Maid in The Phillipines

“Housekeeping,” Cory had called out again as she knocked on the door to the room. “Housekeeping.”

It had all started out just that innocently. The turn of a key in the lock and the push of the door and that one final step and the last thing Cory remembered was the sound of crackling as the young eighteen-year-old’s body took a severe jolt of electricity.

When the hotel maid finally awoke, it wasn’t in the hotel room she had been intending to clean.

She shook her head as she tried to remember what had happened to her.

“You’re awake,” said a man’s voice.

The master, Cory thought, and then she thought, where had that come from, and then she realized she had been right all along. This was the master.

In her mind, she could hear the master saying, “You will be here for as long as it amuses me, and then when you don’t, you will be turned out like the whore you are.”

For the rest of her life, that thought would always cross her mind whenever she awoke, Cory knew, a not-so-subtle reminder that she was only there at the master’s whim.

She groaned a bit as she sat up in bed. The room, she noticed, was opulent, not at all like a hotel room and then she noticed her clothes.

Gone was the drab uniform of a hotel maid. Gone were the comfortable shoes and the hotel pass keys, and gone was the little tag that gave her name.

In their place was still a maid’s uniform, but it was much different than what she had worn before. This one was short and was made all of black satin and trimmed in white. This one had black stockings and high heeled shoes. This one had a short puffed out skirt, and yes, Cory realized, this one had no panties.

She was still a maid Cory realized, but it was a much different kind of maid. She would not be the one who made up the opulent room she was in. There would be someone else to do that. She was there for only one reason, Cory realized. She was there to be a sexy, little maid. She was there to serve her master. She was there for sex.

And that thought excited her.

Her body seemed to almost hum with sexual energy. She needed the master to fuck her little virgin pussy. She needed this more than she had ever needed anything in her entire life. She needed the master to make her a woman.

Cory would always wake up in the morning with the very same thoughts, with no recollection of any sex that she might have had before. In her mind, she would always awake as a virgin, ready to be fucked by the master’s cock. It would be a rare day where she only got fucked once but that first one in the morning would always be like the first.

That this persona had been imposed on her was clear to Cory, but what was also clear to her was that this was the way she was now and she never wanted to go back to the person she had been before. All she really wanted, all she would ever want, was sex.

Cory felt the master slide a finger between her thighs and then up under her skirt. She felt the master rub that finger against her cunt. “My, my, my,” the man commented, “someone is wet today.”

He was right, Cory realized with a start. She was wet. She needed to be fucked so bad.

The man stroked his finger over the outline of her pussy and Cory moaned again, and yet, as much as she loved what the master was doing to her, it wasn’t his finger she needed.

The man could sense the girl’s need and he smiled. “I think someone needs to get fucked,” he said, and Cory looked up at him with bright, eager eyes as she nodded enthusiastically.

“Well then, tell me, little girl, have you ever been fucked before?”

Cory shook her head.

The master smiled. “Well then, if you’re going to get fucked, I think you have some prep work to do.” The man stepped closer to the girl and Cory could see his bobbing cock. “Suck on it,” the man told her. “Suck on it and get it nice and wet and slippery so we can slide it in that tight, little cunt of yours.”

Cory had never sucked a cock before, or at least she had never remembered sucking a cock before, but there was that cock in front of her, and suddenly, Cory couldn’t have stopped herself even if she’d wanted to. Her mouth was open and her tongue was out. She licked at the tip of the master’s shaft. She licked her way around the head of that cock and she watched the man, eager to see his response, and when it was clear he approved, she licked him again.

Her mouth slid down over the master’s rod and then she was taking him deep inside her mouth. Her mouth pulled back only to plunge down on that cock again and when the man groaned again, Cory knew she had done well.

The master let the girl continue to suck on his cock and the more she sucked it, the more she liked it. Even if she hadn’t sucked a cock before, Cory figured, she must have been good at it, because the master seemed to approve of the job she was doing, and if he approved of her, then that was good enough.

The master pulled his cock away from Cory’s still sucking mouth. “It’s time for you to get fucked,” he told his young sex maid. “Have you ever been fucked before?”

The girl shook her head with big, wide eyes. She was sure she’d never been fucked before.

Cory felt the man slide his cock down and then she felt the man perch himself over her body. “Should I get out of my uniform now?” the girl asked.

The master smiled at her. “There’s no need for that,” he told her and then he was pushing her legs apart and Cory could feel the man sliding between her legs. She could feel the man lifting up the little skirt of her dress and then lifting up the little crinoline petticoats and she could feel the bareness of her pussy, wet and waiting for the master’s cock.

Her body was quivering as the master slid his cock over her pussy and then she could feel the man press his cock against her resistant hole. My first time, Cory thought as the cock pushed a little deeper. This is my first time.

Her master seemed to pause, almost as if waiting for something and then with a single thrust, the man buried himself in Cory’s tight, little hole.

Cory screamed as the master took her. It’s my first time, she told herself as the master took her. It’s my first time, and then that cock was thrusting again and she sobbed as her pussy took that cock. She was getting fucked for the very first time.

