed, was a beautiful man, stark naked, and hard as a rock. Paul’s cock was very large and thick, possibly the biggest Amber had ever been with. She was a little intimidated, but so turned on that she couldn’t even try to act shy. She climbed on top of Paul, and not wasting any time, Amber caressed Paul’s cock with her left hand, while giving him a soft but passionate kiss. She then took her free hand, reached down to her wet pussy, and gave a mini massage to her clit, before directing his cock right inside. First, his head was in, then the next couple inches. Amber groaned with pleasure and slid in another couple of inches. He felt so good inside of her. Amber could feel her pussy lips stretching slightly more than usual, and her clit felt like it was pulsating. She finally slid down on the next couple of inches, until he was fully inside of her. Taking a second to take him all in, and appreciate his girth, she then slowly starting riding Paul. Up and down, up and down, then she went faster. Paul was breathing heavily and moaning. “Yes, oh god! You feel so good. Fuck me, fuck me Amber. Harder!” said Paul. Amber had never been talked to like that in bed before. She liked it. She fucked him faster and harder. Her ass would slam down to his thighs, cheeks jiggling from the impact. Up and down she fucked him faster and faster. “Yeah baby, just like that. Fuck me nice and hard. You want this dick, don’t you? You want it deep inside of you. You want me to fuck you until you can’t lift a finger, don’t you?” said Paul. Amber was fucking him so fast, it took her a minute to realize that they had switched positions. Amber was now on her back and Paul was fucking her hot pussy. She moaned and moaned with pleasure, her eyes rolling back in her head. Paul’s fingers wandered down to her clit and started playing with it like a cat with a new toy. Still fucking her wildly, he rubbed her clit furiously. Amber’s body trembled a little and she let out yelp. “Yes, baby! Fuck me harder! Yeah that’s it, right there! Oh yeah! Oh my god, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, fuck me harder. Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” Amber screamed. Paul’s cock pounded into Amber, as fast and as hard as he could. He fingered her clit some more, it was plump and bulging against his fingers. Paul could feel Amber’s hot cum coating his cock inside of her. His next thrust, and flick of her clit hit her spot. Amber’s body jumped with excitement, as she moaned loudly. Her whole body felt electrified and turned on. Still inside of her, Paul motioned for Amber to turn over. So she eagerly turned over and got on her hands and knees. His cock seemed to slide in further than ever! He placed his right hand on her ass cheek, and used his left had to grab a hold of Amber’s hair. Amber was extremely turned on by the light tugging of her hair. “oh yes, harder!” she said. Paul thrust himself into her harder. He liked to watch her ass cheeks bounce as they slammed against his body. Their bodies slapped together, like a couple of wild animals in heat. She moaned, he groaned. ” Oh yes! Fuck it, fuck my pussy! Go deeper, deeper. Fuck me Paul, fuck me. That’s it. ” yelled Amber. Paul let go of Amber’s hair and using both hands, grabbed her waist. He pulled her back to him, sliding every bit of his cock inside her. Amber could feel his sweaty stomach against her back, then a couple of things happened. Almost simultaneously, Amber felt Paul’s fingers creep down to her clit, and he began kissing and sucking her. First her back, kissing it softly and sending chills up her spine. Then he kissed on her shoulders, and then her neck. By the time he got to her ear Amber was once again having a mind-blowing orgasm. Her body tensed up, and Paul could feel her vaginal muscles clenching around his fat cock, still inside of her. He held her closely, and fondled her breasts a little while she calmed. While taking a breather, Amber realized something. In all that hot passionate sex and foreplay, Paul hadn’t nutted. Just as she was thinking this, Paul excused himself to the other room to grab something. He was in the bathroom for only a moment, and came back with a bottle of lube. She knew exactly what he was thinking, but Amber was very nervous. She had never done anal before. Bit since it was apparently a night of firsts for her, she figured… What the hell? After all, how could she say no to the gorgeous man standing before her, who was so willing to please here? Paul smiled coyly and climbed