nurse hannah- part one

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In her purple scrubs, it’s hard not to notice Hannah as she struts from room to room. Smiling and bubbly with everyone yet with a certain few she provides a special “touch”. Mr. Allen in room four when she told him that the doctor would need sperm sample, Hannah provided a hand as she locked the exam room door then pulling her top off as she sank to her knees.
“Let me see what I can do to help, honey.” Unhooking her bra to let her large firm tits loose as she unzipped his pants, reaching in for his semi hard ebony member. Looking up as she licked under the tip she remarked at how attractive he was for an older man.. how she hopes that his wife appreciated him as she took him into her wet mouth. Sucking at his head as she fondled his low hanging balls.
Mr Allen tries to resist the urge to thrust his dick deeper in her mouth as she begins to suck half his length. Instead he reaches down to squeeze her large young breasts, he feels himself getting hard as she sucks away between his legs. Hearing the people scurry just outside makes the situation all the more exciting. Hannah bobs her head up and down on his black meat, occasionally pulling away to lick the saliva from his rock hard cock then sucking him back in.
She can taste his precum on her skilled tongue when she pulls her head away, continuing to stroke him.. twisting her wrist on his slick cock as she jerks the shit out of him.
He braces himself on the table and she grabs a specimen cup to catch his load as it shoots out.
“There we go, hon.” She fills the cup about half way. Placing it on the table she leans back to suck the remaining drops from his meat.
“Can’t let any go to waste now can we?”
She tells him he can go then dresses quickly before exiting the exam room.

A young tech named Marcus that Hannah noticed a few weeks ago, has seemed down all morning.
She follows him into the supply closet to ask him how he’s doing.
In less than two minutes her scrub pants are pulled around her ankles as he drills her from behind. Feeling how wet her white pussy is only makes him pound his magnificent black rod into her that much harder. She clutches his hand as he reaches up her top using her tits for leverage as he pumps her.
“Goddamn I love your little white pussy! Take that black dick!”
She grinds harder into him, squirting with each ensuing thrust. Her bottom lip quivers along with the lower half of her body.
When he slides his hand around her throat, she nearly collapses in orgasm.. whimpering as she feels him choke her while pumping his seed in her gushing pussy. Slight choking sounds escape as he pulls out of her pulsating gash, his semen seeping down her inner thigh.
“We need to do this more often. Next time I’m gonna tap that big white ass!”
Slapping her ass cheek as he pulls his scrubs up and leaves the room.
Hannah rubs her sore pussy, pulling her fingers out to taste his cum before she wipes herself off and dresses.
She leaves the storage room to attend to her duties. Flashing a smile at Marcus as she passes him in the hallway.

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