Her husband and two children walk ahead of her as they approach the community center pool.
Hannah is proud of how she looks in her new bikini, deep red complimenting the red slip on heels and see through cover up she has on.
She notices ray entering a storage closet as her husband finds some chairs and sets their things down.
She rushes over and enters the small room , closing the door behind her.
“Hey, glad I saw you, sweetie.”
Hannah walks over to ray, standing about 5 foot 3 his extremely muscular frame is noticed by nearly every woman at the pool only most are not as forward as hannah.
She walks over sliding her hand along his biceps, “thank you for being so great with my two babies. It’s rare to find such a gorgeous young black man that has time for all the volunteering that you do..”
She pulls herself into his powerful shirtless body, gently licking his full lips before she shoves her tongue in his mouth..
His hands reach for her ass cheeks, not as firm as they once were when she worked out every day, but they are still magnificent..
One if his fingers rubs her asshole as he turns her.
She hops onto the low counter and slips down her bikini bottoms. Reaching down to massage her hairy cunt..
“Fuck me hard with that dark meat. We don’t have much time.”
He strokes himself, spitting onto his thick pole before penetrating hannah. Inching closer to the edge of the counter.. his hips working that fat dick into her hot cunt.
Her fingernaiks scraping down his muscular back as her drills her, harder than she’s ever been fucked.
Teeth sink into his shoulder as she tries to muffle her screams, cumming on his hard black dick quickly before he reaches up to wrap his hand around her throat.
“You love this black dick, don’t ya?”
Hannah nods, struggling to breathe..
“Say it.”
“I.. “, choking as he tightens his grip, “love your big black cock”
He grinds his teeth, straining when he pulls out of her to shoot his load on her thigh and stomach..
When he lets go of her, her eyes are ablaze..
“I’m gonna need more of that.” She teases.
“I don’t know, maybe.. I’ll let you know”
He puts away his dick and walks out of the closet.. leaving hannah to try to figure out a way to get some more of that cock..

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