Mar’e Retreat

A vacation in the Bahamas was what I needed. For the last five days, I was staying at the profligacy Atlantis Paradise Island Resort enjoying all the amenities here. I did everything here such as played golf, snorkel, gamble, shop, party, hit the Water Park, and chilled at one of the worlds most beautiful beaches. I had one day left in the Bahamas and I wanted to do something to remember this vacation.

It was a nice sunny Saturday morning. I got out of the shower and slipped into my baby blue waist towel. The soft breeze in the living room made me feel so rejuvenated. It was my last day here and I was determined to make it a great one! I walked out to the balcony to take in the spectacular view of the beach, pools, and ocean. As I gazed, I noticed that the room to my far right had its sliding glass window open. Something inside me told me to go down there and investigate, which I did. As I was getting closer, music from Kings of Leon blared from the room. To my surprise, I saw a naked woman in the bedroom. I focused my eyes on the woman, and I realized it was my friend, Taylor Hayes doing yoga naked.

The combination of a flat stomach, big firm tits, and a bouncy ass made Taylor a hot brunette. We worked in the same building and often converse about our sexual encounters when we saw each other, but we never hung out. I knew she fucked my Mexican college friend, Juan, which had me laughing.

Suddenly, Taylor stopped exercising, I thought she noticed me, but she did not look in my direction. She sat on the edge of the bed and slowly began playing with her neatly trimmed pussy. My mouth dropped to the floor and I felt myself becoming aroused.

“Yes, yes, fuck!” Taylor moaned.

I marveled at the skill Taylor had in getting herself off. She used her tiny fingers in a marvelous fashion, fingering, rubbing, and massaging her pussy. I wanted so badly to pull my dick out and plunge it in her pussy. Taylor sounded so sexy screaming her excitement. I watched as she squirted her orgasm. It was volcanic! I love having sex with squirters! Now, I definitely wanted to fuck Taylor before I leave the Bahamas.

Taylor calmed down and walked out of my view. I went back to my room and started to get dress. I could not get Taylor out of my mind. I left my room and knocked on her door three times. She did not answer so I put my ear to the door and heard the shower water running and some music. Instead of waiting, I decided to go downstairs and have breakfast.

Later on that afternoon, I decided to hit the beach. I ran and dove in the clear ocean to cool myself. The water felt so good that it cleansed me and made me feel younger. It was as if I was swimming in the fountain of youth. I walked out the ocean feeling like a 19-year-old. The water dripped down my muscular physique and I enjoyed the stares I got from the tanned women with long hair playing volleyball. I heard a few of them whistling at me, which had me chuckling.

As I relaxed on the sand, I enjoyed the view of the bikini clad women, and my umbrella drink. I was in a state of tranquility and loved every minute of it. Then I noticed Taylor walking my way wearing a rose-red bikini. Her body looked so luscious! I knew Taylor enjoyed the obvious effect she had on all the men and women on the beach.

“Hey, Mar’e, how are you doing?” She said when she saw me. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, what’s up? I’m on vacation. I needed to get away from New York for a few days.” I told her. “I sold Goodfella$ for a very nice amount, and I’m going to enjoy my life as a rich 30-year-old Black man.”

“Wow, I cannot believe you sold Goodfella$. I know how much you love working on the magazine and have amazing-looking women pose for you. I’m going to miss seeing you in the building.”

“Don’t worry; I’m going to visit you and the rest of my friends there.”

Taylor came out with, “Yeah, I’m also going to miss hearing about your very nice reputation with the women. I hear you’re ‘The Man’ when it comes to pleasing a woman with your dick and tongue.”

I chuckled and said, “Well, let’s just say I haven’t heard any complaints. If I’m not their greatest lover, I know I wasn’t far from being the greatest!”

Taylor smiled and said, “Did you like what you saw this morning?”

“What are you talking about?” I was curious.

“I know you were watching me, Mar’e, and it turned me on!” Taylor continued. “I love it when men watch me play with my pussy. I saw you in my mirror, and I knew you were hard.”

“I enjoyed every second of your show.” I admitted. “I love how you climaxed.”

Taylor giggled, “I know how to drive men wild. I have not gotten any sex since I have been here. If you are lucky, we might be able to do something. I’m so curious about your reputation in the bedroom.”

She winked at me and kissed me on the cheek. I just smile and watched her walked away. I enjoyed her well-oiled curvaceous ass-cheeks moved side to side.

That evening, I hit the Atlantis Casino. I got on the blackjack table and immediately started winning. My luck was at an all-time high. I made $3,000 in a few minutes, and as usual, I attracted a crowd. I loved the attention. A tall, gorgeous blond-haired wine waiter that was serving me drinks stood by my side as if she was bringing me more good luck. A few gamblers that stood by were making some money betting on me. A woman clad in a multicolored sundress asked me my name, and I told her Mar’e.

“Mar’e! Mar’e!” My audience shouted.

When I decided to stop, I won over $10,000 and another $20,000 at the craps table. I had a serious winning streak, and it felt like it took less than an hour. I decided to celebrate so I walked up the grand staircase that led into the Aura Nightclub. It did not look like any club inManhattan. There were two bars and VIP sections. Banquette seating surrounded the glass floor, which impressed me. There were mostly people in my age group already mingling and interacting. I really liked the ambience of Aura. The tall brown-skinned Hispanic disc jockey clad in a black visor and T-shirt spun hip-hop records. I mingled with four young women and three men because they loved my New York accent and swagger.

