Mar’e, Daisy, and Candice

I walked inside Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club, one of the hottest nightspots in Manhattan. As always, I felt like a superstar walking around the club. I had on my custom-made black Gucci jacket, matching crisp black jeans, and Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords sneakers. Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss” blared from the speakers, which was my anthem for 2011. The dark and light-skinned exotic dancers clad in sheer see-through and skimpy micro bikinis aroused me as they swayed their hips in time with the throbbing bass. They made the club sizzling! I sat at a table in the VIP area in a nice dark corner where I could see the entire bar and stage clearly.

I have couple hundred dollars in singles in my pocket. I noticed my friend, Candice Jackson, a dancer/waitress who worked here. She was tall, blessed with a flawless cocoa complexion, long black hair, and extraordinarily voluptuous in every dimension. Her figure resembled the animated character, Jessica Rabbit. I often ran into her on 125th Street in Harlem. I flagged her down and she came to the table.

“What’s up, baby girl?” I said to her.

“Hey, Mar’e,” She said, as she kissed me on the cheek. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m chillin’, you know how I do.” I continued. “Who’s the baddest girl in here?”

“Me, I’m the baddest girl in here!” Candice answered.

“Besides you, who else is worth my time?”

“My girl, Daisy Marie! She’s Mexican, and she’s called the Mexican Goddess! We’re like the Thelma & Louise of Cheetahs!”

“Well, tell Daisy if she takes real great care of me, I’ll take great care of her.”

“No doubt,” Candice replied.

I smacked her ass playfully and she turned around with a smile on her face. Candice’s hips swayed enticingly when she walked off. She definitely had the best ASS in this club.

Minutes later, Candice and a pint-sized olive-skinned woman with shoulder-length wavy hair, perfect curves, killer abs, and a great ASS showed up to my table. She had on a black and yellow mini bikini, which in no way disguised her marvelous figure. Damn, she’s bad! I said to myself.

“Mar’e, I like you to meet my girl, Daisy!” Candice introduced us.

We both said hi, and Daisy sat next to me. Candice walked off so we could be alone. I think we were both somewhat nervous, sitting down smiling. I ordered some drinks to help ease the anxiety.

“Nice outfit,” I told her.

Daisy laughed and replied, “Thanks. You like Latinas?”

“Hell yeah, I love Latinas!” I continued. “They’re passionate lovers.”

“Latinas do it better!” She smiled. “You know you can’t out-fuck a Mexican.”

“So, I’ve been told.” I replied. “Well, I hope I find out tonight!”

“You’re funny.” Daisy chuckled.

As we continued talking, I was sipping on Peach Cîroc mixed with cream soda, and Daisy was drinking Vodka and Orange juice. She looked sexy holding her drink. I put several dollars in her top.

“I want you. Can I have you for tonight?” I asked her.

“Maybe,” Daisy answered.

Daisy reached for my hand and brought it to her pussy, which was already wet. Then we kissed while she squeezed my erect dick through my pants. I whispered in her ear that I wanted a lap dance and she gave me a lap dance for $20. She took off her top and let me squeezed her tits. I loved the feeling of Daisy’s hands and thighs on my crotch during the lap dance. Her body moved smoothly to the rhythm of Kid Cudi’s “The Sky Might Fall” as she rode me. I was a 1000 times harder than I had been before. I thought she was going to make me cum in my pants, but I didn’t. The song ended and I placed a ten-dollar bill in her G-string.

I made it rain on Daisy with my dollars as she danced on top of the table. Some strippers saw me tossing up dollars and raced upstairs to my table. I heard a group of men sitting at a table downstairs screaming fuck that man upstairs. Ha-Ha! They were jealous because I had a table full of hotties and their table was full of fellas…ewww. I had to tell Candice to get these strippers away from me, because it wasn’t that kind of party, and she did. Even though Candice was classy, she still has the street in her.

Both, Daisy and I were in a party mood, and we hit the dance floor. Candice soon joined us, and we danced in a small circle.Bronx’s popular deejay, DJ Gates who I knew, shouted me out, and all the women roared. I felt like the King of New York!

When it hit midnight, confetti filled the dance floor and the horns were blowing. Everybody was going around hugging, kissing, and high-fiving. Spirits were high and the feeling was great! We all feel like 2012 is a promising year.

I went back to my table because I was feeling hungry. Daisy and Candice also sat at my table since their feet were hurting. I ordered the steak and a baked potato. The women had hot wings, which they finished in no time.

“Boy, I’m going to tear your ass up!” Candice said to me.

“When we get to your place, I’m going to wear your black ass out!” Daisy promised.

“I’m going to suck all your kids out your dick!” Candice said.

“I want you to bend me over and ravage me like an animal. I want it baby!”

“Yes, I’m thinking about your hard dick inside of me.” Candice said.

My steel-hard dick was literally poking a hole through my boxers. I t was hard for me to eat. I never had a problem finishing steak and potatoes, but these women had me starving for something else.

I grabbed the skinny Caucasian waiter and told him, “Put my shit in a doggy bag! I’m ready to leave! I have to handle these two women.”

Candice and Daisy burst out with laughter.

After Candice and Daisy put on their mink coats, we hopped in my brand new white 2012 BMW M3 and sped off. I could tell the car impressed them. Once I hit the West Side Highway, I drove even faster. Thank God, there weren’t any police around to pull me over. I knew they were too busy policing the crowd in Times Square. I occasionally stared intently into the rear view mirror watching them make out. They were half-dressed, and I heard a lot of sucking and kissing sounds. They knew I was watching them, as their moaning got louder and louder.

