One Night of My Life Part Two

One Night of My Life, Part Two

Niccole is all refreshed after her little nap and after the big fuck I just gave her. She’s back in the room with me and Tsarina, and as she passes by me, she takes my hand and kisses it lightly. I reach up to stroke her hair and smile sweetly. She giggles and sits down to get her makeup done. We start laughing and joking and as another two hours pass we are almost perfect – we need out outfits, girls! We climb back into the SUV so generously provided to us by Big Chino and head over to our favorite shops. I want to show off our toes in hot shoes, so we end up going shopping for some kicked up shit!

We enter the store, and in one minute I’m totally surprised and annoyed when the regular girls aren’t there to greet us because of one fine-ass guy in the store taking all the sales girls’ attention. He’s probably in the store shopping for his girlfriend. Lucky bitch! After a second, I realize we better stop checking him out and demand service. Tsarina takes it upon herself to walk over to the tall athletic blonde, blue-eyed California boy with a mellow attitude and hot smile. She walks up to him, says sweetly and bitchy, “Hey, how you doing? Listen, there seems to be a bit of a problem here . . . YOU.” She puts her hands on her hips and kicks one leg out, pouts her lips and raises an eyebrow, all the time staring at her hunk. “Really?” he says, licking his lips and giving her the once over. “So what’s the problem?” And I know, I fucking know that his smooth, low, deep voice is traveling from Tsarina’s ears down to her pussy causing some major moisture. She’s cool, though, and says, “You’re wasting our time. We need to spend money up in here, NOT try to get pussy from these girls, and so we require their time, NOT you, okay?” And with that, she rounds up the other sales girls and moves them over to us. Once her back is facing her hottie, she opens her eyes all wide and mouths, “OH MY GOD!!” She bites her lip and then gets cool again when she flips her jet black ponytails over her shoulder to give him one last sexy, dirty look. This hottie is literally eating her up with his eyes, and if Tsarina gets her way, that won’t be the only way he eats her up!

He sits across from her while she tries on a pair of black stilettos, inching his eyes from her manicured toes to her lips and back down again. She knows he’s looking. We know he’s looking, and we all know what he’s trying to do. She decides to have a little fun with him, and starts bending over right in front of his face to rub her leg from ankle to thigh. She straightens up, blows a bubble with her gum, pops it and twirls the gum around her hot tongue. She licks her lips and moans softly when she sees a pair of hot leather boots. She tries them on, and they fit right over her knees. She sits down and spreads her legs up in the air and into a “V” shape and squeals with delight. The bulge in his pants can probably be seen from the second floor balcony of the building across the street!

Finally, Tsarina decides she’s made him wait long enough, and walks over to him. “So, you like Asian pussy?” she flat out tells him. “It’s the best,” he says, a little less than shocked. “Really,” she replies, “well only the best can get the best, you know what I mean?” and he looks at her, surprised and excited all at once. “Are you the best?” she asks. But before he can open his mouth to answer, she says, “show me . . . with her.” And she points to one of the sales girls. The sales girl is so shocked she almost jumps back! Tsarina grabs the girl who is a little less than willing and tells the hot guy “You take her, do your thing, show me how bad you want my Asian pussy, do it to her as if you were doing it to me. I’ll watch, and if you’re good enough, then maybe I’ll step in and let you eat me.” Now we’re all listening and extremely excited to see if he’ll go along with it. Who wouldn’t? Hell, Tsarina can do you like no one else can! He’d be stupid not to do it.

We tell the sales girls to draw the curtains and lock the doors. Niccole and I pay them some hush money and tell them that if they stay, they get paid more; we need an audience here! We gather up some chairs and get ready for a show.

