Having Her Way 2

From a catwalk above the assemblyroom floor, Miranda watched Rosa Mendez go about her work. Even from that distance, it was clear that Rosa Mendez had great, big tits and just looking at her made Miranda’s pussy wet.

Miranda had the girl brought to her office. Shit, the girl looked even better standing there in front of her, and rumor was that the girl had a twin sister, an identical twin sister. That thought excited Miranda even more.

“You wanted to see me,” the girl asked.

Miranda fingered the mind-control device in her hands even as she looked at the girl. She knew she was just going to have to see those tits.

The girl never knew what hit her as Miranda turned the power of the device on her. Where she had been curious and perhaps just a bit wary as to why she had been called into this person’s office, as the device took hold of her, her face began to go blank until it was as blank as her mind.

Miranda licked her lips as she looked at the busty brunette. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on those tits.

“Listen to me,” she told the girl. “Listen to me. I want you to tell me the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” the girl murmured.

“I’ve been told you have a twin sister. An identical twin. Is that true?”

The young latin woman took in a slow breath before she answered. “It is true,” she answered. “Her name is Lupe.”

“She’s identical?”


“Does she work?”

“No,” the girl murmured. “She stays at home most of the time tending to her infant daughter.”

“Can you get her here?”

“I think so.”

“Do it,” Miranda told her even as she pulled the device away from the young woman’s head. It was one thing to have her under her control but it was a whole other thing to have her talking robotically with her sister. She had to have her wits about her when she did that.

Rosa seemed to quickly regain her senses. She looked at the telephone on Miranda’s desk and then she quickly picked up the receiver. She punched the numbers into the phone and then she waited.

She didn’t have long to wait. Someone picked up the receiver on the other end.

“Hey, Lupe, it’s Rosa. … No, I’m still at work. … Nothing’s wrong, but I got something you just have to see. … No, I can’t tell you over the phone. … Because I can’t. … No, if you want to see it, you got to come down here. … Yes to the plant. … Yes, now! … Look, if you don’t want to see it– … You know what I mean. … You will, huh. … In an hour. Okay, I’ll see you then.”

Rosa put the receiver back on the cradle.


The girl smiled. “My sister said she’d be here as soon as she can get someone to watch the baby.”

“Excellent,” the other woman said, “But I have an idea.” Even as she was saying that, Miranda was pointing the device at the big-breasted latina. “How about while we wait, you show me your tits.”

The young woman’s face went blank as her mind accepted the suggestion that she had been given and then she smiled shyly. She stood and she slowly began to run the zipper down the front of her coveralls.

As the zipper traveled lower still, the fabric of the coveralls began to separate. Already, Miranda could see the white of the girl’s bra, gleaming brightly against her dark skin. This wasn’t one of those flimsy, little bras. This was a working bra. It had to be because it had to contain those massive tits.

The zipper stopped at the waist and then Rosa was pushing the coveralls off her shoulders. She stood there for just a moment and then she was reaching behind her and letting out an audible sigh as her hands released the catch on her bra. She shrugged the straps off of her shoulders and then with just a shake, she dislodged the garment, letting it fall to the floor and finally baring her massive tits.

“Mmm,” Miranda moaned. “That’s wonderful. Why don’t you come over here and let me suck on those tits.”

Miranda frowned when the woman did not respond immediately but almost immediately, she realized what the problem was. She picked up the little device that she had used earlier and she trained it on the girl. “You want me to suck on your tits,” she told the young, Latin woman. “You’ve always wanted a woman like me to make love to your tits. You want it so bad, and it’s going to feel so good when it happens. Do you understand?”

“Mmm yeah,” the young woman moaned.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Miranda went on. “You want to feel my lips pressed up against your tits. You want to feel that. You long for the feel of my lips mashed up against your tits. You’ve always wanted for that.”

Miranda once again turned the device away from the girl in front of her, waiting to see the results of her handiwork.

She didn’t have long to wait. This time as Rosa stood in front of her, her expression took on a lustful look. Her hands went to her tits and Miranda couldn’t help but stifle a moan as the young woman teased her with her massive mounds.

“Come here,” Miranda told the girl. “Come here and let me suck on those tits.”

This time, resistance was replaced by willingness as Rosa eagerly came around Miranda’s desk and then she was pressing her mammaries up against Miranda’s eager face.

