My Fuck Buddies

Wow, I had sex with Amy Lou six times in a row that had me exhausted. I leaned against my wall, taking a time out to catch my breath. The sweat poured down my body like a waterfall. I felt like I just hopped out of the sauna because my skin was moist.

Amy kissed my back and squeezed my ass. She was a tall brown-skinned supermodel from England blessed with a pretty face. What made her stood out was her tone physique and nice breasts. In addition, her short hairstyle complemented her well. In all, Amy was a goddess!

“Babe, aren’t you weary?” I said, as I kissed her soft lips. “We did it six times already.”

“I want some more.” Amy said softly. “I can’t get enough of your dick, daddy. It’s that good.”

I locked lips with Amy and tasted the flavor of her tongue. We moaned in appreciation. It felt so exhilarating that I needed more of Amy. She kneeled down and hungrily sucked my dick. After a few minutes of this, I lifted Amy and carried her to the bed. As she lay on her back with her legs spread, I licked her belly button and went down on her. Like a Wildman in Amazon heat, I savored Amy’s pussy savagely. Her love juices poured smoothly down my throat and quenched my thirst. I continued to lick Amy’s pussy and her legs trembled that triggered her to climax on my tongue. Then I entered Amy’s smooth pussy and fucked her fiercely.

I switched to the doggie-style position and gave her every inch of my dick. I was hitting it fast and hard, building up to one intense orgasm. Amy was out of control; she screamed my name, and banged on the bed. Then I ejaculated on Amy’s lower back and collapsed next to her. After about ten minutes, we left the bedroom and went to take a quick shower.

I drove Amy to her photo shoot and then I was in my office checking my e-mails. The photos of the aspiring models on my desk had me thinking about Amy’s body. I was so horny that I felt embarrassed to leave my chair because of the bulge in my pants. That was just all I needed to happen all my female employees aroused by my erection.

I had lunch early at my favorite Japanese restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I sat upstairs enjoying my meal. Then the song “Always on Time” by Ja Rule blared from my cell phone. I knew it was Amy.

“How are you, goddess?” I answered the phone.

“I’m good. What are you doing?” Amy asked.

“I’m eating Sushi. It is good. I have to take you here one day.”

“Sounds good,” Amy sighed. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The sex was so great and I cannot wait to do something different with you tonight.”

“Like what,” I was curious.

“Well, I have a friend of mine and I told her all about you. She wants to fuck you just as much I do.” Amy revealed. “We are so excited.”

“Is she cute?” I asked.

“Yes, you’ll find her attractive. She is also a model and her name is Christina Santini. So what do you say?”

“As long as I can have more of your pussy, I’m with it.” I told her.

Amy laughed and said, “Of course, Mar’e. I’ll see you tonight.”

“Okay baby, have a great one.”

After taking a quick shower and drying off, I sat in the living room entertaining myself with videos on YouTube. It was almost 11P.M. and my doorbell finally rang. My dick was erect. I opened the door; Amy and Christina stood there dressed in backless dresses. They looked sensational as they walked in smiling! Christina was a tall olive-skinned hottie with brown shoulder length wavy hair and athletic body. I could tell she spent many hours in the gym. I loved her smile!

“Wow, you are pretty.” I complimented Christina.

“Thank you.” Christina murmured. “You’re very handsome like Amy said.”

I was horny and could not wait any longer. I took off my pajamas top and showed Christina my physique. By her reaction, I knew my body impressed her. Smiling from ear to ear, Christina and Amy slowly stripped out of their clothes. While Amy and I were French kissing, I felt Christina pulled down my pajama bottoms.

“Is that the biggest dick you ever saw?” Amy asked Christina jokingly.

“Yes, it is!” Christina responded.

“Be careful, that thing can take an eye out.”

We all laughed. It was funny standing there naked tongue kissing Amy and Christina who I just met on her knees licking my dick. I put my arms around them and we went to my bedroom. As the girls got comfortable in the bed, I stood there putting on the condom thinking about all the sexual positions I wanted to do.

“Now, it’s time to get it on.” I announced.

“Let’s finish what we started earlier.” Amy replied.

I crawled to the bed and kissed Amy on the lips. I went down to her trimmed pussy and buried my face in it. I licked, sucked, and spat away as an energetic worker focused on completing a task.

“Oh, shit!” Amy moaned. “Lick that pussy.”

Christina giggled and rubbed my back. Amy shrieked and had an intense orgasm. I entered her pussy and pumped Amy hard. Christina fingered her pussy as she watched. She saw me watching her and crawled over to kiss me passionately. I loved her full lips!

Christina went crazy as I ate her out. She tasted like fresh honey. I stuck my tongue deeper into her pussy, and I felt her body trembled with pleasure as she exploded in my mouth. I must have consumed about an ounce of her sweet pussy juice.

I knew I was deep in Christina. I looked at her and saw a gleam in her eyes. Her mouth was open as if she wanted to say something, but no words came out. I pounded faster and harder to make her cum again. Christina’s body started shaking, and she screamed out her orgasm.

Minutes later, we sat in the middle of the bed drinking to cooled off. Sexual heat filled the bedroom and our bodies glistened with sweat. I put my arms around Amy’s neck as I kissed her on the lips.

“Well, Christina, how was it?” Amy asked with a smile.

“It was great!” She answered, her smile spread across her face. “I loved it! You were not lying about his dick. Nobody ever fuck me that way.”

“How many times I made you come?” I was curious to know.

Christina put up three fingers and said, “Three. It was good. Now I know why Amy always has a smile on her face.”

“I’m the Man, baby girl!” I laughed.

We fucked like crazy the rest of the night…

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