New Year's Secrets

New Year’s Secrets: Smack That

She did not know how or why she wanted to go, she just did. And here she was, at Shaggy’s, with Jasmina, Adila, Jessi, Mathew and a few other people from her line. She hadn’t, as everyone else did, have a few drinks yet she was a little flushed.

It irritated her to no end. Jessi was sort of drunk and giggly, while Mathew was still fine. Adila and Jasmina were starting to get there, but thankfully they were all watching out for each other. Until *Smack That* by Akon and Eminem began to play, and she got up and began to dance all sexily for Adila and Jasmina. Adila just rolled her eyes, but Jasmina got up and began to dance with her. She was dancing sexily but very carefully, as she knew she was three months pregnant.

“Kairi! Kairi!” she heard her friend’s chanting. “Go Jasmina!” Never had she felt so loose and uninhibited. And it felt so darn good. After the song, Jessi and Mathew wanted to leave, so they got a taxi cab, leaving their keys with her. Everyone knew just WHAT they were going to do. Especially since they had just tied the knot.

“This is totally kicking!” she yelled over the music. “It’s almost midnight!”

Suddenly everyone began to shout together. “ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four THREE, TWO, ONE… HAPPY NEW YEAR!” everyone started to cheer and hug and kiss each other. She hugged her friends and kissed Adila on the cheek, but to her surprise, Jasmina kissed her quickly on the lips.

“I go home now,” Adila told everyone, then turned to her. “You make sure Jasmina she get home safe, ok?”

“I promise, Adila, see you on Tuesday,” I said. Jasmina had finished her drink and she was a little tipsy so I got us a cab.

But Jasmina didn’t want to go to her house.

She wanted to go to Kairi’s.

So Kairi took Jasmina to her house, got her some pj’s and got her in bed. Kairi then was in the process of making herself a pallet on the floor, when Jasmina looked at her.

“Kairi,” she said, pulling the girl to her and gave her a sloppy kiss. Kairi pulled away.

“Jasmina, you…” she gasped for air. “You… you’re not like that. I am. I… you…. Things..” she began to stutter, remembering the time Jasmina had said, “I no like girls.” in some conversation they had had about gayness on the line. But, Kairi was also remembering a time she and Jasmina had said that one phrase to each other: “I love you.”

“Kairi,” Jasmina said brushing a lock of auburn hair from the girls face, “I know I drunk, but I know what I want to do. I want you to share bed with me, to…” Jasmina was unable to finish the sentence, and Kairi looked into the Bosnian girl’s eyes and saw the truth.

“Jasmina,” Kairi said. “Are you sure that this is what you want tonight?” Jasmina nodded, and Kairi slipped into her own bed next to Jasmina. “You want me to make you get all hot and bothered?”

Kairi didn’t wait for the answer, but leaned over and kissed Jasmina deeply, brushing a lock of hair behind her ears. But, it didn’t stop there. Kairi gently began to kiss her neck and suck on her earlobe. Jasmina moaned, and Kairi gently unbuttoned the first few buttons of the nightshirt Jasmina wore.

“Let me know if you want to stop at any time, all right honey?” Kairi whispered.

“Yes,” Jasmina whispered back, and Kairi began to kiss her collar bone, gently unbuttoning the rest of the buttons and moving down to kiss the nipples of her breasts. Slowly she began to move back and forth, licking and sucking one while rubbing and squeezing the other, moving back and forth, listening to Jasmina moan in pleasure. “Kairi, feels…. so …good…” she was unable to string a sentence able to be comprehended together.

Kairi began to run her hands all over Jasmina’s body, feeling the silky smoothness. She slipped her hand over the fabric covering Jasmina’s pussy and gasped.

The girl was soaked.

Carefully, Kairi slipped them down and spread apart Jasmina’s legs. In the dim moonlight creeping in the window, Kairi could see the wetness glistening. “Well, well, well,” she said. “We ARE going to have to do something about you being so wet, aren’t we?” She carefully leaned over and pulled a box out from underneath her bed.

“I need to know that you trust me immensely, Jasmina,” Kairi whispered. “I want to make you feel helpless, so I can please you better. Would you allow me to do that?”

“What you mean?” Jasmina whispered.

“All I want to do is blindfold you and gently tie your hands to the bed post,” Kairi whispered. “If you want me to stop, all you have to do is say so and I will.”

“OK,” Jasmina whispered. She had never done anything like this in her life, but she was willing to try anything once. ALMOST anything. There was also the fact that she trusted Kairi completely.

When Kairi had it all done, Jasmina DID feel helpless… and vulnerable… and she LIKED it. She felt a cold sensation slip in between her legs and… was that… THING… whatever it was, vibrating? Whatever it was, Kairi was manipulating it to move in and out, all while kissing her and rubbing her body against Jasmina’s.

Kairi laughed at how Jasmina would have been moaning about the strap-on, had she known. Suddenly, though, Kairi slipped it out and slipped the well lubed vibrator in Jasmina’s mouth so she could taste herself. Kairi then began to lick and suck at Jasmina’s clit and pussy, making her moan loudly as her exploded cum all over Kairi’s face, making Kairi giggle. She untied Jasmina, who laid there dazed, watching Kairi fuck herself with the vibrator, sucking on her arms and rubbing her breasts.

Jasmina took the vibrator from her and gently made Kairi lay back on the bed, placing a hand on the slight bulge in her tummy and kissing her crazily. “You have baby?” Jasmina asked.

Kairi smiled. “In June I am due,” she said. “I am so excited!” She went on to describe her plans, only to begin to moan crazily as Jasmina began licking her pussy crazily, doing all the same things Kairi had done to her.

“Yes, Jasmina,” Kairi said, not believing she was getting fucked like this for the very first time. She wondered if this was truly the first time for Jasmina, because she was quite skilled. Jasmina smiled, kissing Kairi so Kairi could taste herself on Jasmina’s lips.

“My goodness, Jasmina,” Kairi said, gasping for air. “Where’d you learn all of this?”

“From my friend,” Jasmina replied. “She a good girl, even if she no think so. She good teacher.” Jasmina began sucking on Kairi’s breasts as she fucked her pussy and clit with her fingers, making Kairi come.

The pair lay there afterwards, exhausted, but content. “Kairi, I tell you something…” Jasmina said. “I no drunk… I want you think I forget later, but I no want forgetting. I…” she paused, looking a Kairi, holding her in her arms, kissing her friend and gently rubbing Kairi’s pregnant tummy. “I love you. I know you say to me at work, but I really mean I love you.”

“Jasmina,” Kairi whispered. “I mean it too, but what about your husband and family? You belong with them…they need you. I won’t let you leave your family for me or something.”

“Why I no can have both?” Jasmina said. “You my special friend. We no do this again, but you my special friend. You come and stay with me, sometimes. I help you with you baby.”

“All right,” Kairi said, thinking about it. It was a good omen, she decided, as she and Jasmina drifted off to sleep later.

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