Rosa moaned as Miranda’s hands kneaded her tits and then she moaned again as Miranda’s mouth kissed her tits. She could feel the manager’s tongue as it played its way over her full, round tits, finally finding its way to her big nipples, and she moaned again. The manager was sucking on her nipples and she liked that. She liked it a lot.

Rosa leaned forward, mashing her tits against the other woman’s face, and she moaned again. Fuck, that felt good, she thought. Se loved the way the white woman’s face seemed to sink down between her pillowy mounds.

Miranda could hardly breathe, but damn, what a way to go. She just kept kissing and sucking and licking and fondling those wonderful breasts. It was even better than she had thought it would be.

The two of them stayed that way for a good long while, Rosa standing over the woman in her chair and Miranda loving every minute of it as she tit fucked the Latina with her face, but eventually, Miranda wanted more. She tried to pull away and just as she had been conditioned to do, Rosa tried to chase after her with her tits, but once again, the power of the little handheld device once again put Rosa under her control.

“Take your clothes off,” was the next order under the power of the device. “Take your clothes off and let me eat your pussy.”

The young Hispanic woman’s coveralls had already fallen down around her ankles so it was just a simple matter of stepping out of them and kicking them aside. That left only the panties and Miranda couldn’t help but lick her lips as she watched the busty girl hook her fingers in her panties and push her panties down her legs.

“Now, come here and let me eat your pussy.”

Rosa seated herself on the edge of the desk and she opened her thighs for the other woman. Miranda was surprised at just how wet Rosa already was and a part of her wondered if doing this might be acting out some secret fantasy. On the other hand, it really did not matter to Miranda because one way or the other, she was going to eat out that hairy pussy.

Rosa Mendez moaned as Miranda settled herself between her legs and then the girl moaned again as Miranda’s tongue went after her clit, and then she moaned again. Instinctively, it seemed, her hands went to her tits, squeezing and fondling her mammoth mammaries even as the other woman ate her out.

“Oh yeah,” she would moan, “that’s it. That’s it. Oh yeah, right there. Do me there. Oh geez, it feels so good.”

Miranda didn’t say anything. She just worked her tongue even deeper into the crevice between the other
woman’s legs.

“Oh yeah, eat me,” Rosa moaned. “Come on, eat me, just like that.”

That was exactly what Miranda did, munching away on the other woman’s cunt and making
her moan until moans turned to cries, and her cries turned to screams and as the woman came down from her orgasm, the screams turned to little mewing gasps as the young woman struggled to regain her breath.

And still, Miranda continued to eat her. The girl moaned again, but Miranda was not about to let her pussy go.

Rosa was coming down from her third orgasm when there came a tentative knock on Miranda’s office door. The young woman looked at Miranda as if to ask what she should do.

Miranda finally pulled her face back from between Rosa’s thighs. “Come on,” she told the young woman, “it’s not nice to keep your sister waiting. Invite her to come in.”

Rosa shrugged and then without another thought, she did as she was told.

It is unclear what Lupe thought when she opened the door to that office and saw her sister sitting there naked, but what she thought was irrelevant because even as the door was swinging open, Miranda was bringing the little mind control device to bear on Rosa’s sister, and suddenly what was totally clear was that Lupe wasn’t thinking anything at all.

Under the power of the mind control device, Lupe’s face went blank as she listened without resistance to the suggestions she was being given.

It didn’t take long for her mind to accept the new orders that it was being given and soon, Miranda was pulling the device away so she could see the results of her handiwork.

Without a word, Rosa’s sister began to remove her clothes. Rosa and her sister were definitely twins. They both had the same big tits and the same tight bodies. They both had the same butts and the same faces, but when Lupe pulled her panties down, only then did Miranda see any difference between the two girls. Where Rosa had a hairy mound, Lupe’s pussy was neatly trimmed. Miranda knew she was just going to have to dip her tongue in there real soon.

But before she could do that, there was something else that was going to happen first. Just as they had been commanded to do, the two sisters both mashed there big tits against Miranda’s face and as Miranda was finding out, if getting your face mashed by a pair of gigantic titties was good, then getting your face mashe by two pairs of gigantic titties was even better.

Where the two sisters would never have dreamed of doing what they were doing now, under the transitory effects of the mind control device, both of them now lived solely for the purpose of making Miranda happy and so both of them continued to press their tits against Miranda’s face. “Come on, lick my nipples,” Lupe begged.

“No, no, kiss my tits,” pleaded her sister. “Kiss my tits.”

Miranda loved it. She slid her hands between the legs of the two women and she marveled at the wetness that she found there. Her fingers toyed with those pussies and they seemed to get even wetter. Like her, they seemed to be on the verge of cumming, just from pressing their tits against her face.

