Aphrodesiac – 3

Of all Elaine’s slutty, little friends, Vicki Chan was probably the least bitchy.

That didn’t mean that I was going to take it any easier on her than I had with Elaine or with Mandy. My research had turned up an ages old formula for an aphrodesiac that had turned Elaine and her friend Mandy into virtual slaves to my cock and my cum. One might say that they had free will in that they could walk away any time they wanted, but the desire to have my cock and what it contained made that nearly impossible. They knew what I had done to them and still they could not leave, and now it was Vicki’s turn.

Elaine had just finished sucking off my cock and the cum was still fresh in her mouth when the phone rang. Elaine looked at me inquiringly and I told her to answer it. I thought it would be fun to watch her trying to act normal even as she savored my cum in her mouth.

“Hey ya, Vicki,” the girl said, “how’s it going?”

I watched the girl listen to her friend on the other end of the line. “Not much,” she said finally, “I’m just hanging around the apartment.”

I still watched Elaine. A little bit of my cum was dribbling from her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and licked up the errant drops of cum. “You want to come over,” she asked uncertainly and I nodded my head. “Sure,” Elaine told her. “Come on over.” She looked at me and she grinned. “I’ve got something you just got to see.”

Elaine hung the phone up shortly after that. “Did I do good,” she asked.

“You did great,” I told her. “Now, why don’t you get your mouth down there and suck on my cock.”

Elaine did just that, sucking my cock off until finally she had me cumming in her mouth. She moaned with pleasure even as she tasted my spunk and even as she swallowed it down and then she just kept swallowing.

The two of us were sitting at the bar in Elaine’s apartment. To tell the truth, I was feeling kind of worn out after all the fucking I’d had but I wouldn’t have missed this for all the world. I sipped some coffee as I watched Elaine go to the door. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

I could tell Vicki recognized me almost as soon as she entered the apartment, but she didn’t say anything. She just looked at me and then she glanced at Elaine and then she shrugged as she entered the apartment.

“Would you like something to drink,” Elaine asked her friend.

“Sure,” Elaine told her, “a Diet Pepsi if you’ve got one.”

“You know I do,” Elaine said as she went to the refrigerator and then she opened the door.

“So, how are you doing,” I asked the girl.

Vicki turned and faced me. She smiled wanly but I could see her wondering why a geek like me was spending time at her girlfriend’s apartment.

What she couldn’t see and what I could was Elaine slipping the aphrodesiac into her drink. I’d told Elaine that if she didn’t help me drug her friend, then she’d never have my cock again. That was enough to get the girl to go along with the plan.

Elaine handed the soft drink to Vicki and I watched the cute, little Asian take a drink. This was working even better than I had expected.

I tried not to be too obvious as I watched the girl down her soda. That wasn’t all that hard to do because the girl was trying to avoid looking at me, but I was watching her. She drank more and more of the soft drink until finally, she was done.

Well, that was fun, I thought, but what I really needed was to get my cock in that little Asian pussy.

“I got something you want to see,” I told her, finally getting the girl’s attention.

“What’s that,” she asked.

I got up off the bar stool and I pushed my jeans down over my hips. I pushed my underwear down, too, and I showed her my cock. “This!”

“Holy shit,” the girl gasped as my cock sprang into view.

I could see Elaine watching me flash her friend, and I knew that part of her liked seeing what I was doing, and part of her wished she was the one getting flashed by me.

“You know you want this,” I told Vicki.

She was staring at my cock. She wanted it so bad.

“Come on,” I told her. “Get down on your knees and suck on my cock.”

She was looking at me as if she couldn’t believe she was about to do what she was thinking of doing and then she was looking down at my cock again. She looked back at me and then she looked back at my cock and then she nodded even as she slid to her knees.

Vicki wrapped her small hand around my cock and then she looked up at me with her big dark eyes. Her little hand squeezed my cock and then she opened her mouth and she eased her tongue out and she let it slide across my cock.

I couldn’t help groaning as that little Asian wench sucked my cock. Damn, that girl knew how to suck a cock so good. I moaned again. Yeah, she was one hell of a cock sucker.

I moaned again as that girl took me deeper in her mouth and then I just kept on moaning as she kept sucking and sucking on my cock. Fuck, I thought. That was so damned good.

As much as I wanted that girl to continue sucking on my cock, I pushed her off my cock. She tried to get her mouth back on my cock but again, but I pushed her away.

“What’s wrong,” the girl asked.

“You’re one hell of a cock sucker,” I told the girl, “but as good as a cock sucker as you are, what I really want to do is fuck you.”

“Oh yeah,” the woman moaned, “that’s what I want, too. I want you to fuck me.”

And that’s how I ended up leading Vicki into Elaine’s bedroom. Elaine trailed along behind us, and I knew she wanted to watch, in part because she wanted to see what I was going to do next, and in part because she wanted to check out the competition.

I pushed the cute, little Asian girl down on the bed. Moments later, I was pulling the girl’s jeans down past her feet and then I pulling her panties down, too. “Take off that top,” I ordered her, “and let me see your tits.”

The girl couldn’t pull her little, white top off fast enough and then she was opening the clasp on her bra and she was slipping it off her body.