“California Love (remix)” came on, and I was ready to dance. I saw this tanned, cute woman with long brownish-red hair wearing a Carolina blue short dress sitting by the bar smiling. I caught her staring at me a few times. I signaled her to dance with me, she immediately got up, and we started dancing. We were laughing and going with the flow. The loud banging hip-hop beat had us moving so freaky and smoothly on the floor. She rubbed her ass up against me, and my hands roamed her body. She seemed to quiver at my touch. We talked intimately, and I liked how she grinned up at me. We shared a passionate kiss, then the lights went out, and a reggae song came on. When the lights came back on, she was gone. I looked around and did not see her anywhere. I stood there smiling and laughing to myself. It was almost midnight, and I was ready to call it a night.

I got off the elevator and saw Taylor walking down the hall. The sight of her aroused me. Taylor wore a tight black blouse that exposed her tits and nice abs. There was nobody in sight, so I decided to make my move. I quietly caught up with Taylor and tickled her.

“What’s up, gorgeous?” I said.

Taylor jumped, turned around, and smiled. “You scared me, handsome. I was just thinking about you.”

“You looked like you just left a party, baby girl. I love that outfit!”

Taylor stepped close to me, her tits were touching my chest, and our lips were almost touching. I felt my dick grow a few more inches.

“Mar’e, I’m horny now and charged up. I need some real dick. Are you man enough for the job?” Taylor asked.

“You must not know about me, baby girl. I am known for blowing backs out! Many women will consign with that.”

Taylor lowered herself and took my dick in her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth, blowing me, and rolling her wet tongue around the head of my dick. I groaned in ecstasy. The pleasure was great! I felt her hands massaging my balls and I knew she was going to make me cum any minute. Therefore, I pulled away.

“Damn, girl, I don’t want to cum yet.” I felt. “Let me be inside the pussy first before I blast off!”

Taylor laughed, “I love your cock already.”

Taking me by the dick, she led me inside her hotel room, and we went straight to the bedroom. Taylor had her clothes off faster than an ice cube melting on hot ironing. My clothes came off as fast as hers did. Taylor sat on the edge of the bed and she could no longer contain herself as she reached over and grabbed my erect dick. I knew she was aching for my dick to fill her wet pussy.

Looking at me with lust in her eyes,Taylor said, “I want to get fucked good! I need to feel that big dick inside me!”

Slowly, I inched my dick into her, feeling the warmth of her pussy tightly wrapped around it. I pumped slowly and enjoyed the pleasure of the sex as I pinched her nipples. We developed a nice rhythm, and I felt myself pumping a little faster.

“I know your women like to be fucked hard,” Taylor moaned. “They like their pussy pounded hard and fast. Oh, go deeper!”

“You know I am, baby!”

I began to speed up my rhythm, and pounded Taylor’s pussy harder and faster. Her body was moving up and down, and she shook her head from side to side. Taylor’s moaning was getting louder. I felt my dick getting ready to erupt.

“I’m going to cum!” She shrieked. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Yes!”

Her orgasm caused me to ejaculate. I almost blacked out because the sensation was so intense. It felt like I cummed harder than I ever had before. I did not know how bad I needed to released six days’ worth of sexual fluid! I had a feeling of satisfaction.

“Now, that was amazing!” I expressed.

Taylor caught her breath and said, “Oh, my God, I never had a cock that was the size of yours.”

“You’re dealing with a sex God.” I replied.

I fingered Taylor’s pussy like a lunatic. I practiced the technique that Heather Hunter taught me at my birthday party, and had Taylor’s pussy pouring like rain. She had my fingers soaked.

“My pussy is sensitive.” She sighed.

I licked, spanked, and sucked Taylor’s pussy. She tasted so sweet. As I continued to explore her wet pussy with my tongue, I massaged her tits, and caressed her ass. She sounded so sexy moaning and groaning passionately. Her breathing was getting heavier.

“Oh, my God, if you keep doing that I’m going to cum again.” Taylor announced.

Her stomach muscles tightened and she rewarded me with a shower of pussy juice in my mouth. Taylor’s shrieks echoed the room. Her orgasm caused her body to shake uncontrollably. The smell of the hot sex filled the room.

“Woo, Taylor, you are one hot woman,” I told her.

When Taylor intense orgasm subsided, she climbed on top of me and lowered herself slowly on my dick. It felt so good having her on top. Taylor knew how to ride a ride. She built up a nice pace and pounded me for all she was worth!

“You make me feel so good, Mar’e!” Taylor moaned.

“Ride it!” I groaned.

I cupped Taylor’s gorgeous ass and we were hunching each other madly. It was as if we were having a wrestling match. I know the guests in the next room could hear all the noises we were making and felt as though they were in the room with us. Moaning loudly, we climaxed in perfect unison.

“Fuck!” Taylor said, as she lay prone on my body.

“Damn, Taylor, that was hot! What the hell do we do for an encore?” I asked.

“I have an idea.”

Taylor went to the bathroom to clean up. I slide the glass windows to air out the room. When Taylor came back, she was clad in a monokini and holding a cherry-red acoustic guitar. Her body was moist, and she looked so radiant.

“What are you about to do?” I asked with a smile.

“The sex was so good that I’m going to play a song. I want you to lay back and enjoy the music.”

Taylor sat on the edge of the bed Indian style and started playing the guitar. I lay back and listened to the music. I do not know what song Taylor was playing, but it sounded so soulful. I close my eyes and let the rhythm take me to another place. It was the perfect way to end my last night in the Bahamas.

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