It seemed as if the two women realized it, too, for suddenly without warning, they broke off their frontal assault on Miranda’s face. “She sure does have a pretty body,” Rosa said to her sister.

“Indeed she does,” her sister agreed. “Very pretty.”

“In fact, she’s so pretty that I just can’t helpp it. I want to make her cum.”

“I was thinking pretty much the same thing,” her sister agreed again.

“I’ll tell you what,” her sister agreed conspiritorially, “you let me eat her pussy and I’ll let her eat yours, and I’ll tell you this, she’s already eaten mine, and she’s damned good at it.”

“Really,” said Lupe with interest. “All right then, you’ve got yourself a deal.”

So that was how Miranda found herself being laid out of the floor of her office with one of the Mendez sisters sliding in between her thighs and the other one straddling her face.

Miranda moaned as she felt Rosa slide between her legs. The girl’s touch as her hands brushed against her thighs and then those hands moved lower still, her fingers strumming against Miranda’s pussy and her clit, and Miranda moaned again.

But as good as Rosa was, it wasn’t her hands that or even her tongues or her lips that got Miranda’s attention.

What got Miranda’s attention was Lupe’s body, her pussy and her ass descending upon her face. Her little shaved pussy was glistening as it slid down on her face and then Lupe was pressing her pussy down on Miranda’s face, grinding her cunt against Miranda’s mouth.

Miranda moaned as her tongue took that cunt and even as it did, her hands seemed to move of their own volition and then she was reaching upo and she was grabbing the ass of the woman above her.

Miranda moaned again as Rosa’s tongue went after her cunt and even as she did, so too did her tongue attack the cunt of the girl above her. Both Lupe and Miranda moaned as each of them took tongues in their cunts and then they moaned again. Both of them loved it. Both of them loved getting their pussies licked.

Miranda moaned again. She was going to cum. That much was sure. She was going to cum and she was going to cum hard. Miranda moaned again. She was going to cum hard. Rosa’s tongue was going to make sure of that.

Even as Miranda gasped and even as her pussy surrendered to Rosa’s clever tongue, Miranda felt it, the feel of Lupe’s quivering pussy surrendering to her own questing tongue, the feel of that pussy trying to squeeze her tongue, the feel of that tongue sending a gusher of pussy juice into her eager mouth. It just felt so good.

Miranda could feel Lupe’s butt tremble under her hands even as the other girl continued to cum. She could hear the girl mewling as she continued to cum and as she continued to cum, Miranda continued to eat her pussy.

Slowly though, the orgasms in both the girls began to subside. Lupe was still straddling Miranda’s face when her sister came after her. Tenderly at first and then with ever more intensity, the two sisters continued to kiss each other even as the two of them straddled Miranda’s body.

The girls continued to kiss and then they slowly began to roll off of Miranda’s body. The two of them rolled over onto the floor and as Miranda rose up, she finally got to look down at them and watch them kiss.

She loved the way the two sisters looked as they continued to go after one another. They both had big tits, of course, and Miranda loved the way they looked as they mashed their tits together. More than that, though, what she really liked was the way the girls kissed each other, both passionately and with intensity at the same time.

As good as that was, Miranda thought she had an even better idea. With a grin, she grabbed up the little mind control device and she pointed it at the two women.

In no time at all, the women’s faces had gone blank as they listened and accepted everything that Miranda had to say.

Miranda pulled the device away and almost immediately, the two women began to change places. Soon, Rosa was down on her back and Lupe was straddling her body with her face down between her legs, and even as Lupe licked her sister, Rosa had her hands on Lupe’s butt and her tongue jammed up inside Lupe’s cunt.

Miranda sat back and spread her legs, letting her hand slip between her thighs as she watched the two women go after each other’s cunts. She moaned as she slipped a finger inside her aching hole. Soon, that finger was joined by another and then she was rubbing her clit. Damn, those girls were good.

Miranda moaned as she watched the girls go after each other. She could tell they were really getting into it, and that just made her rub herself even harder. She wanted to see them cum and she wanted them to make her cum.

Miranda moaned as her fingers finally pushed her over the edge, and almost at the same time, the two sisters came, too. Miranda loved it. She loved having those sisters cum and she kenw she was going to have to do
it again, sometime real soon, but first, she knew she was going to have to have a rest. Fucking your pussy could be so tiring.

to be cont
inued …

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