That girl had one cute, little body. She only stood a little over five feet tall and her little tiny tits were so small that she hardly needed to wear a bra. I reached down and I fondled one of her tiny, little tits and I made the girl moan. “Do you want me to fuck you,” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned, “that’s what I want.”

I pushed the girl’s legs apart and then I slid between her legs. I let my cock rub against the girl’s cunt, and the girl moaned again. “Give it to me,” she pleaded. “Give it to me. Fuck my pussy, please.”

I smiled as I continued to rub her pussy. I continued to tease her just a little bit longer but the truth was I wasn’t much into teasing. I wanted to shove my cock in that cunt so bad so that is exactly what I did.

The girl moaned as her cunt took my cock and then she just kept on moaning as her pussy continued to take my cock. Her hands fondled her little, tiny tits and she moaned again, and even as she continued to moan, I knew her pussy was surrendering itself to my cock. I knew that just like the others, her pussy was addicted to my cock.

I felt Elaine come up behind me. She had removed her clothes even as I fucked her friend and she pressed her naked body up against mine and then even as I fucked that little Asian cunt, I felt Elaine slip her hand between my legs and I felt her fondle my balls. “Oh yeah,” I heard Elaine moan even as her other hand stroked my chest, “that’s it. Fuck that little bitch.”

Vicki Chan just moaned incoherently as her cunt took my cock but I knew what she wanted. I fucked her even harder and the girl moaned even harder and even deeper. She wanted me to fuck her. She wanted me to cum inside her.

“You want this,” I told her. “You want my cock to cum inside you.”

he girl just moaned as her cunt continued to take my cock.

Damn, that girl’s cunt was so fucking tight. “I’m going to cum,” I told her. “I’m going to cum so fucking hard.”

girl groaned again. “I want you to do it,” she moaned. “Oh geez, I want you to do it. I want you to do it so hard. I want you to cum inside me. I want you to fill me up with your cum.”

The girl just moaned as I buried myself in her tight, little pussy and then she moaned even louder as she felt the first burst of cum inside her cunt. The girl gasped as her cunt felt my cum and then her hands squeezed her tits and then her back arched as her pussy came and then she just started cumming right along with me.

I loved it. I knew the girl wasn’t just addicted to my cock anymore. I knew she was addicted to my cum and as that little, tiny cunt continued to squeeze my cock, I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted to stick my cock in that cunt again real soon.

Vicki’s hungry, little pussy continued to drink up every last bit of my cum. I loved it and so did she. You could see it in her eyes. She loved my cock and she loved my cum.

Then the flow from my cock began to subside and I pulled my spent rod from that young, Asian pussy.

It might have seemed as if I were done with that little, Asian cunt but neither of those girls was done with me. The two of them knelt in front of me and then they made me groan again and again as they took turns licking my cock. My cock was tired. It needed to rest, but these girls were not about to let my cock rest and they could be very persuasive.

My cock was responding to their attentions and the more my cock responded, the more frantic their attentions got. I groaned. These girls werre going to get me hard again.

Well, damn, I thought, if that’s what these girls wanted, then so be it because I wanted another go at that little Asian cunt.

I knew Elaine liked it when I shoved her down on her back because I knew she thought she was going to get fucked again, and I knew she was disappointed when instead of getting my cock between her legs, I pushed her little Asian friend there instead.

But then she was moaning as Vicki’s clever, little tongue worked her cunt and then she moaned even louder. Her hands worked her full, round tits as that tongue worked her pussy and then she smiled at me as I moved in behind her friend because she knew what I was going to do.

Vicki moaned against her friend’s cunt as her pussy took my cock and then she moaned again. Her mouth continued to work the other girl’s pussy even as her own pussy took my cock and I could tell that girl loved it. That girl loved eating that pussy and that girl loved taking my cock between her legs.

Damn, it just felt so good fucking that little, Asian cunt, and the way my cock made that girl moan just made it all that much better. If she didn’t watch out, she was going to get another load full of cum.

But I didn’t give her the cream she now creamed, at least not right then. I didn’t think it would be fair for Vicki to get my cum all by herself. After all, Elaine was her friend and friends should share, right?

So I pulled my cock from between Vicki’s legs. She moaned at its removal but I gave her ass a playful slap. “The two of you,” I told the girls. “I want to see you get up on your hands and knees. I want to see you side by side. I want to see you kissing me.”

They would have resisted me before, but the compulsion that had been imposed upon them by the aphrodesiac that I had submitted them to was irresistable. The two girls stood on their hands and knees just like I told them to.

“Shake your asses for me,” I told the girls as I stroked my cock.

They knew what I was doing and they wanted me to do it. They wanted me to cum on their butts so the two of them did their best to turn me on and it worked. I fisted away at my cock even as those girls wiggled their butts at me and when I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I shot my load all over those girls’ butts.

The girls squealed with delight as I continued to rain my cum down on those butts. They loved my cock. They loved my cum.

Yeah, these two were addicted to my cock. They would do anything to get even more of it, even recuit their friends into my service, if it meant just one more time on my cock. Yeah, they loved my cock.

to be continued …

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