Heart and Soul

Monique Jackson didn’t like the sounds that her car was making. She knew a car wasn’t supposed to knock and hers was well past that. “Come on,” she pleaded. “you can do it. Come on.”

Her car seemed to take heart from her coaxing. The knocking seemed to get just a little less pronounced but the relief was only momentary and then the knocking was back and it was worse than ever.

“Come on,” the young black woman pleaded. “Hang in there, please. At least as far as the next town. Come on.”

Whether her car heard her or not really didn’t seem to matter because it had gone just about as far as it could go. The car shook and then it rattled and then there was no sound at all.

“Oh shit,” the girl cried as she realized the car was starting to slow. “No, no, no, no.”

Her car wasn’t listening to her. It just kept going slower and slower and then finally it crept to the side of the road.

“Shit,” the young girl cried. “Shit.” She jumped from the car and she went and opened the hood, not because she really figured that she would know what to do, but it was just that was what everyone did when they had car troubles. She peered in at the engine. There was a lot of smoke coming from it. That couldn’t be good, the girl thought.

The girl looked up the roadway and then she looked back down the way she had come. There wasn’t a car in sight.

“Shit,” she muttered. “Shit.”

What was she going to do, the young black girl wondered. She supposed she could hitch hike but her daddy had told her that that wasn’t good for a pretty, young woman. There were bad people on the road who were just looking to take advantage of a helpless, young woman.

Besides, she thought, it was pointless anyway. To hitchhike, you had to have someone come by in a car and so far, she’d seen no one.

She’d been sitting on the side of the road for almost an hour when she saw her first passerby.

She jumped up and waved her arms frantically but the car seemed to show no signs of slowing down. The car was passing by and Monique turned to look after it. “Oh come on,” she cried, “have a heart.”

And then the brake lights came on. The car rolled to a stop, and then the car was backing up. The car came up even with the young girl. The passenger’s side window was rolling down and Monique found herself peering in at a young, white boy. “You need help,” the kid asked.

“What’s it look like,” the girl asked. “Of course, I need help. My car just up and broke down.”

The kid shook his head. “That’s too bad.”

“Can you fix it,” the girl asked.

The kid shook his head again. “I doubt it. I don’t know nothing about engines.”

“Can you give me a lift then?”

“I really shouldn’t.”

“Come on,” the girl pleaded. “Give me a lift.”



“Sure, okay. Get in.”

Monique wasn’t about to question this act of charity. She quickly hopped into the kid’s car. “I really appreciate this,” she told the guy as the two of them pulled away from the shoulder.

“How far you going,” the girl asked more as a way to make small talk.

“All the way to LA,” the kid replied as he looked over his shoulder and changed lanes.

“Really? Me, too.”

The two of them chatted amiably as they continued to drive but gradually, the conversation began to peter out. “You mind if I turn on the radio,” the kid said.

Monique smiled. “It’s your car,” she said. “I’m just here for the ride. You can do whatever you want.”

The kid switched the radio on and he fumbled with the buttons until he found a station he liked. “Hey, I like this one,” the kid said as a new song started to play.

“You got to be kidding,” Monique said in mock horror. “Turn that off.”

It really wasn’t all that bad a song but it just wasn’t the kind of music that Monique liked. Still, she’d only been joking when she had said what she said so she was really surprised when the kid reached over and switched the radio off. “I think I’ll just switch this off,” he told her.

Monique stared at the kid in amazement. Why had he done that? He clearly liked the song but had he switched it off just for her? “You didn’t have to do that,” she told him.

The kid shrugged. “I just felt like it,” was all he said.

They pulled over at a McDonalds to get a bite to eat and Monique excused herself to go to the bathroom. She had thought that she would just go to the nearest town, and now, here she was. The kid had said he would drop her off at a service station, but already Monique was wondering if that was the best thing to do. She wasn’t sure how long it would take to get her car fixed or even if it could be fixed at all. Maybe, it would just be better if she kept going with the kid. After all, he was kind of nice and they were going to the same place.

I’ll do it, she thought as she washed her hands and combed her hair. “Take me to LA,” she muttered under breath almost as a prayer. “Come on, do it. Take me to LA.”

The kid was waiting for her when she got out of the bathroom. “You know,” he said before Monique could even open her mouth, “I was thinking. We’re both going the same way. Why don’t I take you all the way to LA.”

Monique just stared at the kid. This was too weird, she thought. This was way, way too weird.

And then something else occurred to her. He’d done everything she’d told him to do. He’d stopped his car. He’d given her a lift. He’d turned off his radio, and now he was offering her a lift to LA. He might not have heard her say those things, but she had told him to do every one of those things. This was just too weird.

Was it possible that she was somehow controlling him, the young, black woman wondered.

No. She dismissed that out of hand. That was just too farfetched. It had to be coincidence.

But still. What if it were true? There was only one way to find out the girl thought. She would have to tell him to do something really weird.

And then the thought came unbidden to her mind. She’d never seen one before and she really wanted to. “Show me your cock,” she blurted out.

They were walking across the parking lot of the McDonalds towards the kid’s car but suddenly the kid just turned and looked at her. Oh no, Monique thought, here it comes. He’s been so nice so far, but now, he’s just going to think I’m weird. He’s going to leave me right where I am. Why couldn’t I leave well enough alone.

