I’d Rather Be Your Lover

New York City finally got a break from the wrath of Mother Nature. It was the springtime and the atmosphere, sunny and warm, rejuvenated life. New Yorkers took advantage of the climate by doing outdoor recreations such as bicycling, running, and photography.

At Marcus Garvey Park in East Harlem, my friend Cory and I played against each other in a fast-paced half-court game of 21. Yeah, it was an intense game! People walked by, smelling the perspiration that oozed from our muscular bodies. Acting as NBA stars, I was Kobe Bryant, and Cory was LeBron James. We put on a show for the onlookers who watched.

The game proceeded in a tie, and I had the ball in my hand. I shot a fade away jumper. Like the epic shooting scene in Matrix, everything was in slow motion. The ball soared and came down … swish! It was nothing, but water! I made an uncontested shot from the free-throw line and won the game.

“You beat me with that lucky-ass shot.” Cory said.

“You know I have moves like Kobe Bryant.” I quipped.

I glanced around, and my eyes fell on a beautiful shorthaired redhead dressed in tiny denim booty shorts and a white top. Her tanned skin glowed and she was smiling warmly.

“Do you know her?” I asked Cory.

“Nope,” he answered. “I thought she was one of your hoes.”

We both laughed.

She walked in our direction, swaying her hips. Standing beside us, she said, “Nice game, fellers.”

“Thanks,” Cory and I spoke in unison. We both wondered what the deal was with this girl. Sipping my cold AQUAhydrate water, I gazed at her slim body and liked what I saw. I knew she was neither underage nor a girl who fucked many guys.

Finally, I asked her, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Jaylynn,” She said.

“Nice name, baby girl.” I told her. “So, what’s up? Do you like somebody over here? I saw you watching us!”

Jaylynn smiled in return and replied, rather briskly, “I like you.”

“I like you, too. What’s good?”

“Well, I’m looking for a hot black guy who knows how to handle a fiery demon like me,” Jaylynn flirted. “You aren’t the one, are you?”

I clutched my dick and answered, “I’ve never had any complaints, Snow Bunny.”

“Mmm … Swell! You can chill with me in my house if you … want to,” Jaylynn said, biting her lip.

“Sounds good, but what about my boy?” I said, gesturing at Cory.

“He can come too.”

“Nah, that’s alright man,” Cory said, waving a hand. “I’m going to stop by my grandmother’s house and relax. We’ll meet up later. Go and handle your business, playboy!”

Jaylynn and I hoped in my white Lamborghini Veneno. 2Pac’s classic double album, All Eyez On Me blared from my car as I sped up the street. Harlem never saw a sports car like mine before as several Harlemites paused in their tracks and took pictures of my ride with their smartphones. I knew the car also impressed Jaylynn as she bopped her head and wore a big smile on her face.

“This is an awesome car! How much you pay for this?”

“I paid over $3 million. Lamborghini only produced three of these cars and a Black man has one of them!”

“Wow, what do you do? Are you a famous rapper like Jay-Z? Do you play for the Miami Heat?”

“No, I’m not a rapper, a professional basketball player, or a drug dealer.” I explained. “I made my money in the publishing world. I was the founder and CEO of Goodfellas magazine and then I sold the company for millions. Now, I’m just living my life and having fun!”

“Lucky you,” Jaylynn replied. “I wish I had money like you.”

“Well, if you are driven, you will live your dream.” I stressed. “Look at me! I went from Harlem to Hollywood. I am the Black American Dream! Where are you from?”

“I live in Harlem.” Jaylynn told me.

“Oh, you’re one of those hood white girls.” I joked.

“Yup,” She laughed. “I live on Convent.”

“Cool, I know that area. City College is around there.”

“Yes, I go there.” Jaylynn indicated. “I have one more year and then I’m done.”

“Congrats, I wish you the best! Is it alright if I take a shower at your place?”

“Sure, I don’t have any problem with that.” Jaylynn continued. “There are extra washrags and towels. I love 2Pac! All Eyez On Me is a hot album! My dad brought me new Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. They are awesome!”

“Yeah, they’re hot!” I agreed. “Tell me more about you, baby girl.”

“Well, I’m a firecracker.” Jaylynn said with a sultry smile. “At least that’s what some of the guys say I’ve been with. I love sex. All forms of it. The harder I’m fucked, the harder I cum. I want to be taken and … I want you to slam your cock inside me whether it is my pussy, mouth, or asshole. Make me what I am destined to be.”

“Oh, yeah! What is your ultimate goal?”

“I want to be a slut, your SLUT!”

“You’re crazy!” I laughed.

“Yeah, I love it when somebody calls me CRAZY and I want to go crazy on you.” She quipped.

“Smart,” I said.

“First, a good fuck comes in the line … We can take care of other things later.” I said nothing. Jaylynn took it as an affirmation. She moved her hand and playfully stroked the bulge in my pants. “It’s wild, I can see and I like what I’m feeling right now. How bad you want my pussy?”

“I want your pussy very bad.” I told her.

“I’ll make sure you’ll take care of it.”

Then the song, “Ratha Be Ya Nigga” blared from the speakers. The beat had us grooving in the car. It was wild. At the same time we started singing the chorus, “I’d rather be ya N-I-G-G-A, so we can get drunk and smoke weed all day…”

I stopped in front of a luxury beige brownstone in the middle of the block on Convent Avenue. The neighborhood was quiet, and there were no sign of the dog excrement on the ground; it was clean there like the affluent areas in downtown. Jaylynn led me inside her brownstone. Nobody was home, and I inhaled the fragrant wafts of vanilla that emanated from the place. I could tell her brownstone was historic with its original woodwork, fireplace, and parquet floors.

