Runway, Party, and Sex

The ambience backstage at Lincoln Center for Performing Arts looked hectic and somewhat wild, just like rushing around the Grand Central Terminal; everybody was vigorously busy! Models, hairstylists, makeup artists, and assistant dressers were moving around frantically getting ready for the show. Clearly, they were trying to make something spectacular after some time. It was day four of New York Fashion Week and my friend, Sophie, was having her first runway show. I observed her instructing the hairstylists and makeup artists on how each model should look. She was a perfectionist and never tolerated mistakes!

Sophie was a thin Asian woman with long silky black hair. She looked more like a fashion model with her exotic looks, and always had a passion for fashion. I knew she was talented enough to enliven her dreams. She had hired me as an assistant dresser for her show and I was so happy to be a part of the event.

“Mar’e, Miko Lee has just arrived.” Sophie told me. “Please assist her with this dress.”

“Sure.” I replied.

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” Sophie said, rushing off to assist a blonde-haired runway model.

With the lavender dress in my hands, I hurried to where Miko was standing. She was a tall, slender Asian woman with long black hair and perky tits. Looking at her silky toned legs drifted my mind to the sex fruit between her thighs. Miko looked innocent and introverted, but her hazel eyes told me she was a girl of surprises.

“Hi, Miko, here’s your first dress.”

“Thank you,” Miko said and smiled. “It’s beautiful.”

She removed her skirt and shirt, exposing a pair of perfect tits. I licked my lips; her erect nipples seemed to implore me for a good attention! My dick throbbed and hardened instantly.

“This must be the best job in the world,” I spoke. “I’m working with the most beautiful star, known to the showbiz world.”

Miko laughed and put on the lavender dress. A short dark-haired makeup artist groomed her face, and a tanned hairstylist did her hair. They transformed her into a butterfly! The lavender gown and matching heels brought forth her charismatic appeal.

“The show is about to start.” Sophie announced.

Miko went up the polished stairs, which led to the runway; I was fortunate enough to watch the show from the black flat screen above me. Kimora Lee Simmons, Victoria Beckham, and Tyra Banks were sitting in the front row chatting and laughing. Miko looked utterly like a different person on the runway, and she knew how to captivate the audience with her body movements. Her walk was beguiling! That instant, I desired to sit in the front row as it felt like a concert out there. The up-tempo music blared energetically! I smiled, watching her walking with fluidity; she did not miss a step!

When the models walked backstage, assistants and staff members proceeded to help them for changing into the next outfit. When Miko rushed downstairs, I had her next outfit in my hands, which was a Japanese Blooms corset. Miko stripped out of the gown and changed briskly. I grabbed her by the waist and she laughed. We pecked each other on lips, and the feeling surprised me. Taking our time, we made out without any interruption and distraction.

After the show, the models were all hugs and smiles, feeling proud about their performance. Cinematographers and videographers were taking pictures and getting interviews. Sophie thanked everybody for doing a great job and reminded us that there will be an after party at the 40/40 Club. I spotted Miko, who was changing into her street clothes and sauntered to her.

“You were amazing out there.” I told Miko. “Great job!”

“Thank you!” She said sweetly. “I’m glad the show is over. It made me nervous though.”

“Nervous? You owned the runway babe!”

“You don’t know how nerve-racking it was! Tripping in those small-ass shoes could embarrass me. Are you going to the after party?”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

“Great! Erm … may I ask your name?”

“Sure! You can call me Mar’e, like everybody does,” I said, grinning broadly.

She laughed. “That’s a nice name.”

“Likewise,” I added.

Later that night, I went to the after party; The 40/40 Club was located in the Flatiron District neighborhood of Manhattan. I had put on my black tailored khakis; black T-shirt, and matching Air Jordan III sneakers. Some 10 scores of the guests thronged the place. The music genres being played there were 1990’s pop, R&B, and hip-hop.

I sat at the bar, sipping on Jack & Coke and a bottle of Armand de Brignac while enjoying the music. Some models stood in awe before a massive flat screen to watch the fashion show, the one they participated for doing runways. With amusement, I gazed at their transfixed faces.

Finally, Miko walked in the club. She was dressed in a platinum colored minidress with brightened up beads on its broad straps that clung to every curve of her figure. If she wasn’t the sexiest woman in the 40/40 club, she was close to be called so. I waved to her with my hand. Luckily, she found me and smiled. Swaying her hips, she walked with the same fluidity. Her ripe tits bounced with each step.

“Hi, Mar’e,” she said. “Mmm … Watching the event, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, and that was amazing.” I admitted. “It was enjoyable, every second of it!”

“It was really a good experience,” Miko admitted, “though it made me anxious as well.” She looked at the drinks and asked, “How many drinks you had?”

“Two!” I answered. “When I go to clubs, I only have one or two drinks. That keeps me cool!”

“Fine!” she said. “Do you smoke?”

“No, I don’t like being around smokers!”

“I’m a chain smoker.” Miko laughed.

“Oh, God! I wish I had known this.”

“I’m joking!” Miko murmured. “I hate smokers too. Do you like Asians, erm … girls I mean?”

“Yeah baby, I love their exotic-looks! They’re HOT! I’m known to have a good taste and it’s easy for me to pick them!”

“I know you can, playa!”

“Oh, you know me already!” I laughed. “I guess it’s a Harlem thing. Ha!”

“Yep, yep!” Miko replied.

I saved her number in my iPhone 5 and we took a picture, and then hit the dance floor. We started dancing normally, but then it turned into some dirty dancing as the tall African-American deejay with a Yankees cap put on Coldplay. Our bodies grinded together and we touched each other continually. Miko shimmied wildly. She gyrated to the rock music, her dress loosened, and her right tit tumbled out.

