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A Purple Valentine’s Day

It was Monday, February 14, 2011, Valentine’s Day! I was fast asleep when I heard the doorbell. It was eight in the morning, and I was not expecting any company this early at my house in Alpine, New Jersey. I was still naked when I answered the door. To my surprise, it was Bethany Benz, smiling and holding gifts.

Bethany was a tall, gorgeous busty woman of African and Russian descent. She had a cherry-wine skin tone, small waist, and long brown straight hair. I loved her big brown eyes and perfect body. The purple dress she wore accentuated her curves well.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” she grinned. “It’s nice out! Wow, you’re happy to see me.”

“I just woke up, baby girl.” I said, after I kissed her on the cheek. “I didn’t get a chance to freshen up.”

“Don’t worry, you still looked handsome.” Bethany replied.

It was nice of her to buy me a box of chocolate and a gold Rolex watch. I thought about taking my woman out to dinner, but I wanted to do something different. My goal was to make this Valentine’s Day Bethany’s favorite.

“I’m about to take a shower, baby girl. You want to join me?” I asked.

“Sure, why not.” Bethany answered, as she squeezed my dick. “I’m sweating like a pig.”

As I brushed my teeth, Bethany turned on the shower water. I gazed at her as she undressed because of all the mirrors in the bathroom. Ogling Bethany’s sexy body sent blood racing to my dick. Surprisingly, no fogged mirrors, because it was hot in here. Bethany smiled at me as she got in the shower. The water hitting her body looked so sexy and erotic.

When I entered the shower, Bethany wrapped her arms around me. Her wet tits felt good against my body. She put soap on a rag and washed my body. Her hands roamed all over me, which was pleasurable!

“That feels good, baby girl.” I told her. “Don’t stop.”

Bethany seized my pulsating dick, stroked it, and put it in her mouth. Bethany performed fellatio on me so well that I thought I was going to black out in the shower. She pushed my dick away from her so I would not cum in her mouth. I inserted my dick in her pussy, and she moaned softly. As I pounded away, she had a very strong orgasm. Her body shook uncontrollably, which soon triggered my eruption. I ejaculated on her stomach. This was our best, wet sexual encounters ever!

The shower put us in a great mood because we were smiling and laughing. I knew I gave Bethany what she needed because she was exuberant. We sat in the living room and had oatmeal for breakfast.

“That was a great experience, Mar’e.” Bethany said.

“Yes, it was a great way to start my morning.” I continued. “I’m definitely going to surprise you later today. We’re going to have a purple Valentine’s Day!”

“I can’t wait; you always buy the best gifts.”

“Yeah, I’ll be in Manhattan getting your gifts. I want you back here tonight. I am going to leave the door unlock so you can just walk right in. I will be eagerly waiting for you in the bedroom.”

I was driving around Manhattan my black 2010 Corvette Grand Sport with love music blaring. Bethany had me in a great mood on this Valentine’s Day. I bought a bouquet of purple roses, Jimmy Choo fragrance, a plush robe, and other things. At different times during the day, I found myself tantalizing about having passionate sex with Bethany later on that night. I knew it was going to be special.

Later on that night, Bethany let herself in my house. She immediately saw the piece of paper on the table and read the instructions on it. Bethany went in the living room and saw a purple box with her name on it. She opened it up, and saw all the gifts in there including a purple plush robe. Bethany removed her clothes and put on the robe. She sprayed some of the Jimmy Choo fragrance on her neck. Bethany followed the path of purple petals, which led to my bedroom where I waited.

Bethany joined me in the bed. She loved the purple candles and love music that serenaded the bedroom. We sipped wine and fed each other Grilled herb Parmesan Asparagus. For dessert, I wanted to try something different. I placed fresh fruit on different parts of Bethany’s body and ate it off her. It was great! I think she enjoyed it as much as I did. As we relaxed, she rubbed my neck and shoulders. Her soft hands move down to my back. I love her touches. She gave the best massage ever.

Bethany spread her toned legs so I could get a view of her wetness, which was hungry for me! We gazed at each other and smiled. All this excitement and Jagged Edge new song “My Baby” caused me to have a serious erection. I was ready to take Bethany and have my way with her.

I kissed, licked Bethany’s thighs, and worked my way to her pussy. I felt her gasp with anticipation. My cunnilingus caused a great wave of pleasure controlled her body. Bethany jumped and moaned loudly. I love the sounds she made! Luckily, I was strong enough to hold her because she was moving so wildly. She cummed on my tongue, and it felt like soft raindrops and tasted sweet like cupcakes.

I climbed on top of Bethany and inserted my dick in her pussy. It felt good inside her. I fucked her fast and hard. She became untamed as I went deeper.

“I love it!” She joyfully shouted. “Yes, harder Mar’e! Squeeze my nipples.”

My dick was all the way in her, and I pounded her pussy faster. I had her going crazy by grabbing her tits. She never had a sex session like this one ever in her life.Bethany’s hips eagerly received each thrust of my hips. The feeling drove my crazy. I felt myself getting ready to cum any second. The perspiration raced down my face.

“I’m about to cum, baby girl!” I announced.

“Yes, daddy, cum,” Bethany expressed. “I want it!”

I was trying my best not to stop this feeling, but I could not hold it longer. In perfect unison, I ejaculated inBethany’s warm mouth. She swallowed every drop like medicine. I lay next to her completely spent. Bethany rolled on top of me and wrapped her arms around me.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe,” she moaned.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Goddess!” I whispered in her ear. “I love you!”

We drifted off to a comfortable sleep.

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I am a carnivore, a winner at all costs. God has blessed me with the power and potential to achieve great things. Whatever the enterprise, I strive to be the best and most successful in that field. I am extremely competitive and not afraid of challenges. I am a visionary, a realist, a loyalist, a planner, discipline, perseverance, dynamic, efficient, powerful, and a conqueror that devours the weak and rules the strong!

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