But then she noticed something else. The kid was reaching for his jeans and then he was lowering his zipper. He was reaching into his pants and then right there in the McDonalds parking lot, he was pulling out his cock.

Monique licked her lips as she stared at that cock. She didn’t know what to say. Here was this nice guy with a good heart and somehow, she had made him show her his cock.

But then the realization of what she had done really came upon her. She had made him show her his cock. She was wondering just what else she could make him do.

“Put that away,” she told him. They had to find someplace to go. There were plenty of roadside motels around. “Come on,” she told him, “let’s go to a motel.”

The kid stuffed his cock back in his pants and then the two of them got in his car and they drove to a nearby motel. The kid checked them in and soon Monique and the kid had a room all to themselves.

Monique scrambled onto the bed and then she turned around and looked at the boy. She had a tight, little body and small little tits, but what really interested the black girl was the body of her white counterpart. “Take off your clothes,” she told the boy, “and show me your cock.”

Monique held her breath as she sat there and watched. Would he really actually do it?

The guy stood there and he looked at the cute, little black girl there on the
bed even as she stared back at him, and then his hands were moving. He pulled his shirt over his head and let it fall. He kicked off his shoes and then his hands went to his jeans. He opened his jeans and then
he pushed them down over his hips.

Monique didn’t even realize she was leaning forward as the guy’s hands went to his underwear. She watched the man hook his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear, and Monique leaned forward just a bit. She watched the man push his underwear down over his hips.

The girl gasped as she saw the man’s cock spring into view. The girl bit her lip as she looked at that cock. It looked even bigger than she had thought it was before.

The man was just standing there. His cock was long and hard and it was bobbing slightly. Monique wanted to touch it so bad, and then she realized she could. “Come here,” she ordered.

The man stepped towards her and then his cock was right there in front of her. It looked even bigger when it was right there in front of her. She tentatively reached out a hand and she wrapped it around the man’s cock.

It felt warm, the girl thought. No, not warm. It was hot, and it was alive. She loved it. She gave the cock a squeeze and she loved the way it made the man moan.

She moved her hand over that long, hard cock and it made the man moan. She looked up at him with big, wide eyes. “Do you like it when I do this,” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” the guy groaned. “I like it.”

The girl gave his cock another squeeze and the kid moaned again. Suddenly, she knew what she wanted.

“I want you to fuck me,” the girl said. “I want you to put your cock inside me.”

Monique held her breath as she waited. This was it. Would he really actually do it?

But then the kid was moving forward and he was crouching over her body. She could feel his cock sliding between her legs. She could feel his cock slithering over her wet, little cunt.

She moaned as she felt the head of his cock press against her cunt and then she was leaning back and spreading her legs even wider for the boy and she moaned again as she felt that cock press against her cunt.

The girl gasped as her pussy took just a little more of that cock inside her. He wasn’t even all the way inside her and already he felt so big inside her.

And then the boy seemed to stop. He seemed to be blocked. The young, black girl fondled her small tits as she looked up at the boy. She couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do next.

The boy pulled his cock back and then he shoved his cock forward.

Monique gasped as that cock drove inside her virgin pussy. It hurt and yet she wanted it. She wanted it so bad. The boy pulled his cock back and then he pushed it inside her again. She loved it. It felt so good.

Monique continued to squeeze her tits even as the boy continued to fuck her. She watched him with wide-eyed innocence even as her hands continued to squeeze her tits, and she moaned again. “Oh geez,” she moaned, “it feels so good. Do it. Do it. Come on, fuck me. Fuck me. Cum inside me. Do it. Cum inside me.”

The kid groaned even as he continued to work his cock inside that little, black cunt, and then he was burying his cock inside that cunt and the kid grunted and suddenly, Monique knew what was happening. The kid was cumming inside her just as she had told him to do.

The kid grunted again and even as his cock continued to cum, Monique couldn’t help it. Her tight, little pussy just grabbed onto that cock and squeezed it tight as she started to cum. She loved the feel of that cock inside her cunt.

She was still on fire as the kid finally pulled his cock from between her legs. All it took was one look at that cock and Monique knew what she wanted. She looked at the kid and then she looked back at his cock. “Bring that thing here,” she told him. “Bring it to me and let me suck it.”

That was all she had to say. The kid was bringing his cock up over her body. Monique looked up at the boy and then she looked at his cock and then she wrapped her hand around that cock even as she brought it up to her mouth.

Her eyes were deep and dark as she looked up at the boy and then she opened her mouth and she let him in. Her tongue worked his cock, at first just licking it, and then sucking it and then sucking it harder. She heard the boy moan and she liked that and that only made her suck him harder.

She’d never seen a cock before but she had one now and Monique wasn’t about to let it go. She loved the way that cock had cum inside her. She loved the way it tasted in her mouth, and as she sucked on that cock, instinctively, she knew what was going to happen next. That cock was going to cum in her mouth and she knew she was going to love that, too.

She heard the kid grunt and then she heard him groan and then just as she figured, he was cumming in her mouth and just as she had thought would happen, she did love it. She loved it when that cock came in her mouth.

She moaned again. She loved it when that cock came in her mouth. She still wasn’t sure how it had happened but all she knew was that boy would do whatever she said, and that was good, because he had so much cock to give and she wanted it all. They would rest up a bit, the girl figured and then they would surely do it again, because more than anything, her pussy needed to be fucked and it needed it bad.

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