“Do you like what you see, Mar’e?” Goddess asked.

“Hell yeah, baby.” I responded. “Y’all are killing me!”

“We’re sorry.” Candice giggled. “We didn’t mean to get carried away.”

I took them to my Upper West Side penthouse that overlooked Central Park. After I gave them a quick tour of my place, we chilled in my bedroom. Then they excused themselves to go to the bathroom. I undressed and got under the covers. I was ready to start the New Year off with some hot fucking.

“What’s taking y’all so long?” I hollered. “You know I got my DICK out!”

A few minutes later, Candice and Daisy came out naked. My jaw dropped. They looked so sexy! Their flawless skin was creamy, their nipples were erect, and their shaved vaginas were dripping wet.

They crawled in the bed and we were in a kissing frenzy. Our tongues twirling together with such erotic delight as were giggling and moaning in enjoyment. I pinched both of their nipples as they massaged my cock. Then they divided me in half, with Candice taking the upper part of my body and Daisy focusing on the lower part. Candice’s tongue went on a journey from my torso to my lips and Daisy was sucking my dick with great artistry, which drove me wild! With this dual stimulation, my toes were curling.

“I want to ride this monster!” Daisy said.

“Do your thing, girl!” I told her.

Daisy got on top of me and rode me for all she was worth. Her body was moving to the rhythm of the music. It was so intense that I gripped her hips with my hands to control and steer her movements in order to slow her down so I wouldn’t ejaculate too fast. Candice lowered her shaved pussy on my mouth and I began licking, sucking, and finger-fucking her clit. She moaned and screamed her excitement. Her body was rocking to a smooth orgasm. I sucked Candice’s pussy harder. My dick was so deep in Daisy’s juicy pussy that she screamed like a specter. Her passionate moaning and groaning let me know she neared a very intense orgasm, and she finally climaxed.

“Let me show you how to work this dick.” Candice said. “Yes, let me get on his dick!”

“Yes, bring that ass over here! Yeah, baby!”

Candice climbed on top of me and started bouncing up and down, squeezing my dick with her pussy muscles. She definitely knew how to ride a dick! I pumped her faster and she moaned her enthusiasm. Candice stopped and exploded with a series of strong contractions. She collapsed on me, and we French-kissed.

We switched to the missionary position. I had easy access to her pussy as my dick pumped in and out, making watery sounds. Candice’s moans were getting louder as the pace gotten faster. It was getting very intense. The tempo we were moving, I knew it wouldn’t be long for us to explode. While I was pounding Candice, I was slurping the love juices pouring out of Daisy’s pussy. Her juices filled my mouth as I swallowed it covetously, licking all over her thighs and toned legs to get every sweet drop. Candice cumming on my dick and Daisy’s pussy quivering on my lips simultaneously was one of the greatest sensations ever!

“Yes, papí, eat my pussy! Drink it all up!”

“Oh, fuck yes; you’re going to make me cum!” Candice announced. “Get it!”

Candice’s entire groin area vibrated as she went off. It was one of the most intense orgasms ever.

“You have some good pussy.” I sighed.

“I got the kind of pussy that’ll keep you out the streets.” Candice expressed. “You never get bored fucking this pussy!”

“Yes, I like that!” I said, as I turned to Daisy. “It’s your turn now, girl. I want some of that Latina heat!”

Daisy got on all fours, turned her head over her shoulder, and said “Give it to me doggie-style, poppa. I want that monster up my ass.”

“No problem, baby girl!”

I snaked my dick in her ass, and pounded away. Candice lay beneath us, licking at my dick and Daisy’s clapping labia. Daisy was licking and sucking Candice’s shaved pussy. Moaning and passionate sighs echoed the bedroom. I smacked Daisy’s ass and perspiration flew off her ass cheeks. It drove her wild every time I smacked her soft buttocks. A red handprint was noticeable on her right ass cheek. I enjoyed the view of Daisy’s tanned back and the sound of my testicles slapping against her ass cheeks.

“Yes, like that Mar’e! Fuck me.” She exclaimed.

“Oh, I love this pussy!” I yelled.

Daisy lay on her back and I slowly entered her smooth pussy. Watching my dick move in and out of Daisy at a rapid pace and Candice massaging Daisy’s tits was one of the best sights ever. I gradually picked up the speed, fucking Daisy’s pussy as hard as I could.

“Yes, yes, fuck me with that monster dick!” Daisy howled.

Daisy was completely out of control. She met up with every thrust I made, and climaxed so hard that she made me drive my weapon into her love box. I pounded her, faster and harder. My cum poured out of Daisy’s pussy and trickled down her legs. The cum and pussy juices mixed on my dick, drenching it all over. Daisy bit her lip to keep herself from screaming. I pulled out of her once we reached the crescendo in unison. The bedroom air filled with sex. I got up to crack the window open, and let the air to waft out. Candice and Daisy started kissing each other. Candice explored Daisy’s pussy with her tongue. Daisy trembled with pleasure. I love two hot girls in action! They shifted and sixty-nined, which had me aroused again. I wanted to join in, but was too exhausted to do so, and I knew they were enjoying each other. It was evident. The girls moaned, shrieked, and sucked each other in preoccupation. I smiled and pulled out a camera. Then, I started videotaping them. It was a brilliant idea to end my night with hot, passionate, and sensual lesbian action on the show!

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