Elsa Gets “Blacked”

Halloween fell on a Friday this year, which made the day more thrilling. Like most costumed New Yorkers, I planned to party the night away with friends and fellow freaks. There was just something about being naughty on a Halloween night–the unexpected usually happens.

Inside my friend with benefits’ SoHo penthouse, I was in the bedroom getting dressed for a private Halloween Masquerade party. I decided to be my favorite rapper, Makaveli, for Halloween. While putting on my costume, I was watching the classic “Hit ‘Em Up” video on the flat screen TV. I had on a black denim jacket with no shirt and matching denim jeans. I tied a black/white bandanna around my shaved head, and completed the look with construction Timberland boots. The THUG LIFE across my abs really impressed me. I stared at the mirror for ten minutes and wasn’t too surprise how much I resembled Tupac Shakur.

“Thug Life, baby!” I chuckled. “Makaveli is alive!”
That moment, Rachel walked inside the bedroom and said, “How do I look? Do I look like the cute blonde girl from Frozen? Elsa is real!”

Rachel was a short, blonde-haired, blue-eyed aspiring model whom I met at one of Monica’s pool parties in Florida. People often bragged she is the perfect real-life doppelganger to Princess Elsa from Disney’s marvelous 3D computer-animated musical fantasy-comedy movie, Frozen. I wasn’t surprised she decided to be Elsa for Halloween; it was the perfect costume for her!

“Yes, you are the spitting image of Elsa!” I told her. “I love the human form more than the cartoon,” and we kissed.
“I cannot wait to see the Ice Chamber at the S13 Theme Club!” Rachel announced. “I heard so much about that room! Let’s take a few pictures before we leave. According to the flyer, no cell phones are permitted in the club!”
“I know; they’re probably worrying about people being recorded as they engage in wild, hardcore sex!” I jested.

After taking a few pictures, we left. In the streets, we instantly attracted attention. Little costumed girls ran to Rachel to take pictures with her. It was so special seeing these young girls smile. As Rachel was making these girls’ Halloween memorable, the fellers were giving me props for “resurrecting” 2Pac. And a tall, dark-skinned dude with a nice soulful voice serenaded us with his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Jungle Fever.”

“2Pac got jungle fever, Elsa got jungle fever. They got jungle fever, they’re in love! She’s gone thug life crazy, ‘Pac gone white-girl hazy…”

I gave him five dollars when he finished. Then he wished Rachel and me a happy and safe Halloween.

The S13 Theme Club was located in the center of Tribeca, without a long line out front this evening. Rachel and I showed the tall, Caucasian door attendants with shades our private passes. After they made sure we didn’t have any smartphones or weapons, they let us in. The music was blaring, bottles flowing, and couples making out. Women were either dressed in scandalous costumes or walking around nude; S13 Theme Club was like the new Studio 54.

I sucked in the atmosphere with a smile on my face and said, “I like this club already! I could party here all night!”

Rachel and I stopped at the bar to order some drinks before we explored the array of themed playrooms. I loved the attention we were getting from most of the guests. They were vocally admiring our costumes, especially Rachel’s and how we complimented each other. I sipped on Cîroc Pineapple while Rachel quenched her thirst with a “sex-on-the-beach” cocktail. We flirted and began kissing. My lively hand found its way to Rachel’s tits. I liked playing with them, especially her erect nipples. As I squeezed them, Rachel moaned and licked my ear.

“You’re a bad boy!” She whispered.
“I know,” I responded.

Finishing our drinks we decided to explore the club; it had six floors and thirteen rooms including a sauna, restaurant, and two cocktails lounges. Sex was everywhere in the club. In one room, dubbed “Asstronauts Paradise,” guests dressed as astronauts fulfill their fantasy of fucking on the moon; the room allowed them to float in the air! We continued making our way to the back of the club and came across “The Fantasy Room,” which was designed for large orgies, singles and and couples alike. I surveyed the room and noticed my friend, Monica, dressed as Batgirl and her girlfriends Samantha–clad in the Jessica Rabbit costume–and Nina Mercedes–dressed as Princess Jasmine. They were pressed against each other, making out, with each others hands foraging all over their bodies. It was outright lust as I watched Monica clutch Samantha’s ass firmly; Samantha squirmed and grinned at her.