back on to the bed. Amber took the bottle and set it on the nightstand. She pushed him back on the bed, and leaned in for a fiery kiss. Still locked into a kiss, she reached her hand down and began stroking his long cock. Slowly at first, just sort of teasing him. Still massaging his shaft, she removed her lips from his, and redirected them to his chest. She greeted each nipple with a sucking and a flick of her pierced tongue. Then, using her tongue, trailed down his chest, to his stomach, right down to his cock. She took his cock in her right hand, looked right into his eyes, gave him a sexy smile, and in it went. First she licked the tip, flicking her pierced tongue against it. Paul liked this. He could feel the cool metal of her tongue ring, combined with hard motions of her tongue, and the softness of her lips against his skin. Watching Amber take him in with such pleasure, was extremely erotic for him. She began to take in more of his cock, sucking hard on it. he felt the ball of her tongue ring slide up and down on the underside of his shaft. Her tongue was caressing his cock like she was trying to get to the center of a tootsie pop. Amber’s soft lips slid over his cock, her tongue moving wildly against the shaft. Faster and faster she went, her head bobbing up and down. Paul began to moan slightly, and amber sucked harder and faster. “Oh yeah, suck it! Suck it harder!” he said. Paul reached his hands out and placed them both on the back of her head. The feel of her long hair flowing through his fingers, and the mo

tions of her head going back and forth on his cock was overwhelming. “Take it, take it all! Suck my cock!” Paul yelled. Amber was aroused by his forceful words and she wanted him inside her once more. It was like Paul read her mind. With one hand still grabbed on to her hair, He removed himself from her mouth, and directed her back on to her hands and knees. Amber grabbed the lube from the side table and handed it to him. Next she felt the ice cold gel pour down from the bottle. It fell right on her puckered ass hole first, then slowly slid downward towards her still hot pussy. With the tip of his cock, Paul massaged the gel around on her ass. He poured a little more on his hands and rubbed it on his cock. Then he grabbed Amber’s waist with both hands, leaned forward and whispered “Just relax your muscles, I’ll do the rest.”. That being said he began to ease himself inside of her once more. “Oh!” Amber moaned. She clenched the sheets beneath her. Paul slid in a little further. “Oh fuck!” Amber said, breathlessly. “Do you want me to stop?” He whispered. “No, keep going. It’s a good pain.” she said. Paul slid his last few inches in, and Amber let out a loud moan. Amber’s tight virgin ass felt so good, squeezed against his cock. He slid out slowly, looking at Amber for any sign of wanting to stop. She seemed to like it. So Paul slid in once more. “Oh yes!” said Amber. Paul went a little faster. With every thrust of his cock into her, Amber was feeling more and more pleasure and less discomfort. “Fuck me faster, Paul. You like my tight ass?” she said. Paul thrust faster and faster, each time slamming his entirety into her. “You like that?” said Paul. “Take my fat cock. Can you handle it? Come one, fuck me like you want it.” Amber began to rock back and forth, slamming her body back against his. Feeling every inch of him inside her ass, her moans became loud and more frequent. “Oh yeah, fuck me baby. Come one, give it to me. Harder, harder I said.” yelled Amber. Paul thrust his cock into her harder, their wet bodies slapped together. Paul could feel he was about to explode. His cock was throbbing with juices waiting to get out. he fucked her ass a few more times, then pulled himself out. amber immediately grabbed a hold of his cock and with just a few strokes, his hot cum shot out. She swallowed some it, what made it in her mouth anyway. Some shot on her face, some on her supple breasts. she sucked his cock cleaned, and they collapsed on the bed next to each other. After taking a moment to breath, Amber glanced at the clock and it was 4:30am! Paul rolled onto his side to face Amber. He smiled and reached his hand down to her pussy. Sort of cupping it in his hand, he whispered “Mine.” in Amber’s ear, and fell asleep. All Amber could do was lay there and recap the entire evening in her head. After all, that night had certainly been one of exploration, and definitely a night to remember.

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