Mar’e Wins His Prize

Early afternoon, I am playing blackjack with my friend, Sid in his Manhattan loft condominium. I am winning his money! Sid is a 28-year-old tall light-skinned model with a short tapered hairstyle and boyish looks. We have known each other for ten years and would go to clubs to pick up women. We often tell people that we are cousins because of how close we are. Rap music is playing on a medium volume as we are battling like professional athletes. I am not trying to lose any money to him.

After winning another hand, I said, “That’s right, give up playboy! Mar’e has things to do! You know I’m a busy man.”

Sid laughs and said, “Lucky bastard! Here, take that!”

His roommate, Emily, is in the living room chillin’ and laughing. She is a beautiful 24-year-old Caucasian woman, but she is vivid in her looks. Like brown-haired women of her age, her tones shine brilliantly. Her face and lips are heart-shaped. She has dimple in her chin, deep-set green eyes, a Roman nose, and hair that run down in curls to her slim waist. Her bums and thighs are round. She has a toned stomach but her tits are not big. They are an A-cup and yet they are well rounded. She looks sexy in her yellow skimpy halter-top and micro skirt. I remember her having a daredevil nature because we rode dirt bikes a few times in the city.

“You better quit before Mar’e have you walking around broke.” Emily suggests jokingly. “You know how you are when you don’t have any money.”

“Yeah, this is the last hand.” Sid continues. “I already lost $450. He’s hot now!”

Sid loses another hand and finally quits. I won $500 from him and I am feeling good. Emily is smiling and winking at me. I love the attention she is giving me.

“Don’t worry, Sid, if we hit the clubs tonight, the drinks are on me!” I promise.

“Fuck you!” Sid says. “I’ll be right back; I’m going to get some Chinese food. I do not have anything good to eat here. Do y’all want anything?”

Emily and I both tell Sid that we are good, and then he leaves. Now we are alone, and I already have naughty thoughts in my head. The Notorious B.I.G. is now playing on the radio. It just dawns to me that it is the 15th anniversary of his death and his music instantly has me thinking about my teenage years during the mid-1990s. Emily gets up and turns the volume up. I feel like I am in the club as I watch her dance to “Get Money”. Emily smiles as she sees me walking in the living room shirtless, showing off my impressive physique. I begin dancing to the rhythm of the music. Emily’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone starts ringing, and judging by the expression on her face, I can tell she do not want to answer her phone.

“I wish these white guys knew I date black men only.” Emily confirms.

“Emily loves chocolate I see.” I smile.

“You know you can get it, Mar’e.” Emily says with a smile.

“And you know I want it, baby girl.” I respond.

“You know a pretty white woman with a nice ass is the black man’s Kryptonite.”

“And you know Mandingo is the destroyer of the white woman’s pussy.”

“Do you think you can handle this white girl?” She asks.

“All you have to do is bring your body right here, babe.” I tell her.

With a smile on her face, Emily saunters up to me and kisses me. Her tongue slips in my mouth and we are French kissing. I love the feeling of her lips and wet tongue. Emily is so into the kiss that it is as if we are lovers.

“You are a smooth kisser!” She tells me. “Now, let me show you what I know what to do.”

Emily pushes me down on the black leather couch and slowly pulls down my baggy jeans. She removes her halter-top and sensually licks her lower lip. I take a quick peek at Emily’s nipples, which are standing out like a pair of pink hills. Each moment flies by and I feel a tickling feeling of arousal. Emily proceeds to lick my thighs and goes up to my shaved balls. The feeling is so exquisite. An electric sensation is souring up my spine. Emily has me squirming like an earthworm. I feel like I am going to ejaculate now, but Emily is doing a great job prolonging my cumming.

“Damn, girl, shit.” I moan.

“You like that, huh?” She says, with a giggle.

As Emily continues to give me fellatio, I am playing with her tits. I love the way they feel. Emily sighs as I squeeze her tits. She sounds so sexy making those soft sounds.

“Let me give you some dick.” I said softly.

I lay Emily on the couch and remove her micro skirt deliberately. She closes her eyes and sighs as I suck her tits and lick her erect nipples in preoccupation. After sucking her tits, I proceed to lick my way down her well-defined abs. Her pierced belly button is as inviting as her areola. I go on to admire her nicely trimmed pussy. I massage her clit with my thumb and so, lower my head. My tongue lashes out, swirling into her right away. The aroma of Emily’s quivering pussy is driving me crazy and I sink my tongue deep within her.

Emily jumps and said, “Oh, shit! Fuck! Yes!”

I keep up the good work, driving her crazy. The pleasure is so intense that Emily moves around wildly and pinches her nipples. She arches her back and screams aloud, which turns me on; I love hearing women scream for the pleasure they go through.