“Yes!” I cheered.

Miko felt somewhat embarrassed, and hit me playfully on the chest. Some of the onlookers snickered and clapped. Miko and I both knew our sexual energy had heightened for the dance, and we needed to go somewhere more private. Miko whispered to me that she was ready to leave so we waved to Sophie and left the club.

Miko hailed a yellow taxicab and we hopped in the back. She told the dark-skinned Middle Eastern driver to take us to midtown Manhattan and we were off. The driver drove the cab like a racecar up the streets, which always enthralls me. He was trying his best to get us to our destination without stopping at a red light. On the radio, a sports analyst was talking about New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.

“Is Tebow going to be the starting quarterback?” Miko asked me.

“I don’t know; I’m a Giants fan.” I told her. “Eli Manning is my guy! My quarterback knows how to throw the football. G-Men all day!”

“Boo!” Miko murmured. “I want Tebow to start.”

“Do you like him?”

“Yeah,” Miko answered. “We both went to the University of Florida. He’s my celebrity crush!”

“Somebody is a freak.”

“You call me a freak?”


Miko got on top of me and kissed my lips. I slowly moved my hands to her tits. I massaged them into her dress. Her tits were firm and her nipples were erect. I enjoyed feeling on them. I glanced up and caught the cab driver watching our little show. I didn’t care as I brought my mouth to Miko’s left tit and licked her nipple. Miko moaned softly in my ear. Her nipples were so sensitive.

The cab stopped at a red light. Both Miko and I saw the cab driver staring intently into the rearview mirror at us. Miko chuckled as she sat back in the seat.

“Y’all two need a room.” The cab driver joked.

“Sorry.” Miko giggled.

“Yeah, we didn’t mean to cause a distraction back here.” I added. “I hope our make out session won’t be aired on HBO Taxicab Confessions!”

Inside Miko’s luxury midtown Manhattan penthouse, we were in the bedroom watching Bill Bellamy: Crazy Sexy Dirty laughing our ass off. It was hilarious! I looked over to my right at the magnificent view of the Empire State Building. Pink and white lights shone on top for breast cancer awareness, which made it looked extraordinary at night!

“Mar’e, can you rub my back?” Miko asked. “I have a strain in my back.”

“Sure.” I answered.

Miko lay on her stomach and I undressed her. Proceeding with some massage on her back, I enjoyed touching her supple skin. Then I moved my hand down to her booty and gave it a good squeeze.

“Oooo, don’t stop!” Miko urged me.

“You know I won’t!”

I continued massaging her body and I could tell she enjoyed the tickling sensation on her skin. Miko’s moans were the only response that triggered me to prolong the action. I loved touching her skin so I let my hands roam freely. My dick got hard and it stuck up into her flesh. She giggled as I licked her spine and then rolled her over.

“Do my front now.” Miko said with a smile.

“Okay, baby.” I replied.

Miko looked so vulnerable on her back and with her eyes close. I squeezed her breasts and nipples, which instantly stood out. She moaned softly, turning me on inadvertently. I knew she was getting wet. Therefore, I massaged her toned belly that made her giggle, and then I moved down to her thighs and feet. She enjoyed every second of it, purring lustfully.

I licked her all over, electrifying every single nerve in her body. She got aroused, whimpered, and opened her eyes.

“Fuck me!” She demanded.

I climbed atop her and kissed her pouty lips. The feeling of her erect nipples against my bare chest excited me. I grabbed her perfect tits and rubbed them. Then I began kissing them and sucking on the nipples, while she heaved and gasped in lust.

I inserted my dick into her pussy. She was warm yet welcoming; her lubed passage let my shaft glide with ease and get soaked. I continued fucking her; it was as if I was pushing into something soft and yielding! Her pussy took my dick, churning on the sensitive erectile rod. I picked up the tempo and had her squirming. She arched her torso up against me. Her breasts moved back and forth, as she moved.

“You’re so beautiful, and so delicious!” I sighed. “I’m so deep in you.”

“Your cock is BIG,” Miko groaned. “Keep fucking me. Torture my pussy and make me scream out the pleasure!”

I pounded her pussy, relished in hearing each cry she let out. I knew she was close to her peak. Then it happened! I stayed still as she convulsed and released her juice. That crescendo I experienced was great! I had pleasured her to the prefect gratification.

“Damn, you are hot!” I told her. “I’m ready to go down on you, baby girl!”

I showered a trail of kisses on her toned belly and licked my way down to her peach. The musky smell of her ripe fruit was an appetizer! I fingered and kissed her pussy hole. She tasted great, and I found myself eagerly licking as much of the juice from her pussy as possible. Miko’s body moved up and down, and at times, it was hard for me to glue my mouth to her pussy because of her writhing orgasms. She moaned loudly and shuddered in pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she cried, rewarding me with her honey again.

She crawled to me and we French kissed, tasting her cum. Then she grabbed my cock and sucked it promptly. Then she pushed me down, and rode my hard shaft. Bouncing up and down, she gyrated her hips. The rhythm she made was perfect, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I watched as Miko’s eyes rolled in the back of her head. She moaned and squirmed, and her breathing became rapid.

“Work, Work, Work!” I encouraged her.

“I’m going to do it. I’m going to cum!” She shouted.

I held her tight. She climaxed and panted as her body continued to shake. Once her breathing returned to normal, we French-kissed.

“That was superb, baby!” I whispered.

She laughed, snuggled with me, and rested her head on my chest. Soon, we drifted off to the deep slumber.

What a woman she was!


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