Mar’e’s Very Happy New Year!


I was on vacation in Cannes, France with my exotic goddess, Raquel Gibson. She was a slim, gorgeous, and shapely brunette of Filipino and Italian descent. She also had long brown hair and hazel eyes.We walked in our Presidential suite and dropped our luggage on the floor. Then we raced to the master bedroom and stripped. I spread her legs and licked her perfectly shaved wet pussy. Raquel was wild with desire from my tongue action as she moved around and cried out her pleasure. An orgasm overwhelmed her, which shook Raquel’s whole body. Her love juice tasted like honey. The scent of her body was as stimulating as an ocean breeze.

Raquel settled down, and I gently crawled on top of her. I thrust in and out of her pussy. She loved every second of it as her eyes rolled in the back of her head. I probed her pussy faster and harder, and I felt myself getting ready to climax.

“Baby, I’m going to blast off.” I announced.

“Yes, give it to me.” Raquel replied.

“Here it comes, baby.” I whispered.

I pulled out of her pussy and ejaculated on her tits and belly. Raquel rubbed it on her body, and she got on all fours, and told me to give it to her doggie-style. I added some lubricant on my dick and fed her every inch of my dick in her ass. Raquel screamed in ecstasy and another orgasm cleaved through her body. I lay panted along her still with a raging hard-on. Raquel gazed at my dick and performed fellatio on me while massaging my balls. She knew how to drive me crazy with her oral skills. She sucked my dick with artistry, which had my body twitched with pleasure.

Raquel climbed on top of me and rode me wildly. She gyrate her moist hips in a circular motion and pounded me for all she was worth. Raquel took two of my fingers into her warm mouth as if she were performing fellatio on them. I stared at her gorgeous face and bouncing tanned titties. When Raquel climaxed, she quaked with orgasm and cried out my name, which triggered my orgasm. For a moment, we lay silently listening to the humming sound of the air conditioner.

We showered together and hit the beach in La Croisette for some fun. We loved showing off our impressive beach bodies. I wore platinum-white shorts and matching sandals. Raquel looked sexy in her lavender thong bikini. She left little to the imagination. I knew she took pleasure in all the attention she got from people on the beach.

“It’s nice out here.” She said. “We have to come out here more often.”

“We will, baby girl.” I promised her.

While drinking her ice tea, Raquel pulled the string that was holding her top in place and let it fall to the sand, proudly exposing her beautiful tits. I found it funny to catch some men staring at my goddess with their jaws to the ground. After all, she was not the only woman walking around topless. There were many topless exotic beauties walking around, but I had the hottest one.

Raquel wrapped her arms around me and said, “Daddy, tonight expect us to fuck like crazy. You know I’ll do anything to please you.”

“That’s right.” I replied.

Holding hands, we ran to the gorgeous blue waters to get wet and wild. I lifted Raquel up and slammed her softly to the water. Giggling, she loved it when I touched her and gave her all my attention.

The evening came so fast and Raquel and I rented a yacht for the night. We cruised to a nice area in the middle of the ocean under the full moon. We kissed passionately and told one another how much we love each other. Raquel ran her tongue around my upper torso and stomach. Then she tongue kissed me before taking my erect nipples into her mouth. I loved that shit!

Lost in passion, I lay her softly on her back and started my cunnilingus talent on her wet wanting pussy. I saw her biting down on her bottom lip to keep from letting out an uncontrollable moan. It did not take long for Raquel to climax. Then I began my pumping action with a nice rhythm.

“Yes, right there.” Raquel murmured. “Oh, my God, don’t stop! I’m going to cum.”

I pumped away faster and harder. Raquel had one orgasm after another. The love juice poured out of her pussy, down her ass. I pounded harder until I exploded inside her at midnight.

“Yes!” I hollered.

We embraced, and watched the fireworks display.

Happy New Year!

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