“Yes, eat me Mar’e! Lick me all day. Fuck me with that big black cock of yours.” She demands.

I rise high on knees and position myself between her thighs. Then I slide my dick into her pussy. It is tight but I penetrate her with ease. She is well lubed for me! I can ease my cock out of her. The more I tease her, the wilder she gets. Emily thrusts her hips, trying to get me going all the way in. Finally, I push my dick into her receptive cunt, making her scream. I begin pumping Emily, faster and harder each time. The more I tease her, the wilder she gets. Emily is thrusting her hips, trying to get me to go all the way in.

“That’s right, baby, take this dick!” I said.

“Yes, keep fucking me hard with that big cock.” Emily cries. “I love how it feels inside me. You feel so good. Come on, big boy!”

Emily’s encouragement triggers me to fuck her even harder and deeper. Her loud moans and groans mix well with the rap music. It sounds like a soundtrack to an urban amateur porno. The smell of sweltering sex fills the room. I look her face. The flush on her face and neck is apparent. Her eyes are rolling around, her mouth opens wide, and I can tell she is about to cum in no time.

“I’m cumming!” She pants hoarsely.

“Yes, cum on this dick, baby,”

I shove into her passionately and love the ultimate pleasure for a rapid pace. Emily’s stomach quivers and her legs are trembling. She shrieks as her orgasm hits her, and I can feel Emily’s love juices drenching my dick. Her dripping cunt is a remarkable sight!

“Oh my God,” Emily says, when her orgasm subsides. “I feel like I just lost my virginity, I’ve never had it like that before.”

“I’m giving you the best dick, gorgeous.”

“You want some more?”

“Hell yeah, we’re just starting this party.” I reply.

Emily gets on all fours and turns her head facing me. Her ass glistens with sex, which makes it look sexy. I caress her ass and give her a sharp spank. She yelps but I pay no heed and insert my dick to fuck her in the doggie-style. She pushes her ass back against me, meeting me stroke for stroke. I am pumping into her, deeper and faster. I clutch at her tits during the heat. She goes untamed for the touch!

“Yes, pound my ass with that big fucking cock!” Emily howls. “Yeah, give it to me! Fuck me!”

I go on with drilling her. My balls slap against her ass. I love the hits and the effect drives me wild. I feel myself nearing an orgasm. It is coming and I cannot hold it any longer. Golden cum erupts out of my dick and lands on her lower back.

“Fuck!” I utter. “Shit!”

Emily turns around and reaches for my dick, which is still stiff. Her hands are sliding up and down my dick and massaging it to keep it hard. Then she takes each of my balls and begins sucking it. I am moaning and grunting in pleasure. Emily’s horniness really amazes me.

“I love this cock.” She confesses. “You really turned me on.”

“Yes, my dick loves probing your wet pussy.” I reply. “You want some more?”

“My pussy wants more!” She tells me.

Emily pushes me on the couch and climbs atop me. She squats on her hips and lowers herself until my cock eases into her cunt. Her titties bounce for the movement she makes. I reach up and caress the beautiful pair. She smiles in the bliss. I am pushing up, hitting her hard.

“God, you are tearing me!” Emily says, as she bits her lips.

“Am I, ha,” I said with a smirk.

My dick eases through her slippery walls. She slumps upon me as I lose my grip, only for a moment. I push up again. She screams, talking dirty and moving her head. I am hitting her to the hilt. Her womb quivers at the onslaught. My dick soaks into her wetness that is gushing thru her canal. She convulses all over, straining her torso. Her screams echo through the room. Emily is trembling in lust and she scratching me on the shoulders. Her pussy sucks on my dick as I am groaning. I claw at her ass cheeks and she cannot move. Instantly, I shove into her. My cum gushes out merging up with her juice. We cry in unison for a violent climax. She collapses atop of me and our mouths meet in a lip-lock. Thereby, her screams stifle to moans as she let me suck her lips. Then she rests her face on my chest.

We take our clothes and get dressed. Shortly afterward, Sid walks in and joins us. We eat and then he offers us to play the strip poker with him. It’s Emily’s favorite game. Once the stripping begins, it arouses us for the fuck. Emily suggests that going for some threesome will be fun. We agree before getting nude. Emily’s raunchy acts promise that she is a sex machine because she isn’t through with the dicks.

Sid sets his video camera up on the glass table for recording the scenario, which surprises me. We take Emily to the pleasures of every sexual position we can think of. This feels like amateur porn at its best. Emily loves the way we sandwich her, taking pussy and filling all her holes. We have her cumming like an ice cream machine. It is crazy!

We go through a series of cumming. Sid turns off the camera and we walk over to the bathroom for some shower. I have had the wildest and steamiest experience for the New Year. I hope before the year ends, I will be able to do this again, with Emily and one of her girlfriends.

It’s all good baby bay-bee, uh!

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