Jacob's Seduction Pt 2

Jacob followed Mandy inside of her home like an obedient dog. He stared at her heart-shaped ass as she walked, it swayed left and right and the only thing he could think about was screwing her brains out. Her home was a two-story house in the suburbs but it looked much bigger on the inside. Statues, paintings, and a marble floored decorated the first floor with a set of stairs off to the left and the backyard straight ahead. Jacob saw someone else in the backyard swimming in the pool in the nude. He wasn’t sure who she was but Mandy was leading him to this person.
Mandy got to the glass door and stopped and looked at Jacob.
“Open it.” She said softly.
Quickly Jacob opened the glass door and stepped aside. Mandy grinned as she walked out and Jacob followed. In the backyard was a long pool that went from three feet deep to twenty feet. Surrounding the pool was white cement about five feet from the ledge of the pool and the rest was all green grass. There was a barbecue pit off to the right, some lawn chairs and tables. The person in the pool rose out of the pool in front of them and as she walked closer Jacob could feel himself get hard.
The woman looked like a slightly older version of Mandy but with bigger, rounder breasts, a completely shaved pussy and she had traces of brown and black and blonde in her hair. Her eyes weren’t blue however, they were green.
The woman stopped in front of the two teenagers and smiled at her daughter.
“I see the potion worked?” The mother asked.
“Like a charm mother. It seems that nana was right, he is completely under my spell.”
“Prove it.”
Mandy looked over to Jacob. “Grab her breasts.”
Jacob didn’t hesitate as he shot both hands out and began fondling the woman’s breasts. She didn’t seem to mind and in the process her nipples hardened and Jacob started to play with those.
“Not bad, our own little sex slave.” The mother said softly.
“He isn’t little, you should see his cock. He was pounding me with it outside and I think he’s ready for another go.”
“Have him fuck me.”
“Jacob, fuck her good. Make her beg for your cock and don’t be gentle.”
Jacob let go of the woman’s breasts and stripped down at a quickening speed. He got a foot closer to the woman and placed his hands on her head and forced her down to her knees. She looked at his hard cock and thought to herself how much bigger he was compared to her husband. She opened her mouth and wrapped it around his cock eagerly and soon her head was bobbing back and forth as his cock went in and out of her warm mouth. She used her tongue to rub him on the underside of his dick and occasionally when she took him out of her mouth to suck on the tip she’d use her tongue again to lick at his tip.
With one hand she held his cock up and with the other she massaged his balls while she licked and turned her head to the side to suck on the bottom portion of his cock. Jacob was squinting and moaning at the same time, he didn’t want to say it but this woman was good at sucking cock and although he wanted to come there was something preventing his body from doing it.
“Make him come.” The mother said.
“Jacob, bust your nuts in my mothers mouth.” Mandy said.
When the mother put Jacob’s cock back in her mouth it was only a few seconds before he came. The mother swallowed as much as she could but some escaped and ended up on her breasts. When Jacob had finished coming he didn’t hesitate as he grabbed her by her hair and led her towards the pool. The mother followed as quickly as she could without feeling pain. They were both in the pool with the mother’s back against the wall and Jacob thrusting inside of her with vigor.
Her moans and groans and cries of pleasure were loud and she did little to hide them. She wasn’t as tight as her daughters but she still felt good inside, Jacob thought. He bit on her breasts roughly and though it hurt the woman it was a good pain. He slid his cock out of her cunt and that’s when he had achieved what Mandy told him to do earlier.
“No, give it to me. Don’t stop.” The mother said as the feeling of getting pounded was beginning to fade.
Jacob turned her around so she was facing her daughter who was watching with glee in the doorway and felt Jacob thrust into her pussy from behind. A sharp cry escaped her lips as Jacob resumed thrusting into her then pulling out an inch then pushed back inside of her.
“Jesus fuck I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!” The mother shouted as Jacob grabbed one of her large breasts and squeezed firmly.
“Jacob, bust your other nut inside of my mother.” Mandy said.
The words entered his brain and triggered a series of events that led up to Jacob emptying his load inside of the mother while at the same time she was just entering her climax. The two bodies both ejaculated and soon they were both still. Jacob pulled out of the mother and went to Mandy then got dressed and stood at her side.
They left Mandy’s mother in the pool panting and filled with come.
What neither of them had noticed was Mandy’s little sister, Kelly, watching from her room as her mother got fucked by this stranger.

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