“You have a nice place, Jaylynn.” I expressed. “I can smell the Harlem Renaissance here.”

“Thanks.” She responded.

Jaylynn directed me to the bathroom and I could not wait to strip out of my sweaty clothes. I hate walking around sweaty and feeling dirty. Jaylynn gave me a white washrag and cotton towel. It looked like they came from a luxury hotel.

“I can wash your clothes if you like.” Jaylynn suggested.

“Sure, thanks.” I told her.

Jaylynn gazed at me dick and smiled. I chuckled, and climbed in the shower. The warm water felt great as it washed all the sweat down my body. Jaylynn took my clothes and left the bathroom. Lathering myself with soap, I wondered how hot Jaylynn looked nude. The thought of fucking the shit out of her had me aroused.

I dried off and slipped into the white cotton waist towel. As I walked to the living room, up-tempo music blared and then I caught Jaylynn do a crazed convulsive dance, which looked funny. On the Internet, foreigners dubbed the dance the “Harlem Shake,” which it wasn’t. When Jaylynn noticed me, she started laughing.

“I didn’t know you were there.” She giggled. “It’ll be about forty-five minutes before your clothes are dry, Mar’e.”

“Okay, no problem. Thanks! What are you doing?”

“What? It’s the Harlem Shake.” Jaylynn answered.

“That is not it.”

“Yes, it is.”

“No, that’s just CRAZY! Let me show you how to do it.”

I demonstrated the original Harlem Shake, which was dancing in a drunken way. Jaylynn stood there in amazement at my moves. Then she playfully pushed me on the couch and took my freshly cleaned dick between her luscious lips. I watched as Jaylynn licked my balls all the way up to the opening of my dick and deep-throated it.

“Oh, shit!” I moaned. “Yes, suck that dick, girl!”

Jaylynn smiled as she continued to suck, lick, and stroked my dick. Then she straddled it and rode me wildly. I pinched her erect pink nipples, which turned her on. Jaylynn moaned loudly as I gave her breasts my full attention.

“Yes, Mar’e, pinch them!” Jaylynn beckoned. “I love your cock!”

After sucking on Jaylynn’s tits, I carried her upstairs to the bedroom and set her on the bed. She stretched out and winked at me invitingly. Therefore, I got atop her and rubbed my dick against her quivering pussy. I slipped right into her cunt and, it felt good! I slide back and forth, built my rhythm, and grew wild like a stallion. Jaylynn clutched my ass cheeks and pulled me further into her.

“Fuck me with that big dick of yours!” she yelled. “Make me your whore!”

I thrust deeper and faster in her pussy. Jaylynn arched her back and screamed my name out. It was a sight to see. My dick stretched her wet tiny pussy. She grunted and groaned for the lust that seized her wits. The sex sounds she made echoed in the bedroom. I loved the flush that appeared on her beautiful face.

“I know you love this dick, baby!”

I had my way with her body. I flipped her on her stomach and invaded her tight rear entrance. She shrieked as I smashed her ass hard and zeroed in on her generous ass, spanking it a few times. This definitely turned her on.

“Yes, yes, yess … fuck my ass!” Jaylynn yelled. “Ah … mhh … your cock … mmm … feels so … good!”

Fucking her wildly, I felt myself getting close to cumming and pounded her ass harder. The sexual energy heightened, leading me over the edge! Finally, my seeds spurted out, and I convulsed ejaculating deep into her rectum.

“Fuck!” I groaned. “Shit!”

The sweat dripped down my face. I felt lightheaded, but it was euphorically pleasant. Jaylynn turned herself over. She rubbed her pussy and asshole. Raising her soaked fingers, she tasted my cum mixed with her pussy juice.

“I’m still horny.” Jaylynn sighed. “I hope that tongue of yours is ready for a taste of my pussy, because it is so slick. Come on! Don’t stay there.”

Inwardly, I admired her luring urges. Diving between her splayed thighs, I lapped her gaping pussy like an ardent feline. The smell of her love box drove me wild! I rubbed my nose all over het wet, bald pussy, licking it greedily. Then I covered as much of her smooth and soft pussy with my open mouth. She squirmed and clamped her legs around my head. I sucked harder on her engorged clit, and her body trembled in return.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she chanted. “Yes baby, eat me. Don’t stop. Mmm … I’m cumming!”

Finally, she let out a hoarse scream and pushed me away. Jaylynn could not take the pleasure any more. She grabbed the moist sheets, rolled into a ball, and convulsed. The aroma of sex filled the entire bedroom. Her scent was still fresh on my face as I resolved to get comfortable on the bed.

“I’m the master of cunnilingus, baby girl!” I said. “You can always count on me.”

Minutes later, we necked and made out.

“That was superb, baby.” I said. “Don’t forget to leave your number in my Galaxy. We’re definitely going to rock again.”

“Really?” Jaylynn exclaimed as if she just heard something unbelievable. “Are you really going to call me after we just fucked?”

“Yes, you’re my N-I-G-G-A.”

Jaylynn grinned. “I’d rather be your lover,” she said.

For an answer, I claimed her lips for a French kiss.

The End.

Copyright © 2013 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.

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