“My friend Monica and her lesbian lovers are over there by the corner,” I whispered to Rachel. “She is always around beautiful women.”
“I love their costumes,” Rachel murmured. “If I was a lesbian, I’d join them!”

Samantha’s red dress loosened and her tits tumbled out. Both Monica and Nina began sucking lasciviously on them while onlookers snickered and clapped. Then Samantha’s dress slid down slowly to the floor; Monica and Nina squatted low, simultaneously attacking Samantha’s cunt and asshole. The sight was awesome! I’ve always expressed how much I love pornographic lesbian scenes, but they are nowhere near the real thing. The action and loud moaning had me aroused.

“They look so hot pleasuring each other,” I murmured. “Monica is the ultimate lesbian lover!”
“Yes, she has superb cunnilingus skills.” Rachel smiled.

Samantha’s body trembled, and she let out an orgasmic cry. It was incredible! The sight triggered Rachel to lick her lips and massage her pussy. To Rachel, watching sexy people fuck was the ultimate prelude to our own erotic performance. Rachel was ready to get fucked!

Monica noticed me and winked. I smiled at her, and gave her the peace sign before Rachel and I left the room. To our surprise, there was nobody occupying the Ice Chamber on the sixth floor. The all-white room was well air-conditioned; had a colossal stuffed polar bear, five beds, rugs, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The room was designed as an igloo. We removed our footwear, and made ourselves comfortable. It was time for our erotic polar adventure, so we began making out. I kissed my snow queen deeply, licked my way down to her tits and flat tummy, and finally pulled down her white panties. I wasted no time snaking my tongue deep into her pussy.

“Yes!” Rachel squealed.

I felt her body tremble with pleasure under my tongue. I deposited saliva on her clit, swiped around it slowly, then sucked it between my lips and flicked my tongue across it. Her labia began to open like a spring rose, secreting her glutinous fluids. My nose rubbed her clit and I deeply inhaled her sweet scent. It was as stimulating as a fresh autumn breeze. I loved how Rachel tasted. I licked her juices from her labia and consumed the sweetness. Then I swiped my tongue across her love hole again. Rachel’s breathing was getting heavier. She placed her hands on the side of my head and lifted my chin. We kissed deeply.

“I am going to make you cum so hard!” I promised Rachel. “I’m going to give you pleasure you’ve never experience before!”
“I want something inside me besides your tongue,” Rachel murmured.
“Oh, yeah…,” I smiled.

Rachel stripped the rest of her costume off and lay on her back; I undressed and climbed on top of her. I slid my dick in her, then pulled it out, going deeper each time until nearly all of it was buried in her drenched pussy. I began pounding her fast and hard. The contrast between our skins was beautiful. It was erotic art!

“Fuck me!” Rachel cried.

She furiously massaging her clit as I went faster. The feeling of my hard balls slapping against Rachel’s pussy lips was great. I pumped away for a few minutes, only stopping when Rachel climaxed on my dick with a scream. Her eyes closed, and her body trembled.

After catching her breath, Rachel said, “I want to ride you!”

I pulled my glistening dick out at her request so she could get on top. At that point I noticed there were three couples in the room watching us, including Monica and her lesbian lovers. I knew this would excite Rachel since she has a voyeurism fetish.

“It looks like we have company, bae,” I whispered.
Rachel smiled and replied, “Let them watch us!”

She mounted me and eased herself on my dick. She began riding, establishing a perfect rhythm. Rachel was moaning and groaning piercingly, bouncing wildly on my dick. The sensation of her pussy sliding up and down me triggered my balls to tighten.

“I’m going to blast!” I groaned.
“I’m cumming!” Rachel announced.

Simultaneously, we both erupted. I pumped hot cum into Rachel. Her throbbing pussy sucked every drop of jism from me. Rachel stopped riding me, and leaned down to kiss me passionately.

“Wooo, that was amazing, baby girl!” I expressed. “What a great fuck!”
Rachel giggled, “Thanks for giving me that good cock!”

Exhausted, we stretched out on the bed and watched Monica pleasure her lovers in the bed next to us.

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