our first wife swap

My wife Sasha and I were excited to attend our first swingers party. After that afternoon with my brother and his hot Filipino ex-stripper wife when we traded partners for an afternoon. My Brother introduced us to a couple from their circle and as luck would have it the woman Lucy was the Principle at our sons school. Her husband Will was a City Councillor. She was a tall leggy beauty with shoulder length brown hair and perky b cups about thirty-five. He was a distinguished fourtyish looking man.
They invited us to their monthly “lottery” where four couples switch partners for the evening. The rules were we had to arrive in seductive clothing and be clean of disease and things of an embarrassing nature.
My wife wore her favorite burgundy silk nightie with the spaghetti straps and matching bikinis and high heels. I wore silk pajamas and robe. We were the last to arrive and Lucy and her hubby greeted us with a martini each. She was wearing white lace panties and a white tank top, he was dressed like Hef.
They led us into the living room to were the other two couples were waiting. We were in for a ethnic night the first couple was an African couple. His name was Greg a muscular man wearing only bikini briefs and a gold chain, his wife was Annie a drop dead gorgeous woman with ample d cups, nice round but and full red lips her hair was down her back and very wavy. She was wearing a royal purple corset, black panties and fishnet stockings. She was every inch the goddess. The last couple was a man named Phil and he was older about fifty and shaved head. He was wearing pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. His wife was Greek and a nice looking lady. Average body but haunting blue eyes, c cups and short red hair. She was in just a bra and panties with stiletto heels.
As we all assembled the hosts laid down the rules for the evening.
“We have a surprise for you” He said as he pointed to the woman entering the room. A nice looking woman about thirty or so looked like she worked out a lot toned body shoulder length blond hair in pig tails with the bangs down but pushed to one side. She was wearing a school girls outfit. “This is Drew… she is what we are calling a wild card” he said
“the normal rules apply” Lucy chimed in. “Drew is holding the playing cards the men use to choose the room they will get. Each woman has a room to go to and the men chose their card and enter the room with the corresponding suit.” Drew fanned the cards out in front of her, “the only difference is one lucky man will have two woman to pleasure him. As well as the assortment of dildos, vibrators, lubes, jellies and oils we always supply”
“Now” hubby came in again. ” ladies if you will follow Lucy out to the hallway you will be shown to your rooms, men drew will walk around allowing you to choose your room and in ten minutes you are free to go to your lover. If you are the lucky winner Drew will be with you. Then at the stroke of midnight girls go find your husbands and feel free to spend the night as our guest, and don’t be afraid to continue the fucking!”
The ladies filed out and Drew closed the sliding door, turned and looked us over . “okay” she said I know all of you want to be part of a threesome tonight. One will be lucky the rest won’t so to see what it is you might miss” she undid her blouse and took it off followed by the red bra exposing her tight firm b cups and light pink nipples. “You like?” we all nodded as she took her skirt and panties off exposing her trimmed short pubes. “Now as I pass by take a card and I will leave you to finish your drinks. Have fun”
Ten Minutes later I was entering the first room at the top of the stairs.
I entered the room there laying on her side already naked except for the fishnet stockings, a cigar in her hand, running her painted nails over her black navel she took a drag off the cigar and sat up blowing smoke.
“Its my lucky day” she purred “I get the fresh meat” she stood up and put the cigar in the ash tray and grabbed two champagne flutes and handed me one “a toast to new lovers” we both drank a glass and I poured us another as she undid my robe and got me naked pretty quick. She drove her tongue down my throat as I palmed her hairy pussy. We stepped back to sip our glasses again as the door opened. In came Drew wearing only the white stockings and black shoes. She stood behind me and put her hands around my waist as ran her hands through the hair on my chest as Annie gripped my cock, Drew took my glass and drank the rest down.
“Lets move to the bed” Annie suggested. Taking my hand. I took one in each arm and took turns kissing them. Where to begin I thought.
Annie laid down and spread her legs. I knelt between her legs letting my cock rub her hairy pussy. Drew laid down beside us and they played with each others tits as I kissed my way down to her pussy and tongue fucked her and licked her with vigor. She moaned and squirmed like a landed fish so much Drew demanded a switch of places. I dined on her pussy until she came all over my face.
I left her to laying there and grabbed a vibrator from the bed stand and inserted it in her glistening crack burying it deep and left it there as I laid on my back and let Annie begin to ride me cowgirl style. Drew rolled over and we kissed and I fondled her tits as Annie rode me and worked the device in Drew’s pussy. Both were moaning and purring and as Annie came she yelled like hell collapsing on top and rolling off.
Knowing my blonde was ready to go again I pulled the vibrator out and ordered her on to my cock reverse cowgirl. She rode it like it was the first cock she had in months. Annie seeing a place to get back in the action she straddled me with her booty in my face and put her arms around Drew and played with her tits. Pinching and twisting her nipples.
“Annie kiss my neck” Drew begged as she rode me harder.
Not wanting an ass to go untouched I grabbed her black ass and positioned it so her ass hole was in my face and began rimming her anus. It hit a warm spot as she told me to go deeper. As Drew came I decided I need a little anal action so I put Annie on her all fours and lubed up my cock and drove it into her ass. It didn’t take long for me to get close to coming as I pulled out I turned her over and sprayed her dark brown skin with hot white seed.
Drew took little time licking it off her tits and torso and sharing mouth fulls of come with her.
We spooned for a while, had some more to drink, made out some more and when the midnight chimes went they dressed and left me naked to wait for Sasha.
I did not wait long as she arrived in her dress but carrying her panties. Smoking a cigar. We compared notes and it turned out she drew our host and all he wanted to do was oral sex, several times. So she needed cock inside her. Something I always am willing to do. We made love twice before falling asleep

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