The man thrust again and it didn’t hurt so much this time. In fact, it felt rather good. My first time, Cory told herself, I’m getting fucked for the very first time.

“Oh yeah,” her master groaned, “you have such a nice, tight cunt.”

She would always have a tight pussy, Cory realized. You could drive a Mac truck through there and her muscles might stretch, but they would always bounce back. They would always be tight. It was one of the gifts the master had given her and she thanked him again for it, because she only wanted to please that man.

And besides, it was her very first time.

Cory could feel the pleasure building up inside her as the master fucked her. She would always love it when he fucked her, she realized, and then she was moaning again. It felt so good. It felt so very good.

It felt too good and then Cory gasped as her pussy wrapped itself around the man’s cock. Her pussy was squeezing that cock and in that moment, she realized what was happening to her. She was having her very first orgasm and as she did, she felt her master cum inside her, and in Cory’s mind, that was only right since it would not be right if she came without the master.

Her master pulled his cock out of Cory’s cunt and then he was pulling the girl up and pressing his cock against her face. “Suck my cock,” he told the girl.

Cory looked up at the man with bright, eager eyes and then she looked at his cock, and then she slid her mouth down around the man’s shaft. She wanted to suck on he
r master’s cock and she was glad that he thought she was worthy enough to do it.

She tried to do the best job she could on that cock and if the moans of he
r master were any indication, then she was doing a pretty, good job. She had that cock nice and hard again and she continued to work it over with her mouth. She wanted to make that man cum.

Her master was groaning and instinctively, Cory knew that could only mean one thing. He was about to cum and that just made Cory suck him even harder.

The man groaned again and then he was pulling his cock from Cory’s mouth and then he was pulling on his cock as the girl looked up at him eagerly. The man let out a loud grunt, and then his cock was cumming, and suddenly he was raining cum down on the little Phillipine girl, plastering her face and her sexy maid’s uniform with more and more cum.

“Suck it again,” the man told her and once again, Cory took her master’s cock into her mouth. She would have glady sucked his cock all day long if he asked her to but all he wanted this time was for her to get him hard again.

And with that cute, little body, and with that sucking, little mouth, getting hard again was not a problem.

Cory was proud of herself because she’d gotten her master hard again just like he wanted. She wondered if he was going to cum on her face again like he did before or maybe he’d slide his cock down and give her pussy another helping of cum. That would be fun, too.

But the master did neither of those.

The master turned Cory over and pulled the girl up onto her hands and knees. Her dress was so short that it really afforded her very little protection against the master’s cock, not that she wanted protection anyway. She could feel the master lifting her dress and sliding his hand between her thighs. She could feel the man stroking his hand over her pussy, and then she could feel something else.

Cory moaned as her pussy took that cock. She moaned again as she took the length of it again. She really, really loved that cock. She moaned again. That cock, she thought, had to be the best cock in the whole, wide world.

Cory felt her master’s hands on her ass and then she felt the man pulling her onto his cock. She loved that cock. She felt one of his hands easing up her back as her pussy took that cock.

And then that hand was retreating, pulling its way down Cory’s back, easing the zipper down Cory’s dress and as Cory continued to take that cock, her uniform opened up and her dress fell forward, falling in a bunch around her hands and still Cory’s pussy continued to take that cock.

The girl hardly needed a bra so she wasn’t wearing one and as the dress fell open and as her tiny tits sprang free, still her pussy took that cock. She moaned as her body rocked to and fro on that cock and she loved it. She loved the feel of that cock inside her and she couldn’t wait to feel it cum inside her again.

But Cory was going to have to wait for at least a little longer, because her master pulled his cock out of her, and then he was pulling Cory’s maid uniform down over her little, brown butt.

A now naked Cory moaned again. She felt so exposed and she loved it and this time, the master’s cock was back. This time, he was going to give her what she wanted. This time, Cory just kept rocking on that cock until finally, her hungry pussy could not take it anymore, and even as her pussy started to cum, so too did the cock jammed deep inside her.

It was nearly a year later and while Cory was still eighteen, she was also very, very pregnant. With her pregnancy well into its seventh month, her belly had grown tremendously, and since walking around on those high heels was so hard, Cory spent most of her time in bed, getting bigger and bigger.

The sexy maid uniforms got bigger, too, seemingly growing almost magically to form fit themselves to her changing body and the master must have liked it, too, because he kept fucking the girl’s little pregnant body and telling her what a good, little fuck she was, and Cory loved it. There was aboslutely nothing better than that.

Every morning when she awoke, Cory could hear the master saying, “You will be here for as long as it amuses me, and then when you don’t, you will be turned out like the whore you are.” Every morning, she knew she was a virgin. That she was pregnant amazed her, and in her good, Catholic mind, that could mean only one thing. Her master was God.

And she treated him that way, as if his cock were an instrument of God. She only wanted to please this man, and she hoped never to be cast out from his presence, but if she were, Cory knew she would be okay as long as she could keep getting sex, sex, and more sex.

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