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Michael and I have been married for ten years and have two children. Our sex life has always been good but every now and again we need alone time to really spice things up. So we decided to go to New Orleans. Halloween fell during the weekend that we selected. Lila, my wife suggested that we plan our costumes in private as a surprise for one another. This meant that I was in for a delicious weekend. Lila’s sexual appetite is surpassed only by mine, that’s why we have made such a great team all these years.

The flight was short and uneventful. Lila had booked a hotel right on Bourbon Street. We would have a great view of the parade Saturday night. Halloween was being celebrated all weekend long. I hope we make it out of the hotel to see some of it. The weather was unusually humid for October and I ready for a cold drink and hot sex with Lila.

When we entered the room I drew open the heavy drapes to reveal a great view of the French Quarter. I left the drapes fully drawn and began to unpack.

After unpacking our bags I stood facing Lila about to change clothes when my thoughts changed to staying undressed. I told Lila to take off her dress. She backed against the wall and looked at me with questioning eyes. “I think the desk will support us”, I said while testing it out.
“I thought you wanted to change and get a drink.”
I replied, “I’d rather eat and drink you.” Her lips parted and she started breathing faster. She was turned on and her thick dark nipples were puckering visible through the flimsy material of her haltered dress. I unbuttoned my slacks and slid the zipper down to ease my fast growing erection. Peeled off my slacks and shirt. Leaving me in my boxer and a fabulous erection peeking through. I sat down in the chair next to the desk to watch my wife, along with any passers by.

She slowing loosened her hair from the ponytail she was wearing. Then she slid the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders. All the while watching me. I licked my lips in anticipation of the first glimpse of her dark thick nipples. God how I loved sucking them until she screamed in pleasurable pain. Her breasts full and luscious more than a handful but not excessive, were now in plain view. The dress hung on her full hips. Ready to be yanked off by my insistent hands. She just stood there daring me. But I held on. “Drop the dress Lila and your panties”, I commanded.

As she bent over to remove the dress I got a view of her tits smooshed together. She replied seductively, “I don’t have on any panties.” I was hard and on edge. She always affected him this way. My wife is 5’7”, 38C tits 24 inch waist and 38 inch hips and sexy.

Come to me Lila. As she did I noticed that she had shaved her pubic hair clean off. My dick began a dance of it’s own. Now I was not just peeking through the opening of my boxers Freddie was completed through the opening and pressing insistently against my stomach. I pulled her between my thighs, cupping her full breasts and rubbing her long nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Her head rolled back and a moan escaped her beautiful lips. I pushed her back a little lest I loose control without feasting on her scent-sational pussy. I helped her up onto the hotel desk facing me. The spread her legs wide open. She was eager and leaned back onto her arms for support. I gently placed her legs over my shoulders and she braced them on the chair. I wanted to dive right in but I also wanted her to be primed when I plunged deep within her. She was already wet and her scent filled his nose. God how I love this woman. She moaned again when I breathed hot moist air onto her open pussy. I licked my finger and slid it across her clit and she jumped. I backed off a bit licked my finger again enjoying the taste. I inserted a finger inside and could feel her walls clamping around my finger. She gasped. She looked down at me. The sight of my gruff white fingers against her caramel skin sent my dick into another spastic dance. I continued to stroke long and easy. Her clit swelled and I was careful not to touch it yet I wanted her on the brink. And to do that I would need to use my tongue.

I dove right in licking and lapping like I was afraid her pussy might disappear. She tasted like peaches and womanly musk. Her thigh shivered and her ass lifted off the desk. I continued licking my way to her clit. Then I curled my tongue around it and sucked. She bucked on the desk determined to get as close to my mouth as humanly possible. Pussy juices sliding down my chin. I wanted her to come so I teased and tugged on her clit more. Finally she broke, lying flat on the desk twisting her hips and clamping her thighs against my ears. Her feet pushed the chair. I stood up away from the chair as it fell to the floor. My mouth never left her pussy it tasted too good.

She breathed heavily. I asked her if she was all right and she replied, “ I’ll feel better when you are deep inside me.” She chuckled lightly, licking her lips but stopped abruptly when I slid my dick along her mound and between her lips without entering her. She was hot and slick. I looked at my dick gliding across her pussy and almost lost my load. She has always said that my dick is a piece of art, thick long and veiny with a big purple head. I knew I could not hold out much longer. I eased the head in to her hot slippery box. She gasped at the fullness every time he entered her. She loved how big he was and how tight her pussy was. When he was completely inside he did not move. She opened her eyes and said, “I love you.” With that he gripped her hips and pumped slowly. “Keep your eyes open sweetie.”
“Kiss me Michael. I want to taste me on your lips and tongue.” Well if that did bump up the ante. I complied, thrusting my tongue past her lips mimicking the rhythm of our lovemaking. She gave as much as she was getting. I could feel her tightening around my dick. She wrapped her long legs around my waist enabling me to sink deeper into her hot slick pussy. She yelled, “take me home stallion” and that was alI I needed to hear. I couldn’t take it anymore. I exploded filling her will all of my love. Moments later she cried out her orgasm clinging to him for all it was worth. Sluggishly he pulled out and lifted her off the desk. Carrying her over to the bed where he lay her drained body. Lazy eyes stared up at him. They climbed under the covers to recover from that energy-depleting romp. Food drink and more play to come. They had yet to experience the quarter and show off their costumes….

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