Tsarina stands at the front of the room, staring at the hot blonde guy. She looks at us and motions us over to the sales girl. We nod and slowly start stripping her of her confining business suit, feeling every curve of her body, taking extra care to make her feel good, get her hot. Tsarina walks over to her guy and gets on her knees in front of him to undo his belt. She’s whispering to him to not touch her while she’s in front of him, but to imagine how hot it would be to have her mouth on his cock. The poor guy is already hard as a rock and moaning as she slowly unzips his jeans. She moves over him, expertly releasing him of his clothing until he’s standing there like a bronzed sculpture, every muscle and tendon for our viewing pleasure. His hot body makes me and Niccole suck in our breath and stare; damn he’s perfect! His hands are gripped into fists on either side of him and he follows Tsarina’s every move. She walks over to our now naked sales girl who’s porcelain skin and voluptuous curves counteract all his muscles and tanned coloring. Tsarina grabs hold of the sales girls hair and pushes her down onto her knees, then onto all fours and makes her crawl over to him as we watch, hoping for a great show.

The sales girl keeps crawling over to him as his breathing gets heavier and louder. Tsarina walks away as soon as the girl has reached him and is sitting right in front of his extended eight-inch rod Tsarina says, “Open your mouth, honey and just breathe onto his cock. Let him feel how hot your mouth is before you take it in. Yeah, just like that. Good girl!” The whole time, he’s just looking at Tsarina as this girl’s mouth is seconds away from devouring his cock! Niccole and I cannot believe his concentration on her, and hope that Tsarina deems him worthy to eat her. That would be a sight to see!

Once her little red mouth closes around the swollen tip of his cock, he grunts hard and shuts his eyes as if he’s imagining Tsarina doing it and not this girl. Back and forth, up and down her head goes as she sucks his rod, licking it and pulling at it with her hot mouth. All of a sudden the girl gets hungry for cock and starts sucking him hard and deep, bringing her hands and wrapping around that thick staff to stroke it. The sound of a wet mouth on a hard dick is getting everyone in the room hot, that muffled moaning from her, the little grunts from him, the suction sound when she pulls back and her tongue starts licking. And when her mouth comes up for air, she gasps and keeps her eyes set on his dick while he stares at Tsarina. She smiles at him and that’s all it takes for him to grab the sales girl and roughly pick her up off her knees, turns her around and bends her in half. For a second it looks like he’s about to start fucking her brains out, but he remembers that his ultimate prize is Tsarina’s pussy on his lips. His cock is about and inch in the sales girl’s pussy, when he abruptly pulls out, leaving the girl whimpering. He looks down and smacks her ample ass-cheek hard, leaving a red handprint. He grabs a handful of her hair and the girl starts breathing harder. He’s bending her to him so that her back is arched and her head is close to his as he bends his hard body over her curvy one. The girl is now grunting through gritted teeth, but he, he just keeps looking at Tsarina! His hands move up to the girls’ heavy tits and begins caressing them, pulling the nipples, twisting the girls’ body so he can dip down and have a taste of her puckered little pink nipples. All the while he concentrates his stare on Tsarina as she continues chewing her bubble gum, twisting her ponytail between her fingers, uncrossing her legs . . . then she smiles at him again.

He abruptly stops everything he’s doing, much to everyone’s dismay and disappointment. He leaves the ho
t wet pussy he was just about to fuck re
lentlessly and walks over to Tsarina. We follow to where he is going and notice that Tsarina is now sitting, naked with her legs spread open, one leg draped over each arm of the plush white chair, pussy open for all of us to see. But he sees it first, the slick hot pair of bright pink pussy lips, the sweet and swollen little bud of a clit, all decorated with an electric blue strip of hair, open, waiting, calling to him. If my mouth is watering, I can only imagine his! He moves, slowly over to her, they are staring at each other, never taking their eyes off each other, we’re staring too and we can’t believe it when finally he lowers himself to his knees, runs his hands under her tanned thighs, uses his thumbs to spread her pussy lips even farther, and I know we are going to see some amazing pussy eating!

Before he even takes a taste, he suddenly picks Tsarina up from under her ass, her legs over his shoulders as he brings her hot cunt to his lips, he then stands up himself, carrying her high on his shoulders, his face buried between her legs, and he backs her up against the wall. This is what makes Tsarina loose her cool as she opens her eyes wide once her back hits the wall, she lets out this hot “Aaaiiieee!” and she grabs his head, shoving it into her hot hole, screaming at him to eat her. His dick literally jumps when she screams at him and all I want to do is feel it jump and twitch in my mouth. But I know that he is Tsarina’s so I will try to control myself.

“Mmm! Fuck yeah baby, eat it like that, just like that!” she yells out as he moans into her drenched pussy. The room is so quiet you can literally hear his tongue lapping at it, slurping up all her juice as he opens his hot mouth wide to take as much of her sweet Asian pussy as he can. Tsarina is still up high against the wall, mounted up against it with only his shoulders under the backs of her thighs and his face in her pussy. His hands are plastered against the wall on each side of her as her legs clench his big biceps. She starts to buck into him, saying “Uh, yeah, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!” and he likes this so much that he grunts long and hard against her clit, making Tsarina gasp for air. He is so hot for her that Niccole notices a couple of drops of pre-cum slipping out of his thick cock. If this guy comes just by eating her pussy, it will send me over the top!

Tsarina starts breathing faster and harder, she looks down at his face and starts whispering, “Oh, baby, ohhh, god, yeah, you like that, huh? You like eating my pussy? You like the taste? Do you want my come juice on your tongue baby?” and I know she’s getting ready to come so fucking hard on his face! He takes one second to look up at her, smiles, then starts devouring hard and fast that delicious pussy. He’s taking big juicy bites, grazing his teeth over her clit then sucking it lightly right before flicking his tongue over it and puckering his lips over it. Tsarina takes one last gasp of air and in a high-pitched squeaky voice starts whimpering softly, then louder, and louder, then louder still, then lets out this scream as her body starts jerking against the wall. Her tits bouncing, her legs twitching, her eyes shut tight, her hands gripping the back of his head as he brings her to one of the hottest and biggest fucking cums I have ever seen.

He only stops lapping up her juices after her pussy stops twitching, and then he carries her over to the chair where she was originally sitting, bends her over the back and stokes her, running his big hands over her tight lean body. He lovingly smoothes her hair away from her face, leans over and kisses her softly on the cheek. He whispers something in her ear that makes her eyes fly open. In the next second, he shoves his fat cock up her still drenched hot pussy, shocking us all. Tsarina gasps and looks over her shoulder to see him looking down as he fucks her from behind. He pumps hard and fast, grunting deep and not really caring if she is enjoying this because now, it’s all about getting his fuck-on! The sounds of fucking fill the room again, hot cock filling up and slapping up against wet cunt. His animal grunts as he fucks Tsarina hard, deep, almost like he’s getting back at her for making him wait so long. He’s laying into her so hard in fact that the chair is lifting up off its two front legs as he thrusts. He’s caught her off-guard and he likes that. She thought she was in control but now he’s controlling her. Every inch of his massive dick is being milked by her tight hole, clenching his rod and making him feel like he’s fucking heaven itself! With no regard for her cum, he starts moaning and grunting louder, but has enough control to pull out, turn Tsarina over, sits her on the chair and orders “Open your mouth now!” She’s so surprised but she does it anyway and in another second he stuffs her mouth full of a cock that’s ready to shoot cum. Again he uses Tsarina’s body to get his, and with a few deep hard pumps and a couple of licks from her hot tongue, he clenches his jaw, tightens up his grip on Tsarina’s hair and let’s go with this hot deep, long grunt “Uhhhhhhh, uhhhhh!” through gritted teeth. You can see the mouthfuls of cum Tsarina is drinking down as her throat swallows every load. He has a bit left in him as he pulls out and let’s the last of it drip onto her lips as she looks up at him and he strokes every bit of cum out of his shiny wet hard dick. The last of the thick white cum is left on her chin when he backs up from her. Still breathing heavily, he smiles as he dresses himself and finger combs his hair back in place. Staring at Tsarina, he walks over to the door, gives a quick wave and heads out the door.

Tsarina looks back at us, her chest and tits heaving from the fucking, and starts giggling. Niccole and I join her as the sales girls bring her warm towels to clean up, and her other birthday gifts (shoes!). After we each enjoy a chilled bottle of champagne, toasting to her birthday, Tsarina gives us each a hug and tells us we better head on out as she needs a shower! The sales girls promised to send us the surveillance videos and offered to “take care of us” whenever we wanted to throw another surprise birthday “party”!

Part Three – coming soon . . . .

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